There are three indisputable kings of green in gemstones: Emerald, Tsavorite and Jadeite. Everyone loves green in at least one of its many shades, but not everyone is keen on expensive fragile emeralds or jadeite which is more important in China than diamonds are in the United States. So here is our list of 10 other unusual or more obscure examples of green gemstones you may not have heard about or discovered.

1. Demantoid (Garnet)
2. Green cat’s eye quartz
3. Green Zircon
4. Sphene
5. Vanadium Chysoberyl
6. Green Kornerupine
7. Chrome Tourmaline
8. Green Aquamarine
9. Maw Sit Sit
10. Green Vesuvianite

Pictured gemstones, from left to right, are:

First row (back): Green Aquamarine (pear), Shpene (oval), MawSitSit (oval cab)

Second Row (middle): Chrome tourmaline (heart),  Alexandrite (round), Vanadium Chrysoberyl (cushion), Green Zircon (oval),

Third row (front): Green Kornerupine (oval), Demantoid Garnet (pear), Vesuvianite (oval)

What's the birthstone for January? Which Garnet?

Garnet is the most widely accepted birthstone for  January the 2nd anniversary of marriage, but in fact garnet is a family of at least six related and cross-mixed varieties available in almost every color of the spectrum and in a price range for every budget.

The family name Garnet comes from the Latin word “Garanatus”, which means “seedlike” in reference to a pomegranate seed size and color, and to add more confusion, garnets are usually called by their trade names that represent either a very specific color, like Mandarin Garnet and Color Change Garnet, or a place where that garnet was discovered and mined, like Bohemian garnet, Tsavorite or Mozambique Garnet.

The following are the 10 most popular members of the garnet family:

1. Almandite
2. Color Change Garnet
3. Demantoid
4. Hessonite
5. Malaia Garnet
6. Mali Garnet
7. Pyrope
8. Rhodolite
9. Spessartite
10. Tsavorite

Garnet varieties are found in almost every color of the spectrum, but the rarest of these are the blue color changing garnets discovered recently in Madagascar and the green demantoid garnets discovered in Russia more than a century ago. And, although garnets are found on every continent, Africa is and will most probably continue to be the most important and diverse source for the best garnets of any color.

Garnet Symbolism List

  Morning 11:00 am 
  Summer demantoid garnet 
  Autumn almandine garnet

Modern (post 1900) garnet
  Traditional (1800-1900) garnet 
  Historic (pre 1900) 
    Jewish garnet 
    Roman garnet 
    Arabic garnet 
    Polish garnet 
    Russian garnet
    Italian garnet

  Modern (post 1900) 2nd 
  Traditional (1800-1900) 18th

  Angels Gabriel
  Star Regulus, Heart of Lion 23º of Leo 
  Planet Mars