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I'm sure Tony hates dentists, too. But after he once tried to make Dum-E do it and almost lost his face, he knows better now and goes, begrudgingly, to the dentist.

Ahahaha omg just imagining him trying to have Dum-E play dentist is glorious (and slightly terrifying) thank you, anon!!! I’m not sure how he could’ve ever thought Dum-E would be a good option (except, well, Tony) but now I can’t help but think that Dum-E was having a really good time and is disappointed he doesn’t get to play dentist anymore. Tony probably handed him the fire extinguisher for the first time to cheer him up–and has (not) regretted that particular life choice ever since..

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so just imagine rhodey or peter going with tony because they see how freaked out he is :D

YESSSS PLEASE!!! Going to the dentist is just something Tony is genuinely afraid of uncomfortable with, so naturally Rhodey knows about it (Tony’s pokerface has improved since his time at MIT but back then there were few things Rhodey couldn’t read in this face). And of course he accompanies him. Rhodey doesn’t make a big thing about it either, which is why Tony adores him even more. He just walks with Tony and waits on an uncomfortable seat for an hour, completely calm, like he’s got nowhere else to be.

(He always squeezes Tony’s hand before he leaves with the dentist and always drapes his arm around Tony’s shoulders when he comes back in a lose side-hug. And when they’re outside again and nobody is close enough to hear, he leans in and whispers “I’m proud of you,” into Tony’s ears and Tony just beams.)

Then there’s Peter who figures it out because Tony is much, much more tense before a dentist appointment than Peter has seen him in the face of most villains and really, the man isn’t as closed-off as he appears (or maybe Peter is just further in than he realises, but that’s a story for another day). 

So he just- tries to help with something he knows he can’t really solve. He leaves little sticky notes with jokes and encouraging messages for Tony to find and hangs around after an appointment to spend some time with his favourite Mr Stark. And when Rhodey has to be elsewhere and really can’t go with Tony, well, Peter isn’t gonna leave the man alone, is he?

It’s so crazy to me that we always see vampires with perfect teeth like does vampirism cure all dental issues?

Imagine vampires with gapped teeth.

Vampires that have snaggleteeth.

Vampires with gold teeth.

Vampires with over/underbites.

Vampires with impacted wisdom teeth.

Vampires that found out the hard way that just because they’re bloodsucking immortals doesn’t mean they can’t get cavities and they have to scramble to find dentist offices that don’t close at fucking 5PM when the sun is still out like goddamnit not everyone can function at those inconvenient ass daylight hours.

Vampires whose buckteeth are just as long as their fangs.

Vampires with braces- specialized braces that move around for their fangs.

Vampires with headgear having to use straws because the goddamn thing doesn’t cooperate with their fangs.

Vampires with two sets of retainers- one for when their fangs are retracted and one for when their fangs are descended/elongated.

Vampires with non-perfect teeth.

The key to being the best topical blog is to find a very, very narrow topic. That way you don’t have much competition. “Pictures of cats” is a battle you can’t win; “informative text posts about historically significant dentists”, on the other hand, is a field ripe for the picking.

(Other underserved topics include “gay lumberjack wedding photos“, “small-town Saskatchewan alt-history microfiction“ and “fun with shrimp“.)

How to Stop Whining and Make a Damn Appointment

You’re sick. Your tooth hurts. That mole you’ve been ignoring for five years has only gotten stronger and more powerful. There are a lot of reasons to make an appointment with your primary doctor, a specialist, or your dentist. But here’s the thing: you gotta do it. Your life may literally depend on it. Or maybe your education does. Maybe your sanity does. The point is, it’s a big fucking deal and I know you hate it, but goddamn, grow the fuck up and make an appointment already.

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Vulcanite “engagement” ring with inset molar, made by Edmund Kahn, c. 1905. Don’t worry - the tooth is porcelain (we think)! JMM 1991.35.24 #PageFrights

The story behind the ring? Well, according to the deed of gift we have for this object,  Edmund Kahn had been going with his future-wife, Gertrude Fried, while he was a student in 1904. He was not yet settled, so he gave her the molar ring until he could really propose with a real ring. Edmund Kahn and Gertrude Fried were married on December 22, 1907. 

Both sweet and kind of gross! Perfect for October, don’t you think?

And in today's man I'm weirder than I thought...

I was getting my wisdom tooth removed. The doctor inserted the pulling tool and said ‘let me know if it hurts’, he then jerks the tool fast and a sharp pain shot through down through my spine, I winced and jumped. He stops and with a cold, half disinterested voice he says “pain?”. I shake my head yes and realized I could not have been more aroused. The entire rest of the appointment I laid there with an awkward lady boner as he finished pulling and sutured up my mouth >.>

Last week I canceled my appointment with the oral surgeon. 

See, I have a list of reasons.

 The dentist had shunted me off with the loose chunk of tooth barely hanging in place, telling me that the oral surgeon would discuss ideas of trying to save it, but telling me to expect extraction. But when we made heard from the oral surgeon’s office they almost laughed, saying they just do extractions and that I would have to wait 3 weeks for a consultation, then who knows how long for the actual yanking. Oh, and they were going for not just that tooth but the wisdom tooth beside it. 

I knew the chunk of tooth wouldn’t last that long, and it hasn’t.


But here is the thing, I am not in any pain. At all. Looking at the x-ray I realized that while it was a big chunk, it did not break through to the heart of the tooth. Also, the wisdom tooth, while it has grown in at a bad angle, it has no cavity and it has NEVER caused me any pain or discomfort at all. Why the hell should I risk my life when I don’t hurt.

I’m serious about the risk. They would have to put me under and I don’t trust the anesthetic not to kill me. And I don’t mean just my distrust of the medical folks I’m dealing with or the fact there are dangers in every surgery. The fact is, my heart and lungs are not reliable. It’s a long story, but starting when I was about 8 my heart has raced randomly, once for an entire week. Docs dismissed me as just an anxious kid because it would be fine when I was in the office, the glitches usually fleeting. My folks didn’t listen either, so I learned ways to deal. But I don’t trust my heart, not even able to drink caffeine. Meanwhile my lungs got really badly damaged after a summer spent inhaling too much smoke from nearby forest fires. My breathing has been tricky ever since, with occasional scary bouts and difficulties when sleeping. I do not know how my heart or lungs would react to being knocked out.

Add my extreme to the point of hyperventilating reaction to dentists and doctors, and I don’t really see the point of doing this right now.

Sooner or later the remains of the broken tooth, so little outer area left, will cause me pain and something will have to be done about it. I’ll face it when I have to, but they better damn well give me a reason the wisdom tooth has to go too! 

Funnily enough, not long before me dental trip Mom went there and they told her a wisdom tooth should be pulled. She had gone for something completely different, and the tooth in question caused no pain. She passively agreed but after I started to question my appointment she cancelled hers. There was cavity after all, and she is in her upper 70s but has never, ever had any trouble with the tooth before. Why the heck pull it now? 

For me, I’d rather put off anxiety attacks and possible death as long as I can! LOL