Denver Comic Con

My favourite Olicity scene to film..I liked the scene in the finale. The thing that people don’t know about the scene in the finale is its original incarnation was a little bit longer than what you saw in the finished product and I don’t know..I’s really difficult to pick a scene with Emily that I enjoy because I just enjoy working with her, and David, and Caity can speak to the dynamic that happens on set especially when we are in the Arrow cave. We are just goofballs down there because we spend so much time there and if we didn’t have a little fun while we were shooting we’d all go crazy. So yeah I liked the scene from the finale.
—  Stephen Amell [x]

I have more pics from DCC and this panel but I wanted to share the best from the Arrow panel I attended.

They were really funny and nice and we all had a great time.

During the Q&A there were a lot of Olicity shippers (yay) and one of the girls cosplaying as Felicity asked if she could have a picture with the two and they obliged, which was nice of them. =)

Also someone asked about Emily (Felicity’s actress) if she was as funny as she was on the show. They both agreed and said that she raps her lines when she memorizes them and then Caity jokingly asked if she should call Emily.

Of course we all said yes and the last five shots are of the call and our conversation with Emily.

There was more to the panel but these are some of the highlights.

In short, it was pretty awesome. =)