A promise is a promise - Owen Grady imagine

Warnings: violence, cursing, more violence, yelling, abusive relationship.

 Words: 3k (ish) sorry for it being super long

- I can’t believe you ! After all I’ve done for you ! You dare stab me in the back ?-  John said walking towards you with fury in his eyes

- I didn’t do anyth- you tried but were soon cut off with more yelling

- You fucking whore. You dare lie to my face. - he roared slamming you against a wall 

- I swear he was just a drunk customer, you saw - you stuttered finding it hard to keep your breathing steady. You knew he was the jealous type but this took you completely off guard.

- I know damn fucking well what I saw. -

- Please, just listen to -  a searing pain shot up your left side as his knuckles met your cheek. He took a fistful of your hair and dragged you up from the floor.You let out a scream.

- Do you want more? - his eyes were looking right into yours.

- Stop - your whimper was met with another punch. You felt blood drip from your cheekbone.

This is all your fault - his yelling has turned to whispering - I must teach you a lesson - He grabbed your arm and dragged you to his jeep. -it is your fault after all - he repeated as he got on to the road- you must be taught a lesson- his arms were shaking -you understand, right? You understand why I’m doing this? - his face showed madness as he turned to look at you. With tears leaking from your eyes, you nodded. He was crazy. Absolutely mad. You needed to get away from him. Now. He smiled at you lovingly and turned his eyes back on the road. His right hand moved towards you and you breathed in sharply, but he only turned on the radio. 

“If you like pina coladas
And getting caught in the rain”
-he sang along


-Why are we at the raptor pen ? - you thought looking around you 

He dragged you out of the jeep with ease .  - Its time you see where I work , don’t you think ? - this time he didn’t wait for an answer . - Its only fair, wouldn’t you say. I’ve been in margarita ville many times. - he pressed some buttons and the gates opened. -You will love them I’m sure- he said grinning. 

Your eyes widened as you realized what he was planning. You tried to sprint away but his grip was iron. He grabbed your shoulders and threw you in. By the time you turned around the gates were already closed. You knew screaming for help was not an option since it would only alert the raptors. You could only hope they weren’t awakened by the gates. 

- Wakey wakey, I have a present for you - he yelled banging his fists on the gate. 

- Stop, let me out , be quiet, please - you yelled at him. It was a bit counter productive, true. But you were panicking .His eyes shone and he smiled wickedly.

You turned around slowly and sure enough there they were.Three pairs of eyes staring at you.You thought about running but then decided against it. Today was your day. It was as good of way of dying as any. Plus your legs felt numb and you felt like any attempt at walking would not only end in death(that was inevitable ) but also with your face in the mud. And that would be embarrassing to say the least.

Another pair of eyes emerged from the trees. The newly awaken raptor ran towards the pack and joined them. The one in the front let out a growl. As a sob escaped you the new raptor turned his head, almost looking curious.

“What the hell is happening here?!”- a man yelled and the raptors snapped their heads towards the voice. 

You didn’t dare turn around so instead you stood there biting your lip trying to keep from making any noise.The closest raptor turned her head back towards you.

-Eyes on me- the voice spoke again and the raptors head was back on the man (or maybe it was a very manly sounding woman.)

The gate opened and the raptors roared once more.
Don’t give me that look blue - the man said  - Stay back - he said holding his arms out. - Good. Good. - giving them one last look he grabbed your forearm and pushed you out through the gate - The button - he said pointing towards it without breaking eye contact with the raptors.

You slowly walked towards it still shaking severely and hit it as hard as you could manage. Which turned out to be not hard at all. The gates closed all the same but not before the guy rolled underneath .Your legs gave out underneath you and you greeted the floor.

  - What the hell were you thinking -he said turning to face first you and then your boyfriend. Noticing the blood on your face he furrowed his brow.

- Look, man, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were here, I’m sorry we disturbed you.-

- Disturbed me? Are you serious ? You almost died- the last part he yelled out at you

- Grady, its okay, she just needed to be taught a lesson.I work here. Its all good. -

- A lesson? - he looked at you once more and then back at him.

