these are pictures from my solo senior exhibition “Daydream” back in April! This was a big ordeal and i worked countless restless hours and late as hell nights but it was i think one of the best experiences of my life!! 😭😭😭 The paintings are all oil, the cutouts are plywood and acrylic, and the prints are in frames i decorated myself :)

Also this was my way of shoving my ocs into peoples faces at my uni :) The feedback was super nice !!! Good time 


Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

I’m going to make this post here too out of sheer frustration and anger. Here are some sources with more info.

Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3

And here is a particularly scary quote:

I want to clarify that this is not a ban on unlicensed emotional support pitbulls, it is a ban on ALL classes of service dog that THEY identify as ‘pitbull type’. If that sounds dangerously vague, it is. 

So, if you have a service dog and travel with Delta, be aware of these policy changes.

She’s The Boss


15. They think she’s your mate, 21. I thought I was the alpha, 27. Are you stupid or are you idiot

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(Y/n) was the medical doctor at Jurassic World, not for the people working there but for the dinosaurs. Her and Owen often hung out a lot which made her job easier in a way, the dinosaurs there wouldn’t let any of the other medical doctors near them, expect for her. It was her scent, more like it was Owen’s scent. They could all smell it on her, (Y/n) had been in her office doing some paper work when Owen ringed her phone.

“Ms. (L/n) speaking, what can I help you with?”, (Y/n) says as she picks up the phone.

“Blue, she got sick.”, replies Owen. Nodding to herself, (y/n) got up from her seat and replies back to the panicked Owen.

“Be there soon.”, came her reply.

(Y/n) managed to make it to the raptors exhibit in a total of 5 minutes, with her medical bag in hand (y/n) was greeted by Owen who was standing by the gate arms crossed.

“My girls won’t hurt you, but they will not let you near Blue.”, Owen says.

‘We’ll see about that.’, thinks (y/n), pressing the button to open the gate (y/n) walks in with her held up high Owen stood in front of her making sure none of his girls, the raptors came close to her. Rolling her eyes (y/n) pushed passed Owen and walked up to blue who was surrounded by the other. They all had a stare off before they moved out of the way to let her pass.

“What the hell…”, mutters Owen confused.

“I thought I was the alpha?”, Owen asked himself.

While Owen was busy staring he hadn’t noticed Clarie walking up beside him. Claire gives Owen a look and rolled her eyes.

“Are you stupid or are you idiot?”, askes Claire.

Owen snaps his head towards Claire and glares at her but all she does is give him a snarky look and smirk in reply, before Owen can speak she turns back to (y/n) who’s checking out Blue.

“They think she’s your mate.”, says Claire.

“That’s why they aren’t attacking her. They smell you on her.”, Claire adds before she walks away.