WATCH: “Hillary Health Interview” BLOWS UP The Internet, Dems HORRIFIED At Timing

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Hillary Clinton’s health issues have been in the spotlight with many of us concerned that she has brain damage as a result of the concussion she suffered back in 2012.

ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer did an interview with the current Democrat presidential candidate where they discussed Hillary’s health.

Take a good look and see if you notice anything ‘off’ about Hillary:

YouTube video courtesy of Team Coco

WOW! That was crazy!

Now, Conan O’Brien isn’t exactly known for being a right winger but he is a pretty funny guy.

Those eyes were insane looking! Take a look at this video of Hillary in Philadelphia and see if you notice any similarity to the spoof video:

YouTube video courtesy of The American Mirror


Take a look at THIS- from our Facebook page NATION IN DISTRESS:

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My friend and fellow journalist V Saxena at Conservative Tribune has more on Hillary’s health issues:

Writing for The Hill, Dr. John R. Coppedge, a general surgeon from Texas, hypothesized that Clinton had suffered “damage or pressure on her sixth cranial nerve.”

“It is known that she suffered a traumatic brain injury in late 2012,” he wrote. “What is also known is that she was diagnosed with a transverse sinus thrombosis — blood clot in the major vein at the base of the brain.”

“Almost all patients with a transverse sinus thrombosis suffer swelling of the brain and increased intracranial pressure,” he continued. “Most have headaches, balance issues and visual disturbances — all of which Clinton was reported to have following that event.”

And all of which were evidently still a problem for the presidential candidate — just as they had been when she suffered the concussion in 2012, when Conan spoofed her interview in 2014 and when she spoke at a campaign event this week.

This wasn’t a woman who had merely been injured and then recovered. This was a woman whose health had seemingly not improved much since the time she sustained the concussion.

She’s definitely unfit to be president.

God Bless.



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Bernie Sanders: “You can’t praise Ali and disparage Muslims.”

Saturday, June 4, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said that we, people mourning Muhammad Ali, must remember the legendary boxer’s faith.
During a press conference in Los Angeles said: “The reason that Ali struck a chord in the heart of so many Americans was not just his great boxing skill, it was his incredible courage. At a time when it was not popular to do so, Ali stood up and said, “I am opposed to the war in Vietnam and I’m not going to fight in that war.” And that incredibly courageous decision cost him three and a half years of his prime fighting life. But he chose to stand by his ideals, his views. What a hero. What a great man.”

#MuhammadAli    #BernieSanders


Bernie has won New Hampshire, Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Vermont, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Hillary has won Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Louisiana. 

It is important to remember that the majority of Clinton’s wins are also southern, conservative states. The further we get into the primaries, the more liberal states will be voting for Sanders.

Saying this, please, please, please go out and vote. Bernie is beginning to win multiple states that Hillary was predicted to win, so do not let that discourage you. 


March 6th: Maine 

March 8th: Michigan, Mississippi

March 15th: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio

March 22nd: Arizona, Idaho, Utah

March 26th: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington

April 5th: Wisconsin 

April 9th: Wyoming

April 19th: New York

April 26th: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

May 7th: Guam

May 10th: West Virginia

May 17th: Kentucky, Oregon

June 3rd: Indiana

June 4th: US Virgin Islands 

June 5th: Puerto Rico

June 7th: California,  Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota

June 14th: District of Columbia 

 Also an important reminder: Super Delegates are not chosen officially until the end of the primaries, so do not let those numbers fool you. 

Remember, these are only the dates for the democratic primaries. If you are voting for a democrat, please make sure you are registered as a democrat if your state requires you to be so.

No matter who you are voting for, get out there and make a difference.

Being a police officer today is a hard job, it’s not easy. That said, there are other ways to handle these situations, and shooting a gun should be the last option, not the first.
—  Bernie Sanders on police tactics

The flashback: The résumé of Bernie sanders Vs Hillary Clinton

Don’t forget to vote!! 

Guys, if Bernie doesn’t win this, please, please vote for Hillary. There’s been a lot of posts demonizing her, but my goodness, she is miles better than any of the republican candidates and if you don’t vote, you will hand the nomination to one of the republican candidates. Tumblr has a habit of choosing one clear protagonist that can do no wrong and a clear antagonist who is only wrong. This isn’t how life works. Sorry, but Hillary isn’t that bad and Bernie has his flaws. Look at their policies and their beliefs independently. Don’t just follow whatever a tumblr user posts as if it were gospel. Research!!! Vote!!! Please!!!

My Grandparents friends came over and of course the election came up. They asked who I was voting for, and I said Bernie Sanders. Of course they weren’t having a SOCIALIST in the Oval Office, no sir.

And they asked me a “If you were at work, and you worked really hard, and some guy you worked with didn’t work really hard, and you got paid the same you’d be okay with that?” And I just don’t understand? Why does it matter if someone else isn’t working as hard, I’m doing me? Like why does it matter what someone else is getting paid as long as both of us are getting paid enough?

“The only time you look into your neighbor’s bowl is to make sure they have enough. You don’t look into your neighbor’s bowl to see if you have as much as them”-Louis C.K.