Denise Evers

anonymous asked:

who are Persephone's parents?

I haven’t fully developed them yet. But she’s related to Clae, I’m thinking on the Caleb/Babs branch. And since she’s a 7th year in 2089, that would make her their granddaughter. 

Her parents are…a lot like mine? She’s essentially a self-insert. So, mother = emotionally violent and occasionally physically violent, screeching, manipulative tyrant. She’s a lot like Denise…except with more screeching and more violence. Denise tends to keep this falsely sweet demeanor which only makes her worse because she’s intentionally guilt-tripping you into not hating her. But yeah, Persephone’s mum has a lot less self control than Denise ever had. 

And her dad is simultaneously intent on ‘saving’ his wife from whatever’s got her in so much ‘pain’ that she’s acting out this way, and completely terrified of her. She rages at him and he drinks and hides behind furniture and cries a lot. He’s the kind of guy you feel sorry for, because he had to put up with all of that crap, but at the end of the day, he spent Persephone’s entire childhood prioritizing his wife’s demands instead of his daughter’s needs. So in fourth year she was like “Screw this, if you’re not going to help me then I’ll help myself.” 

Looking back in retrospect, he would say that Persephone leaving was what “inspired” him to finally leave his wife, too. (And yes, my dad has said those exact same words to me.) 

After he cut the bitch loose, though, his life instantly improved and he advanced his career all the way to head of the Department of Mysteries.