Roy: I only went to see Penny to get what I thought was going to be a nice, relaxing, deep-tissue massage. It was just what I needed after the gym. But all of a sudden I was shocked to feel her hand…inside my underwear. You know, it was very unsettling. I felt quite violated. Next thing I know she was asking me if I’d like any extras, specifically…oral sex. I said no, I was just there for a massage, nothing else. Then she told me she’d do anything I wanted for §100. That’s when I jumped off the table and said I was going, I wasn’t interested in that kind of massage. I mean, I’m a married man.

Veronica’s icy blue eyes meet Roy’s and as always communicate nothing, betray nothing. He smiles and one corner of her mouth twitches downwards in reply. He wonders what she’d do if he slipped off his shoe and ran his foot up her leg. He imagines her trying not to squirm, the smooth skin of her neck growing softly pink, a thin film of perspiration becoming visible just above her upper lip.

Roy: I think she was scared I’d report her to The Llamas Board and that’s why she concocted this ridiculous story about me harassing her. I feel sorry for her, actually. I mean, I don’t want her to lose her job, she probably only propositioned me because she’s desperate for money. It’s very sad, really.

Gus sighs and shuffles the papers on the walnut and ebony table in front of him. Roy looks appropriately solemn.

Gus: Thank you, Roy. Your candour is appreciated. Now, unfortunately Freddie couldn’t be with us today because he’s filming a commercial in Al Simhara. But he has provided a sworn statement that unequivocally supports your testimony-

Dennis: What commercial is he filming?

Dennis is one of their in-house attorneys. He’s a quietly spoken, affable looking man whose deferential demeanor masks a killer instinct in the courtroom.

Roy: It’s an ad for Hair and Shoulders shampoo. You might have heard that Freddie’s the new brand ambassador.

The deal is a marketing coup worth over 10 million, and he only finalized the terms last week after nearly a month of negotiations. Dennis looks impressed, as well he should. Gus clears his throat and continues.

Gus: According to Freddie’s statement, he saw Miss Penny Armstrong several times in her capacity as The Llamas’ official massage therapist. And on at least two occasions she asked him if he would like ‘extras’, just like she did with Roy. Freddie says here and I quote: 'Penny got very upset when I told her I didn’t want her sucking my-ahem- because I love my wife and I don’t want nobody doing that but her ’.

Roy bites his lip, an image of Freddie’s wife Chantal floating into his consciousness on a perfumed cloud. The print on the papers in front of him swims in and out of focus. Dennis makes a low whistling noise and mutters to Roy from behind his hand.

Dennis: Isn’t it Freddie’s wife who has the amazing rack? What’s her name again? 

Roy: Chantal. She’s my dream girl.

Dennis: Dream girl. eh? I like that.

He settles back in his chair. Gus continues to read from Freddie’s statement. Roy’s attention wanders. He doesn’t need to listen to this. After all, he wrote it. Freddie was more than happy to sign it, to go along with the charade, to help Roy out in whatever way he could. He would do anything for Roy. Freddie’s superpower is his loyalty. Or his stupidity. They’re two sides of the same coin, really.