- Yes. She cheated on me you see. I’m sure you know what’s its like. Owen. May I call you Owen? -

In response to that he turned around and threw a punch straight to your (now ex)boyfriend’s face knocking him to the ground.

- You’re officially fired. -

- It’s okay - he said walking towards you slowly. When you let out a sob he kneeled down to your level -I’m not gonna hurt you, I promise -he said giving you his hand which you gladly took. Hanging on to his shirt with all your might you stood up together. 

- What’s your problem man? Get the fuck off my girlfriend. Y/N in the jeep. NOW- your ex boyfriend said wiping the blood from his nose.

- Do you want to go with him ? - Owen looked down on your shaking figure as you managed a small no.

- She isn’t going anywhere with you, other than court maybe. - he said his face hard.

- What ? Yes she is ! She is mine! Y/N get away from him now and get in the jeep. - in response you only held on tighter, balling his shirt in your fists.

- You fucking bitch! I will fucking kill y- 

- Do I need to get my gun? - Owen said calmly but his eyes held murder.

- Come on man, this doesn’t have to be personal.- he said , panic evident in his voice. The two held each others eye contact for a minute and then Owen moved towards his hut and John sprinted away.

He held you like that for a while until your sobbing stopped and your shaking reduced. 

- I live with him - you whispered. There were many benches in the park, surely one of them would be comfortable enough.

- You’re coming with me, there is no way I’m letting you face him alone. He almost got you killed. Crazy mother fucker.- he said shaking his head 

Following his lead, you got onto the motorcycle holding onto Owens back for dear life .


-Its not big or anything , but its cozy- he said as you pulled up next to his bungalow- sorry if its messy, I wasn’t expecting anyone - he scratched his neck awkwardly glancing at the amount of papers messily scattered on top the table. The dishes were pilled up high in the sink and the sofa was surrounded by empty cans of beer.

You crossed your arms over your chest somehow feeling much safer that way. - I don’t mind, I’m the one intruding anyways. -

-Not an intruder. A guest .- he opened the fridge,- there isn’t much food- you leaned over so you could see what he had to offer. There was a lot of beer and the only edible thing was- got some leftover pizza- he turned to look at you - pepperoni. want some ? I can heat it up if you would like it mor- he would’ve kept rambling if you didn’t cut him off .

- I love pepperoni- you said reassuringly 

-Great- he visibly relaxed.

Honestly you preferred your pizza heated but considering all that has happened you couldn’t care less what kind of a pizza it was. Plus he was obviously worried about not having anything you could eat and you weren’t about to rain on his parade. Especially since he let you spend the night.

-Do you maybe have a shower?- you glanced down at your muddy attire.


Your showering was interrupted by a knock.

-Im gonna leave some clothes for you in front of the door-

- Oh, right, thanks - you yelled over the water. You put on your underwear and took the pile he left outside. You put on his shirt (which came to half your butt) but the shorts were way to huge for you. 

- Do you have any shorts that are a bit smaller ?- you yelled through the door.

- Umm, let me check - a long pause - yeah , I’ve got nothing, sorry.-

- Its fine - you stepped out in the T-shirt and headed for your pizza 

When you heard his foot steps you turned around and handed him the shorts. His eyes snapped to yours  when you turned, but you noticed his eyes were locked on your legs or maybe it was your butt (couldn’t blame him, your ass was pretty majestic)

You felt your face heat up  -shorts didn’t fit - you gave them to him

- I can see that - he smirked

You turned your attention back to the pizza. 

He sat across you - you seem familiar - 

- well that would probably be due to you meeting me earlier , in the raptor pen, you know where I almost died, I’m a bit offended you forgot - you grinned

- yeah, sorry, you weren’t all that memorable and I save people all the time - he played along 

You stared at him smiling and felt like he was an old friend. He was so relaxed and judgment free.

- Margaritaville -his face lit up - that’s where I saw you- he looked like a puppy who got a treat - you work there, right -

- I do, stalker - you laughed 

- hey, I go there a lot, plus who wouldn’t notice you ? - he said wiggling his eyebrows 

- that’s my cue - you got up and walked towards his bedroom - is that the only bed ?- he was nice and funny but you didn’t trust him that much. You had only met him after all. And considering what had just happened with John you obviously didnt have the best taste in men.

