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Carl Sciortino, Gay Democratic Candidate, ‘Comes Out’ To His Tea Party Dad In New Campaign Ad

via Huffington Post:

In a new campaign ad set to go on the air Wednesday, openly gay Democratic House candidate Carl Sciortino Jr. comes out to his tea party father.

As a liberal Democrat.

Sciortino’s ad features his father, Carl Sciortino Sr., lightheartedly bemoaning his son’s liberal leanings.

Watch the video above.


This is a legit ad they’re airing in my state for the Republican candidate for governor. 

And here I thought the GOP didn’t understand women. 

tbh when are we gonna stop acting like Hillary is a dream democratic candidate just bc she’s said some pseudo feminist things

anonymous asked:

Do you think Biden will run or not?

No, I don’t think that Biden will run. If, for some reason, Hillary Clinton decides that she flat-out doesn’t want to run at all, then I could see Biden jumping into the race, but I can’t see that happening right now. Hillary might get fed up eventually and decide that she just doesn’t have the appetite for everything that comes with running for President, but she’s at least going to get in the race first, and I can’t see Biden running unless she surprises everybody and doesn’t announce at all.

Biden is one of the few candidates that has the option of waiting until later in the year to make a decision because he has a national platform (the Vice Presidency), extensive name-recognition, and a built-in campaign organization with nearly 45 years of experience and the networks of fundraisers, advocates, surrogates, headquarters staff, and on-the-ground staff that comes with that experience. Biden also has the experience that comes with two Presidential primary campaigns (1988 and 2008), and could probably activate his campaign team in a matter of hours in order to build an effort in Iowa.

But Biden is also 72 years old right now, and while the Vice Presidency would give him many advantages in the case of a campaign, it also creates a lot of obstacles. First of all, everything that has happened since 2009 will be directly connected to Biden just as much as they will be connected to Obama — especially the failures — because that’s how Presidential politics works. Because Joe Biden is such an unceasingly loyal politician, he would be proud of that, but that could also cause problems for the remaining days of the Obama Administration and Biden’s loyalty would have a difficult time allowing that to happen. There would also be questions about how much freedom President Obama would give his incumbent Vice President to campaign for the Presidency when the Democratic nomination is up-for-grabs in an election that the Democrats have a very, very good chance of winning if they organize their nominating process well and don’t turn it into a circus. As the head of the Democratic Party until the next Democratic Presidential candidate if officially nominated, Obama has a responsibility to his party to remain neutral. I don’t think that Obama would have a difficult time remaining neutral, and I know that Biden would understand Obama’s position and have no issue with Obama remaining above-the-fray, either. But because Presidential politics is such as a strange world, the perception of Obama remaining neutral instead of issuing clear support for his very loyal, two-term Vice President would make it look as if Obama didn’t support Biden. It’s a simple problem of perception — if Obama isn’t openly supporting Biden, it will appear to some that Obama isn’t supporting Biden at all — and that will be enough to harm Biden’s campaign.

I think Joe Biden very much would like to be President, and I am positive that Joe Biden does not lack confidence in himself. But Biden is also a very astute politician, and timing is one of the most important things in politics — particularly Presidential politics. By his hesitancy to make the moves that a potential Presidential candidate would be making at this point in time, I think it is clear that Biden recognizes what his place will be in the 2016 election. If Hillary Clinton doesn’t run, or if her bid for the Democratic nomination quickly falls apart, I would expect Vice President Biden to sweep in and try to grab the nomination as the loyal, experienced, time-tested elder statesman of the Democratic Party who might not be everybody Democrat’s ideal candidate, but also a leader that Democrats think highly of.

But that would be only if Hillary Clinton’s candidacy goes off the rails and if Vice President Biden doesn’t see a better option other than himself. Joe Biden is a political realist, and if Hillary Clinton decided tomorrow not to run for President, I think he’d definitely think about running, and then recognize that he’s probably not the best option for the Democrats after Hillary. I think he’d recognize that Martin O’Malley would have a better shot at winning the election, and unlike most Republicans, Democrats tend to worry more about actual electability.

Don’t get me wrong: Biden is probably looking for every reason, excuse, and opportunity to be that best option for the Democrats, but he recognizes that the timing probably isn’t there for Joe Biden to be President. I’m sure that he’s not thrilled about that because Biden has never been shy through the years about saying that he’d love to be President. (Joe Biden has never been shy through the years about saying anything.) 

