October 1st–Demesne (dih-MEYN)

Within domain of Prospero enslaved
Is Caliban, the meek and fish-like pup
Whose glory’s in his master’s hands unstaved.
He battles by not being beaten up.

He pleads that “Please forgo my punishment!”
Met only by his master’s unmarked stares.
The not quite man, he feels participant
Unwilling to recanted master’s fares.

By doing well the chores assigned to work,
This Caliban his manages to earn
Reprieve and thus endearment from his ward
That shows by softening the daily scorn.

Now he works hard for his less beaten days
But terrible things happen anyways

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Word of the Day: Demesne

Demesne (dih-MEYN, -MEEN)


1. possession of land as one’s own

2. an estate or part of an estate occupied and controlled by, and worked for the exclusive use of, the owner

3. land belonging to and adjoining a manor house; estate

4. the dominion or territory of a sovereign or state; domain

5. a district; region

Origin: is derived from the Middle English word demeine. It is related to the more common word domain, which also comes from the Latin word dominicus meaning “of a master.”


(I learned this word today!)


  1. possession of land as one’s own: land held in demesne.
  2. an estate or part of an estate occupied and controlled by,and worked for the exclusive use of, the owner.
  3. the dominion or territory of a sovereign or state; domain.