-Yeah, I’ll take the couch, don’t worry about it -

That made you feel bad, but you were really tired and the bed looked so soft.
- you sure its not a problem? - You prayed to all the gods that he would say no.

- the couch is super soft ,you don’t know what you’re missing- your prayers have been answered and you were right. It was the softest bed ever. 

- Good night - you said… you think


- Rise and shine - your boyfriend said

- I love you but if you say one more word you’re dead- you said turning away.

-Oh,we are on love already are we?- a voice that definitely didnt belong to John said. That did it. You were sitting up trying to find the closest thing you could defend your self against the intruder… only he wasn’t an intruder. If anything you were. One glance at his face and you let out a breath you didn’t remember holding .

- Owen… you scared the shit out of me - you relaxed

- Had to wake you up somehow,-he looked guilty - I didn’t want you to wake up in an empty house. I have to take care of the raptors. There is no food at the moment but I’ll bring it as soon as I’m back - that wasn’t right, he was avoiding your eyes.

- what is it?- 

- what do you mean ?-

- why won’t you look at me ? - you jumped of the bed and ran to the bathroom. You heard him behind you 

- its noth… I just…its not that bad-

You got your answer soon enough. One glance in the mirror made you wanna break it and cry and break something else. Yesterday you only had a couple of cuts, but now the bruising kicked in. You had handprints across your neck, your lip was swollen. The worst was the cheekbone. It had a couple of cuts across it but they were lost in mixture of red and blue and and sickening yellow.  

- not that bad, huh? -you sighed 

-sorry- from the way he looked you would’ve thought he had given them to you.

-Not your fault, if not for you I wouldn’t even have a face to look at.-you splashed water and took a paper towel trying to wash out the dried blood - I probably ruined your sheets- you felt awful. You were so ungrateful

-I couldn’t care less about the sheets- he was still concerned - you sure you’re gonna be fine here on your own, I’m sorry I have to go but hoskins is coming at 10 and by then I need to..- he didn’t finish his thought - but you don’t care about that. I gotta go. Sorry again- 

You cut him off - I’m gonna be fine. Thank you, for everything.- you smiled as he rushed out and got on his motorcycle. He waved as he took off and over the noise you heard something about you being beautiful.

- Dork - you said to no one in particular, chuckling.


You got a lot of concerned looks, both from the guests and your coworkers. You told one of them what happened and guessed that everyone knew by the end of your shift. At least no one bothered you. Plus your boss gave you a raise for being so determined and not calling sick. What he didn’t know is that you didn’t have much choice. 

You sent John a message yesterday (with the help of Owen) saying he had to pack his things and leave if he didn’t want to face charges (and as Owen added looking smug - his fist -)

The only thing he left was a note:
- good luck paying your bills now, bitch. Like you could afford to sue me. - 

He left the island, and you couldn’t be happier. The only thing was… he was right. You couldn’t afford this house, but it was too far from the margaritas shop anyways. You still had this month to pay hence why you were at work in the first place. You had a couple more days to gather the money and then find another place to live.


- He is probably home - you thought - why didn’t I text him - you mentally slapped yourself. The raptor paddock wasn’t buzzing with life, but it wasn’t empty like the last time. One of the guys that were on the catwalk walked up to you.

- Can I helped you mam? - he asked eying your bag with bottles of beer. You must’ve looked ridiculous. 

- umm,maybe? Do you know where I can find Owen?- 

For a second terror flashed on his face - sorry mam, but I don’t know whoever this Owen is, but he doesn’t work here - he started going backwards - and I’m sorry if he gave you the wrong number or left while you were sleeping or hurt you in some other way. But if I ever meet him I’ll tell him he is a douche and that he shouldn’t treat women like that.- he smiled reassuringly - now if you could please.

You were lucky it was pitch black outside cause you were certain you were red as a tomato

- No, I’m not… I’m his friend… just a friend. No screwing involved. Are you Barry ? 