That also doesn’t mean that Biden won’t be involved in 2016. In fact, Biden could play a huge role in 2016. If the timing is off and he running for President doesn’t work and he’s already spent nearly two terms as Vice President, so that’s almost certainly not an option again, Biden could potentially be the next best thing: in 2016, Joe Biden could be the Democratic Party’s Kingmaker (or, Queenmaker!). With the President likely remaining neutral in the case of any long-term primary battle for the Democratic nomination, Biden could become the most sought-after endorsement of all — a Superdelegate with a capital “S” who could potentially swing the nomination to a specific candidate by indicating his support and everything that comes with it (the already-constructed Biden campaign apparatus, four decades of fundraisers and supporters, the hold-outs hoping for a last-minute Biden campaign, and the unspoken connection to the White House and its current occupant). That could help decide the Democratic nomination if two candidates are locked in a lengthy battle for delegates (like Obama and Clinton were in 2008), and in that case, whomever Biden delivered his support to would be indebted to the Vice President, so it could help decide Biden’s future. If he helped decide the nomination in favor of the person who eventually was elected President, Biden could probably pick what he wanted to do next — Secretary of State? Supreme Court Justice? Ambassador to the United Nations? Special Presidential assistant for administering the oath of office to Cabinet members and then acting borderline inappropriate with family members? Biden could write his own ticket in that case, and it would help get over any disappointment about his own Presidential hopes.

One year I want the republican and democratic presidential candidates to declare one another their vice presidential nominee and their slogans can be “it’s us either way” and “bet you thought the two-party system couldn’t offer you less of a choice” respectively

Chris Kelly, a former Facebook executive and 2010 Democratic candidate for attorney general, is bankrolling a November ballot measure that would stiffen penalties in California for human traffickers and create new requirements for sex offenders.

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Senate Candidate Accuses His Own Party Of Deliberately Trying To Sabotage Him


APRick Weilan’ smiles at t’South Dakota Demokratic Partee’s convenshun earli’r thishere year. See Also T’ Demokratic Senate can’idate n’ South Dakota un Mundie publiclee rebuket Demokrats’ nashshunal Senate campaign arm, accusyun’ t’group…

Bio: Suzanne Patrick for Congress


** Information from

A retired commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves, Suzanne Patrick is a fourth-generation military officer who has had overseas postings in Beijing, Berlin, Delhi, Seoul and Warsaw. Suzanne, her Father, and her brothers have over a century of uniformed service in the U.S. Navy and Army.

In 2001, she was…

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The Persistence of Racial Resentment

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  from Opinionator by By THOMAS B. EDSALL   Although there was plenty of discussion during the 2012 presidential campaign about the Hispanic vote and how intense black turnout would be, the press was preoccupied with the white vote: the white working class, white women and upscale…

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South Dakota’s Democratic Senate Candidate Accused The National Party Of Sabotaging His Campaign


APRick Weiland smiles at the South Dakota Democratic Party’s convention earlier this year.
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The Democratic Senate candidate in South Dakota on Monday publicly rebuked Democrats’ national Senate campaign arm, accusing the group of intentionally sabotaging his operation to help an Independent candidate in the race.
Democratic candidate Rick Weiland held a press conference at his campaign headquarters Monday and called on the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which jumped into the race with a $1 million buy two weeks ago, to start airing positive ads on his behalf or get out of the race.
He said the ads aired so far have skewed negative against his Republican opponent, former South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds, and haven’t helped his campaign. He even suggested the DSCC was airing the ads to aid Larry Pressler, the Independent candidate.
“Everybody knows the ugly attack ads you have been running against Mike Rounds help Larry Pressler, not the candidate of the party you are supposed to be campaigning for,” Weiland said.
“They make me, as the Democratic candidate, look like a dirty campaigner. They damage Gov. Rounds. And they let former Senator Pressler stand on the sidelines looking clean and gathering votes from disgusted South Dakotans, just as you intended them to do.”
South Dakota, which once looked like a potential surprise hold for Democrats on Election Day now appears to be slipping away. In three recent polls, Rounds leads by at least 9 points in a three-way race with Weiland and Pressler, a former Republican US senator from the state who has crept up in recent polls.
Weiland’s words on Monday highlight what has been a tenuous relationship between him and national Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) has clashed with his predecessor, South Dakota’s Tom Daschle, over Weiland’s nomination. Reid has said Weiland “wasn’t my choice” in South Dakota, and he all but conceded the race last year. 
AP/J. Scott Applewhite Majority Leader Harry Reid
A DSCC spokesman refused to comment on the record when reached by Business Insider.
However, Guy Cecil, the executive director of the DSCC, did insist to Bloomberg last week that the group’s investment in South Dakota was actually intended to help Weiland.
“We want Weiland to win,” Cecil said. When asked if he would “mind” if Pressler came out victorious, Cecil reiterated the DSCC would “prefer” if Weiland won.
Less than a week later, Weiland said his statement today was addressed to the DSCC and Reid. 
“I do not want phony help that actually helps Larry Pressler by attacking Mike Rounds over what appears to everyone to be my name because it says paid for by the national political party of which I am a member,” Weiland said. 

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Obama: I Was "Too Busy" To Help Failed Wisconsin Recall Election

Obama is saying that he supported Democratic candidate Tom Barrett in the attempted recall of Gov. Scott Walker, but as president, he has a lot of responsibilities, and was just too busy to help.

