Found throughout Scandinavia, Huldrekin (male are Huldrekarl, female are Huldra), Huldrekin are friendly shapeshifting creatures, which, while resembling humans for the most part, often have non-human parts, usually tails of cows, or the hooves of cattle or deer. In the males of the species these non-human traits are especially pronounced, and while most females of the species are distinctly more humanlike there are some with deer- or cow-like features, such as large, dark, thick-lashed eyes, and similar spot markings to those found on fallow deer in place of freckles.

Huldrekin are some of the most peaceable creatures, largely keeping to themselves but more than willing to make alliances and agreements with humans. Indeed, before the Statute of Secrecy (and even for a while after) Huldrekin would help Charcoal Burners watch their kilns in exchange for food or other items being left at a particular drop spot. This allowed the Charcoal Burners to rest during the process, rather that by going sleepless.

To many wixes Huldrekin are, like Havsrå, a kind of Fae creature, able to fold space to keep their own homes separate, but certainly, of all sentient creatures called Fae, they are among the most benevolent. While not harmless, they are also much less inclined to be harmful, and while they will defend themselves they are usually of a kind to leave in peace and make a new place elsewhere, than make a stand.

On very rare occasions a Huldrekin may give one of their long hairs to a wix, for use in making wands, usually for the wix’s children. While this is more common in wixen families with some Huldrekin ancestry, some Charcoal Burners have been known to negotiate with the creatures for hairs. Due to this willingness to negotiate and peacefully talk, Huldrekin have long been considered - by the Scandinavian Ministries of Magic, if not the ICW - Beings, and not Beasts, and have even been permitted, by the Finnish Ministry of Magic, to vote and even run for certain ministerial positions.

Forest Creature by raskina

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Which Danish politicians to fight
  • Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Fight result: You could win, try at own risk

It’s about 50/50 whether you’d win or lose. She’s small but her nails are long enough to claw your eyes out. Probably fights dirty, will not hesitate to kick you in the balls.

  • Lars Løkke Rasmussen 

Fight result: You will probably lose, fight anyway

The guy is pretty big, could probably sit on you and just keep sitting there until you die. But let’s face it, you probably really want to fight him. Go for it. Punch him in the face. The loss will be worth it.

  • Anders Fogh Rasmussen 

Fight result: You will lose, do not fight.

He’s only 172 cm, but he will fight just as dirty as his politics. Would probably also kick you in the groin. The fight isn’t really worth it anyways - go punch Lars Løkke again instead.

  • Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen 

Fight result: You’d probably win, but avoid the fight anyway.

She’s small and kind of weak, yea you’d win. But she will ruin you verbally in the process, I swear she will tear you down so bad you will lie awake for weeks afterwards thinking about how horrible you are as a person afterwards, even if you win. Avoid the fight for your own mental health.

  • Pia Kjærsgaard

Fight results: Knock that bitch out

Punch her, nobody will mind. She’s 68 years old, what’s she gonna do? She can literally only spew racist remarks at you. Punch her twice for that.

  • Joachim B Olsen 

Fight result: Avoid at all costs

Why would you even try have you seen the dude????


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