BBOTT contestants in a phrase
  • Alex:Shh, Morgan is my sister and I WON'T play with her.
  • Cornbread:My name is Mich- Chad- Corn Flake- Corn Muffin - CORNBREAD.
  • Danielle:*flips house*
  • Jason:Hey feedsters/hookers/prostitutes.
  • Justin:Mon Cheri.
  • Kryssie:We were defaulted to our group. DEFAULTED.
  • Monte:Almonds are my favorite snack food and I'm a great guy.
  • Morgan:1-2 here we go. Alex is my sister but she my have to go... because I will NOT play this game with her.
  • Neeley:It's your diva. *wears witch hat* That's ignant.
  • Scott:*introduces himself* I'm *screams and leans forward* SCOTT.
  • Shane:I love Danielle.
  • Shelby:I'm a lawyer. *hairflip*
  • Whitney:I'm Wheatknee.