Some more time-lapse of the mural that i’m working on this week. Laying down the colors take a while because I have to keep changing cans and caps for each can of spray paint. Music by @mikeyfreshmusic

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Mumford and Sons performing “Holland Road” last night at Fiddler’s Green in Denver, Colorado.


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Fiddlers Green tour tales. Denver

I know you don’t really want to hear about our flight being cancelled, then the next being delayed and us having to wait at SLC airport departure lounge for 8 hours so I won’t bother you with it all. We did meet a couple of characters. One with no front teeth.

Also spotted Catfish and the bottlemen, so the day was not lost. I mean what is there to actually see in Denver anyway!

The flight was amazing the whole journey was across the mountains and beautiful. So much open space and land quite a different view from any European flight. It was breathtaking.


Fiddlers Green. Day one.

Weather is so much to a queue isn’t it. It was chilly, sunny, heat stroke and then perfect.

The hardcore are here. Many of whom met in Salida last summer and they share tales from the front line.

Lunch is served courtesy of the pizza parlour opposite and we are once again blessed with portaloos.

Security gates open to reveal the 8 walk through scanning machines. To be honest it’s a tad chaotic. Today it is steep steps to the pit. After the longest slowest #inadequate wrist banding EVER we are in.

And it’s good to have the credit card phone and camera held in the hands along with all the tat I’m not actually carrying! 😂

The security are far less welcoming than Usana. Not a sniff of a cup of water despite showing the pending headache pills. You have to buy it. I mean really.

The pit is really tiny. And the stage is really close. LOVETT.

Catfish are on great form again. Van is really a great showman. He owns that stage.

Early showtime tonight. 2030 hours.

They mixed the set up tonight. Still starting with Snake Eyes. Little lion man. Holland road.

I don’t know what it was about the venue or the lads or us but we sure had fun. Possibly the whaffing of illegal highs in the air. Great vibe to the show.

The lads clearly love playing in Colorado. Marcus said the first time he visited was when he was three not that he can remember much. They took a hands in the air straw poll as to who was at Red Rocks. 50/50 I would say.

Marcus quoting tonight that he was in the best shape of his life….. 😂
Forever was in the main set and possibly less tambourine and more front man. Much love still.

Just before Ghosts Marcus told someone to shut the fuck up. Then during the song he stopped and said he thought he needed to apologise for being rude. And pointed to the offender “no you you” now I’ve just been rude again!

Banter was free flowing.

The front of house b stage starting with Cold Arms and the addition of Timshel. A shout out from a lady “play forever” Marcus replying “we’ve already played that one sweet heart - the mile high city” and hand gesturing the smoking of weed!

Another “in the zone” Timshel moment the lobbing of the bra towards the stage but thankfully falling short. (Not ours) Awwwe Timshel. Always a winner.

Oh yeah Ditmas was cool. Unsure of where Marcus went for the entire song but aware that he walked along the front back to the stage and lunged over the top of us before exiting back to the stage. What fun.

Back on for Hot Gates, impromptu I’m on fire, ❤️❤️❤️ I will wait and the Wolf, with added Bra lobbing mark two action.

(not ours)

A classic day glow gig. “Shine like the stars you are. 😂

A set list and two pics in the bag. The purchasing of an over priced bottle of water. An unfortunate encounter with a sprinkler and we are back at the hotel.

A fun day.

I mean what is there to do in Denver otherwise?
Sister Cx

Night one of Fiddlers Green Amphitheater. 

Lots of “Rocky Mountain High” jokes, with Marcus saying he would be joining us in the high in about an hour. (makes the comments by the lead singer of flaming lips even funnier “there is a huge glass bowl of pot backstage” (in salida) .     Acoustic version or Cold Arms and rock version of I’m on Fire. Marcus didnt stage dive but he actually ran out and did a lap around the entire amphitheater and the camera couldnt find him so we just saw people start screaming as he ran by. They did a survey of who had been at the red rocks shows and salida and everyone screamed so he made us be quiet and asked for a silent show of hands who had been to salida and red rocks. Marcus told someone to shut up, and then interrupted a song 10 seconds in to apologize for telling her to shut up. Also, he said they really love out city, state, and country to please “dont fuck it up”.

 10 out of 10. Will do again (tomorrow!!!!)