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bisexualswagbootyloverpunk  asked:

I know they wont do this but imagine if in season 3 the black lion is just like nope. She wont let anyone in or move from her crumpled position in the floor cause no, Shiros her paladin no one else

you say “they won’t do this” but Den of Geek had a screencap from S3 and uh…

…sure does look like the Black Lion is just sulking on the floor like “oh i’m sorry, are you Shiro? are you? hmm? yeah i didn’t think so, wake me up when Shiro gets back”

and regardless of whether or not the Black Lion lets anyone else pilot her on a temporary basis, her only Paladin is Shiro. being a Paladin is not just “sit in the chair, pull the levers, fly the lion” - it’s about bonding with the Lion on a spiritual level. and i don’t think Black will let anyone else bond with her like Shiro has.

I am dying to start introducing that color [of Chase seeing how important people are to Oliver] to Wild Dog, to Dinah Drake, to the people around him and, of course, Felicity. She’s a piece of the puzzle that I know. Chase is coming. He’s coming for this guy, and he knows that pieces that matter to him. He’s coming for them.
—  Josh Segarra, interview with Den of Geek, March 15, 2017

anonymous asked:

I think that we Clara fans should not be deceived when others claim that her character was unpopular. If that were the case Clara would have been pushed out of DW after S7. She would not have dominated S8, often receiving more screentime than Capaldi himself. We wouldn't have seen all the drama about whether JC would stay on for S9. Most importantly, ITV would not have chosen Jenna to headline their biggest show.

Hear, hear! Earlier today I saw some very negative comments about Clara and Jenna on a Den of Geek comments thread (I won’t link but it was under their advance review of this weekend’s episode). Jenna is popular and Clara is popular. I’ve seen non-trivial media (ie. non-tabloid) use the term “beloved” in referring to them. Haters gonna hate, but lovers gonna love, too!

anonymous asked:

i remember reading comments on a den of geek write up of a pre 50th anniversary interview roundtable thing steven did in which he was typically self deprecating & basically people saying it was all an act to fish for compliments or something

people are wild, man, this is a consistent attitude of his, it couldn’t be clearer that he is like “eh I did ok but Chibnall will be probably almost definitely let’s be real”

he’s SO self-deprecating, all the time, and I just want to like, get a drink with him and tell him how much his work went to me, I feel like I’d get along so well with him tbh our brains are so Similar in some regards from what I can tell

anonymous asked:

usually i'm so salty about this show but after that den of geek interview about voltron s3, i think we can safely assume that s3 is lance's season. just like s2 was keith's season. because how come the article was just Jeremy mentioning lance? i am so hyped and i'm not ready for my blue son and possible klance I'm gonna cry

i gotta be real i’ve always been excited about s3 i can’t help it ahaha but honestly these interviews have pumped me a lot more