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#BoycottDelta is currently trending on twitter...

and the story appears to be that two men who were having a conversation in Arabic were escorted off a Delta flight for not speaking English.


But, here’s the catch: one of them, the one who recorded the “aftermath” of them being escorted off the plane, is YouTuber Adam Saleh, who is a “YouTube prankster” by profession and is known for doing this kind of thing regularly, i.e. filming pranks on planes for clicks on YouTube. As it so happens, his most recent video was even within the last few days.


So the way I see it, either karma came back to bite him in the ass, or this is another one of his “pranks” and he’s manipulating social media and slandering an entire multi-billion dollar corporation to accomplish it.


YouTuber Adam Saleh was apparently removed from a Delta flight for speaking Arabic

  • YouTuber Adam Saleh was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight on Wednesday, allegedly for speaking Arabic on the phone to his mother. 
  • Saleh, a Yemeni-American, tweeted a video he recorded of being escorted off Delta Airlines Flight 1 at London’s Heathrow Airport with his friend Slim Albaher.
  • The video shows a number of passengers waving goodbye to Saleh.
  • “I spoke a word and you said you feel uncomfortable,” Saleh said, speaking to passengers on the plane. “Why are you guys doing that? Just because I spoke a different language?”
  • Delta also said a full investigation of the incident is underway. Read more

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This hashtag is like a roll call for Black doctors who are sick of people assuming they couldn’t possibly be elite medical professionals

Over the past week, two black female doctors have claimed that staff onboard Delta planes told them not to attend to passengers in need of medical care. OB/GYN Tamika Cross, MD wrote in a viral Facebook post that a flight attendant told her they needed “actual physicians or nurses” and then chose a white man to treat an unconscious man.



Here is the teaser for the upcoming animation


it will take place in Horrortale

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Ocean lava entry off the coast of Hawaii, slowly starting to rebuild a lava delta.


“In the Delta, most of the world seemed sky… The land was perfectly flat and level but it shimmered like the wing of a lighted dragonfly. It seemed strummed, as though it were an instrument and something had touched it.” 
–Eudora Welty, Delta Wedding

The next best thing to experiencing Mississippi first-hand, as we’re doing now, is absorbing it through the state’s legendary writers. I’m having a great time working my way through this stack for this week’s trip.


Obnoxious Trump supporter (who wouldn’t shut up about it) has been banned from Delta flights for life for being rude and disruptive

On a flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Allentown, Pennsylvania last Tuesday, a man went on a pro-Trump rant on a Delta plane, calling his opponents “Hillary bitches.” On Monday, Chief Executive Ed Bastian denounced this man’s actions, saying…

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