He seemed surprised, you weren’t sure if that was because you knew his name or because you weren’t screwing Owen .- I was here yesterday so I know he works here and yeah. - you ended awkwardly 

- well, you did bring beer, so I guess Im letting you pass, here follow me -

- I got beer - you said as you opened the door to Owens office

  - y/n, what are you ? Beer ? - he looked at the bag in your hand - nice. - you sat on the chair opposite him 

- I brought pizza you know- he paused to take a drink - pepperoni, also some ice cream. -another sip- but you were gone 

- I had to go work - you made a grimace at the aftertaste of it - plus I didn’t want to overstay my welcome - 

- you’re always welcome if you bring beer - he wiggled his eyebrows - especially in my bungalow -

You talked for a while, mostly about the raptors. It was easy to tell he loved them. You could imagine him spoiling them with extra meat or cute raptor toys (do those exist?). After that he talked about this guy named hoskins who seemed like a total ass. He wasn’t at all happy about you returning to your house but you reassured him and told him about John leaving the island.


Tomorrow you came again, a bit later due to some asshat guests. This time you brought two beers for him and a somersby for yourself (you weren’t the biggest fan of beer)

You said hi to Barry(who still looked embarrassed about yesterday) and continued into Owens office.

-I got beer- you said cheerfully. He looked up at you and smiled

- Is this gonna become a tradition?-

- Only if you want it to be- you both drank in silence and for once it wasn’t awkward. You talked about the older couple who wouldn’t stop yelling at each other and everyone around them. You weren’t sure if he was staring cause he was listening or because he wasn’t.

- did you at least spit in their cocktail ?- he asked his eyes gleaming  

- mayhaps I did - you liked it when he laughed. He was one of those people who laughed with their whole body. Doubled over, shoulders rising and falling and slapping himself or sometimes others. You found it refreshing.


It was pitch black outside and you were all alone . You welcomed the cold breeze, while he checked the time. 

-we got a bit carried away- you followed him to the gate , sat near it and continued talking. 

- you and the raptors didn’t have the best meeting, we should give them something else to remember you for.- he paused - they are probably sleeping no…- before he could finish a raptor emerged from the darkness.  - or not, this is Delta. Delta-he gestured toward you - Y/n

- I remember her, she was the one who didn’t seem as eager to eat me- she cooked its head to the side - I’m grateful for that-

- she is the least hostile, other than Charlie maybe, but Charlie usually gets distracted when hunting. And then there is also Blue -

- the one that was most intent on biting my head off - you interrupted 

- that would be blue. And last but not least we got echo. Blue and her used to fight a lot but they worked it out.- 

- Let’s see if delta is in the mood for petting - you approached the gate slowly. Owen raised his hand to pet her but she moved away. 

- seems like she isn’t - you laughed 

- Craaagh- delta cocked her head again and looked at you. Turning away from Owen she walked over to you and made the same noise… or maybe it was different… you didn’t speak raptor 

- what’s that supposed to mean - you were beyond confused 

- Craaagh - she put her snout thru the gates and touched your arm. 

-What the fu- you flinched backwards and looked at Owen - maybe she wants to eat me after all-
- Cragh
-what is she saying ?-

He looked starstruck- I think she wants YOU to pet her-

You raised your hand slowly and Delta kept her eyes on you.
-please don’t kill me- you whispered as your hand touched her scales. And then she purred ? 

- she likes you - he was impressed - a lot. More than Barry I’d say, and she likes Barry a lot. -

You stood there petting her for a while, mesmerized


- I sold the house- you told him when delta decided to go to sleep -it was too expensive and too big and too far from work.I’m gonna stay in a hotel until all the apartment paperwork is done. I’m gonna roommate with one of my coworkers and the lot is right by margaritas. -

- I have a better proposal - you waited for him to elaborate - there is no way you can book a room this late. So I’ll go ahead and save you the trouble and offer you to stay at my bungalow, my only condition is… that you come to the raptor paddock again tomorrow. What do you say? - he held out a hand for you to shake all dramatically. And to your own surprise you did. 

