COBBLES: The Ghosts of Continents and Seas of the Geologic Past

A cobble is a bit of rock deposited by sedimentary processes that is larger than gravel but smaller than a boulder. (Yes, there are scientifically precise means to determine between these categories, but for now I think this is a far as we need to go.) Most are deposited along river beds, and having been so transported, they become rounded by mechanical abrasion undergone as they grind against sands and silts in the river and its water as well as bump into other cobbles.

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A Muslim couple was kicked off of a Delta flight allegedly for saying ‘God’ in Arabic

Faisal and Nazia Ali were in Paris celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, and while boarding a flight to return home, a flight crew member had them ejected from the flight. The flight crew member felt “uncomfortable” because the woman was wearing a headscarf and the man was sweating. She also claimed that Faisal Ali was murmuring “Allah.” “Allah” is the direct Arabic translation for God. Arab Christians and Muslims alike use the word when referring to the higher being.

A security official also asked about where they stayed in Paris and snapped pictures of their passports with his cellphone. Other Muslim passengers also received disturbing treatment.

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