We all know what Obama was doing during the run-up to the recall election. Obama did not concern himself with his supporters in Wisconsin during the recall election. Instead, Obama was hiding from the recall because he knew they were going to lose, and didn’t want another loss on his record, for the people he has tried to support. Obama was also campaigning for himself, and rubbing elbows with Hollywood personalities, willing to pay thousands of dollars to have dinner, or take a picture with Obama.

So when Obama says that he was too busy for the citizens of Wisconsin, he meant it. Obama only cares about himself, and will do and say ANYTHING to get re-elected.

President Obama says White House duties kept him away from Wisconsin during the recent recall election — and he doesn’t think the Democratic defeat there will mean much for his own re-election bid.

"I think probably you’ve got specific circumstances in Wisconsin," Obama told WBAY-TV of Green Bay about the failed Democratic effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

When asked about supporters who were upset that Obama did not campaign for Democratic candidate Tom Barrett, Obama said: “The truth of the matter is that as President of the United States, I’ve got a lot of responsibilities.

"I was supportive of Tom and have been supportive of Tom," Obama said. "Obviously, I would have loved to see a different result."

Republicans and Mitt Romney supporters who would love to snatch the Badger State away from Obama in the Nov. 6 election interpreted the president as saying he was “too busy” to bother with the residents of Wisconsin.

Republican Party spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski sent an e-mail with “a reminder what the president’s schedule looked like the Friday before the (Wisconsin) election: Six fundraisers in Minnesota and Chicago.

"And the day of the election," she added: "Obama gives Bon Jovi a ride on Air Force One. I bet this will go over well with the Wisconsin Democrats Obama is counting on to campaign for him."

Obama told WBAY-TV that the Wisconsin recall revolved around the controversy between Walker and public service unions.

"Keep in mind, it is a bit unusual when a governor gets this much attention in the middle of his term," Obama said. "My suspicion is all across this country, governors who are dealing with tough budgets have to make tough decisions. But one of the lessons learned is that it is better to make them with people than against people."

Stand Up To Government Corruption and Hypocrisy -

Original Article

Carly Fiorina is the one possible candidate in the next presidential election that has the unmatched ability to shoot the sharpest of barbs at Hillary Clinton. She is the only one attacking Hillary and taking the possibility of her being the Democrat nominee seriously in this very critical election for America and the American people. I support Carly because of her private sector experience and her unintimidated prowess which is what we are really looking for right now. She is the best choice.

anonymous asked:

I feel that Republicans are more involved in the 2016 elections than Democrats. Why is that so?

You mean voters? Or potential candidates?

Republican voters are more active and talking about it more openly because they are tired of President Obama and want him out of office. The anti-Obama rhetoric has grown stronger almost since he was re-elected in 2012. There is Obama fatigue among Democratic voters, too, but there are also supporters who recognize that he is still President for nearly two years, and making him a lame duck now by trying to move the discussion to the campaign and his potential successors isn’t helpful to the President, the party, or the country.

As for potential candidates, Republican candidates are more active right now because the incumbent is a Democrat and they have no problem with running against Obama right now, just as Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Edwards had no problem with starting their Presidential campaigns by running against George W. Bush at around this time in 2007. Potential Democratic candidates can’t make their campaigns about undoing everything that the two-term Democratic President has done since 2009, so they aren’t going to take shots at the President like Republicans will. Plus, Hillary Clinton was seen for so long as such of an inevitable Democratic nominee that other potential Democratic candidates were hanging back to see whether she got in the race, when she did so, and what the public’s perception of her is at that time. Now, as Hillary gets closer to announcing her candidacy and her nomination doesn’t like quite as inevitable, we’re seeing Democrats starting to surface who think that they can possibly take her.

Powerful Democrats Are Surprisingly Bad on Marijuana

The Democratic Governors Association (DGA), a tax-exempt 527 political organization that finances campaigns and advertisements in support of Democratic gubernatorial candidates, has taken more than $18 million from pharmaceutical industry interests over the past ten years, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. In recent years, the industry has accelerated its giving to the DGA, with only labor interests giving more to the organization over the last two election cycles.

Hilary Clinton made a surprise appearance at eBay’s Women’s conference yesterday, Wednesday. “If we apply Silicon Valley’s successful approach to the issues of gender and inequality, I’m sure we can make progress,” Clinton told 400 female and 100 male eBay executives who had gathered for the company’s Women’s Initiative Network Summit here.

The former Secretary of State and presumptive 2016 Democratic presidential candidate noted that a natural bias towards men in hiring and promotion “is hardwired, so we have to go the extra mile to unwrap it.”

"There’s never been a better time in history to be born female," she said. "But, despite all the progress, the data shows we’re not there yet. In the tech industry, there are still barriers and biases that hold back women and minorities. There’s still a lot of work to be done." [Cue standing ovation for Hilary after these words were spoken]

Read more about how eBay’s CEO John Donahoe founded WIN and his goals for “expanding the mandate” of bumping the number of women at the director level within the company.