A Little Character Digging: Tom from Star Vs+Star and Tom’s relationship

There’s a lot of discourse going on in the Star vs fandom lately thanks to the newest episode, Mr Candle Cares. A lot of it revolves around shipping, as fandom discourse is tend to be, due to the fact that the episode explicitly stated the platonic nature of a VERY popular ship. Fleas and flies came out the woodwork to either cry or laugh triumphantly, but in the end I found that the episode left me contemplating more on the nature of Tom as a character more than anything else. 

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“Summoning a demon had probably been a mistake on your part, but what have you ever done to deserve such an annoying demon anyways?”

This was inspired by @boyfriendkook‘s AU scenario, Spellbound and it’s sequel, Raising Demons. I loved both parts so I made a little something. Please go and the read them and follow the blog as well. This writer is incredibly talented.


S: “But it doesn’t even make a difference. I’m still going to be queen…”
M: “Yeah! But that doesn’t sound like a bad thing - because you’re gonna run Mewni your way! No matter how destructive.”
S: “That’s…true.”