U.S. Cities as MBTI Types

ESTJ - Chicago
ISTJ - St. Louis
ESTP - Las Vegas
ISTP - Denver
ESFJ - Charleston
ISFJ - Birmingham
ESFP - Los Angeles
ISFP - Portland
ENTJ - New York City
INTJ - Seattle
ENTP - Palo Alto
INTP - Boston
ENFJ - Atlanta
INFJ - New Orleans
ENFP - Austin
INFP - San Fransisco

I finished my painting of Starfall in Velaris

This is the same painting in different lightings. 

Acrylic on canvas! I only do traditional media so i never get to post fan art, but the Night Court left such an impression on me, I couldnt stop thinking about it. Velaris is the home i dream of. 

I hope you guys like it. Please reblog if you do, I’d really appreciate it. ^^