Doug Smith explains the peculiar statistical game the Raptors’ starting point guards had against the Blazers the other night:

More odd numbers

Yes, that was a very strange statistical game for the lads, wasn’t it?

The two main point guards wind up with 23 assists, two turnovers and zero points in a combined 45 minutes, as odd a stat as I can remember. But it speaks to what’s really turned things around offensively for this group. Sharing the ball does seem to work, the 34 assists they had as a team was a new season high, the previous was 33, set last Saturday in Orlando.

I don’t know what’s gotten into them – maybe it’s as simple as everyone’s just having fun playing – but it’s something to see. 

I’ve written about Calderon and Lowry elsewhere, but maybe they need each other to be successful?  Maybe neither one of them is an everyday, starting point guard at the level necessary to win in the NBA? Maybe they compliment each other perfectly, so they should be left in place, even as it seems like too much of the same thing? Maybe Andrea Bargnani should stay off the court? Maybe DeMar DeRozen is legit? Who knows? But I’ll tell you one thing I do know: the Raptors aren’t as bad as the season’s first month may have suggested.