Imagine Cas and Dean in the toy isle at the store:
  • Cas:Dean, what is this *refers to toy*
  • Cas:*presses button* *toy talks*
  • Cas:*startled* oh no
  • Cas:Dean, what do I do *keeps pressing button*
  • Cas:Dean, what is happening *bumps into more talking toys* *more toys talk*
  • Cas:Dean, help
  • Cas:Dean, why are you laughing

Laplace’s Demon is a pretty neat thought experiment about a hypothetical being that knows every single fact about every single atom in the universe, but is completely incapable of abstract thought.

As the argument goes, this being could perfectly extrapolate and predict everything that will ever happen. It’s been dealt some hard blows now that we know just how goddamn weird physics gets on small scales, but for a while it reigned supreme.

All that aside, I thought that that demon would be cool as hell to draw- all-seeing but unthinking, a perfect repository of everything in the universe that’s unable to filter or communicate it at all.

…Yeah, this was 95% an excuse to go all-out drawing a cool demon.