Name: Huldra, Hulder, Tallemaja, “Pine Tree Mary”, Ulda

Area of Origin: Scandinavian cultures; Norway, Sweden, Denmark

The Huldra is a seductive forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore, resembling a young, beautiful naked woman with long, flaxen hair and an animal’s tail, usually that of a fox or cow. In addition, variations exist in which the Huldra’s back is covered in a tree-bark like skin, and is hollowed out in the middle like a rotting tree trunk. Though the females are said to be incredibly attractive, the males are often described as hideous and grotesque, almost troll-like. Though some Huldra are malicious in their intent and prey upon men, many respond to the treatment they receive. If treated with kindness, the Huldra is said to grant those they interact with much luck in their endeavors.


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