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Please please please do demon Fruk!! Or demon x angel Fruk!

Okay, I’m too lazy to make a whole comic, so I’m just going to show you a few pictures and explain the plot I have in mind.

Arthur is the Lord of Wickedness and Francis is the Lord of Righteousness. Arthur meets up with Francis in the heavens and demands full rule over the Earth. Francis refuses, and Arthur threatens to end his existence. 

Instead of having a bloodbath, they agree to save their energy and have a dance across the galaxy instead. Whoever is leading by the end of the dance will decide the fate of the other. They are accustomed to having these dances, since Arthur frequently demands control over the Earth. Francis has always won, and every time, he decides to let Arthur live and have his share of control over the Earth. 

Just before the end of their dance, Arthur plants a kiss on Francis and it distracts him long enough for Arthur to switch their roles and end the dance leading.

Arthur turns Francis into a human child so that he will have to grow up and live in a world full of his torment and evil. Before Francis is transformed, he tells Arthur the reason why he always decided to keep him alive after their dance was because he knew he couldn’t live without Arthur, and he’s sad to know that Arthur can live without him.

As Arthur drops off Francis down on Earth, he looks at Francis’s face and begins developing sympathy. He thinks of the dances he and Francis had shared, and how he would never have another dance again. He realises he was foolish to make the decision he made.

He places France in water and decides instead that it will be up to humanity to decide how much good or evil is put into the world by their actions. He then turns himself into a human as well.

Neither have any recollection of their past life, but feel a deep connection.

AU where Samantha is orphaned and taken in by a not so great person so she summons a demon Arthur to get her out of her bad situation. He helps her and instead of taking her soul after the deal is done, he decides to just take care of her and let her live with him in his little hidden cottage in the woods~ 

Haha just dumb little thing, but it was a nice sketch so I wanted to color it =7=;

Lolita kills me - USUK (R 18)

First of all there are no lolitas, just angel Alfred playing cupid for the incubus Arthur and the Demon King. Although Alfred wants Arthur too, his naughty attitude towards the incubus is mostly aiming to make the Demon King jealous. Literal wingman.

Scanned by: piri-chan

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Hetalia+Angels vs Demons

Prussia: Demon. Definitely. Bloodlust and a military edge. He’s not an evil demon. He’s a battle field demon. 

America: Hard to say… Demon Alfie is fun but… Angel. I think this fits his hero persona and his good heart. (Even if he doesn’t always do the right thing.)

Canada: Angel. He’s too good. He’s just too good. He’s a bitter angel but he’s still an angel.

England: Demon. Oh, c’mon, that black magic aspect. He’s the most domestic demon though. Very… well read. 

France: Oh, a specific demon. An incubus. Harmless little sex demon. He doesn’t leverage that manipulative magic unless he has to.   

Italy: Angel. He’s too sweet to be a demon.Or just too incompetent.

Germany: Angel. Very rule bound and up and up about all those types of things.   

Spain: Angel. He wants to help people. He likes to make people smile. Also a vicious defender against demons.

Russia: Demon. Sorry buddy. Very dark past, willing to do what it takes to survive. At any cost.

China: A demon. But a super ancient and mellowed out one that is something of a legend now and tries to keep up with the kids.