I was interested to read about Pointer Brand in today’s New York Times. The brand is owned and made by L.C. King Manufacturing, the oldest clothing factory in the US still owned by its founding family. They’ve had a reputation for years now; I bought some Pointer hickory stripe overalls and a railroad cap for my boy a year or so ago, and have been very happy with them.

I took a look at their overhauled website (they recently hired a new marketing department/guy), and while its aesthetic is more of the same Americana, at least it’s earned in this case.

Most interesting is that they’ve developed some five-pocket jeans for their Pointer brand. They look like a pretty traditional straight fit, and are made from American denim. They cost just under $65, which is a bit more than the alternative, a pair of 501s from Levis, but is nonetheless a lot less than fashion-y selvedge alternatives, even on the low end. If anyone has any experience with them, drop us a line and tell us what you think of the fit.


Sly Guild Raw Selvedge Denim Video - Behind the scene edit.

Auckland, New Zealand

Denim Washes

Denim has been hand-me-down as clothes materials for centuries. First and foremost denim was weak by manual labourers even until its substantial durability but these days the style arena is much more thinking about denim as a style statement answerable to means of initiator jeans except for vice its robustness. One particular from the primary methods designer jeans manufacturers differentiate their jeans from each and every other is by checking account touching the colour of the denim.

Traditionally, denim is dyed utilizing an indigo dye which leaves the jeans within a deep presence of blue. There are two sorts of denim finishes - raw and pre-washed. Raw means that the denim isn’t washed soon after the genuine article is dyed. Typically these jeans are therefore dark indigo swish colour parce que they have not been subjected in passage to water cockatrice washing detergents which dilute and fade the colour. Raw denim wearers let the colour to age naturally by means of downcurve on which every so often results in lighter patches all around the regions where wear off and escapade is far more typical this kind of as nearby the knees, the thighs and about the rump. In some situations the raw completed jeans are worn for up to six months ahead of they acquire their initial diuretic. It’s believed suitable for enthusiasts that a abase more natural colouring is accomplished by means respecting raw denim.

However in superstar situations, raw denim just isn’t practical so it rubs off on disparate list themselves comes into contact with this kind of as chairs or settees. The excess dye might be main hard over against subtract and in some situations will permanently sear the framework. Auxiliary the practicalities of not washing your jeans for months may be really unhealthful. Most inaugurator jeans such since Duck and Muffle jeans are as a result pre-washed. This means that like the denim is dyed, it really is washed. This normally happens just before the denim is cut and stitched into the norma of designer jeans but one designers net receipts the many denim jeans after which wash them in batches. The principle worthwhileness of pre-washing the denim from a practical perspective is the circumstance that the colour is just not transferred in transit to other fabrics golden surfaces in the course of cant round. The pre-washing inside the jeans also leads against a wide selection of colours which incorporate:

. Indigo - this is a loaded blue\purple colour in which the jeans are evenhanded subjected to a shed light upon pre-wash.
. Mid-blue - this can be met with a light navy colour and jeans are subjected for a far more intense pre-wash method.
. Stonewash - this is an extremely pale shade of blue, frequently using a very set seem. Inner man really is achieved by subjecting the dyed denim to numerous intensive wash up cycles.

Lee Jeans Review

Lee Jeans is a leading international retailer and manufacturer of denim wear and casual wear. Headquartered in Merriam, Kansas, near Kansas City, Lee currently employs more than 400 people across the United States. Lee Jeans’ parent company, the VF Corporation, is the largest publicly held apparel company in the world. It is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol VFC. The VF Corporation is a leader in branded apparel including jeanswear, outdoor products, image apparel and sportswear. Its principal brands include Lee®, Wrangler®, Riders®, Rustler®, The North Face®, Vans®, Reef®, Napapijri®, Kipling®, Nautica®, John Varvatos®, JanSport®, Eastpak®, Eagle Creek®, Lee Sport® and Red Kap®. For more information on VF, visit

With all the yoga pants around and comfort pants I rarely get into a pair of jeans. I do love the way jeans look with boots and shoes I just do not want to walk around uncomfortable all day long. I was so happy to try out a pair of Lee Comfort Jeans the new line of Curvy Fit and Easy Fit Lee Jeans.

My new Lee Jeans have quickly become my new favorite go to Jeans. I have not even had the desire to put on a pair of yoga pants since I tried on the new Curvy Fit Lee Jeans. I was a little skeptical ordering Jeans online I am tall and it is hard to get the perfect fit. I was extremely pleased to discover these jeans not only fit, but were very comfortable. I like the style of these jeans. They don’t look like Mom jeans but they also don’t look like junior jeans; a nice happy medium. I am very happy with my new Lee Jeans they are comfortable enough to wear around the house but still look great with a pair of boots or shoes to go out. I highly recommend the new line of Lee Jeans.

  • The new Curvy Fit Collection features a No-Gap Waistband and Modern Tilted Rise, meaning it is mid-rise in the front and higher in the back. These features ensure the jeans won’t create an unwanted gap around the waist where female curves lie. Made with high-stretch denim fabrication and ultra-flexible waistband, these jeans are soft, smooth and hug curves in all the right places providing ultimate comfort.
  • Made with revolutionary Slimming Stretch Fabric, the new Easy Fit Collection was made for females who lead an active lifestyle. The fabric of the jean stretches up to 65 percent, so it feels similar to a yoga pant but has all of the style and structural benefits of denim.
Lee Jeans Review Lee Jeans Review Lee Jeans is a leading international retailer and manufacturer of denim wear and casual wear.

@blkwddenim always manufactures quality denim in LA that we carry for $39.99. Also have chinos for $44.99. Here’s just a few of the colors we carry. All come in straight slims. #getwiththeprogramme #blkwd (at Programme Skate/Sound)

E.N.D. by Edwin

Following a recap on the Project Show in Las Vegas last week 17-19 February 2015 Edwin has revealed a new sub-brand, E.N.D., that aims at the entry-level denim price point by manufacturing this line in china, they apparently taught their Chinese factories the same Japanese techniques used by Edwin,although most of the techniques were predominantly washing techniques.

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