- Deal -

You couldn’t see much of his face in the darkness but you would bet he was smiling like a toddler.

- well then what are you waiting for- he said jogging over to his motorcycle before you could change your mind -get on,and hold tight -


3,2,1 GO ! - you yelled in unison as you took a shot. 

- oh, my god that’s nast..-you started 

- no time! Get another one !!! - Owen yelled panic in his eyes.

You were playing a drinking game Owen came up with. Needless to say it wasn’t super smart. You needed to take as many shots as fast as you could. You agreed to it because tequila had already been in your system and you felt like having some more.

- Go, go, go, go!!! - he cheered as you tried to get the tequila into a shot glass and failed 

- How bout we drink from the thingy instead? - you asked your words slurring together

-The bottle?- he asked and laughed at you - well you’re wasted - 

You couldn’t argue with that. He was drunk but you were hammered.
-The bottle it is - you yelled for no reason,you were a loud drunk. 

3,2,1,Gooooo!!!! - it burned your throat but made your soul feel nice. Like cuddling a 100 puppies.

-Do you want to buy puppies ?!- you weren’t sure you could walk so you took hold of his shirt with one hand and his bicep with the other.

- what, now ? - he was extremely hot up close, not that he wasn’t extremely hot from a distance… what were you talking about again ?

- let’s dance - you pushed some buttons on your phone and music came out (how cool is that?!?!?! )

He watched your swaying hips and swallowed, the fact that you were wearing his shirt wasn’t helping, and the fact you weren’t wearing pants definitely wasn’t helping.

-Come on, don’t be a party pooper- you said talking his hand and leading him to “dance”

You tried to teach him tango and salsa and polka but he was just rubbish (it had nothing to do with you falling every .2 seconds) 

- You suck - you said straddling him on the floor (after you fell on him and managed to drag him down with you , but that was obviously his fault) lowering your face to be inches from his you whispered - come catch me - and got up and ran towards what you though was the bedroom but seemed to be the kitchen.

 You heard him groan and say something about how you would be the death of him but payed him no mind. You exited the kitchen only to have Owen wrap his hands around your waist his head on your shoulder - caught you - he whispered and goose bumps ran down your neck.

- good job - you giggled and slipped from his hands and bolted to the bedroom (this time it wasn’t the kitchen ). You threw yourself on his bed and let out a soft moan at the softness. 

You turned around to see Owen standing in the doorway staring at your ass. He looked away quickly and cursed under his breath.

- I’m tired, come sleep with me - you grabbed his arm and dragged him to the bed but not before giggling at his surprised face. - not like that, raptor boy -

He was trying to be a gentleman and keep to his side of the bed but you really wanted cuddles. You turned around and faced him. He looked like he was in pain. 

- cuddle with me? - you put on your best puppy eyes

- you’re drunk - his voice was stern

- and so are you - you challenged

- I’m gonna go sleep on the sofa - before he could get up you grabbed his hand

- please stay. I know I’m drunk, and I get that you don’t like me like that. But just please don’t go, I don’t want to be alone- you let his arm slowly as he laid back down.

- If you want me to stay. I’ll stay - 

You smiled and turned your back towards him.
A hand snaked around your waist - and I do like you like that - he whispered as he pulled you in a tiny bit closer.


You woke up to sunlight streaming through the curtained windows. You admired the chiseled???? Chest you were lying on. Wait, what ?

You tried to bolt upwards but were stopped by Owens hands holding onto you tightly. Instead you fell right back on his chest.

- what the f- he yelled throwing his hands off you and wincing at the loudness of his own voice. 

-shhhh - you whispered rolling of him and then rubbing your temples - when did you lose the shirt? - you said silently

- I was hot - he said, getting up from the bed slowly - I’m gonna get an aspirin, - he rubbed his temple - you want one -

- more like do I want ten -you grumbled pressing your head deeper into the pillow. You let yourself sneak one last glance at his back and groaned. He would be the death of you. Even tho you couldn’t think straight due to the constant hammering in your head, you knew one thing for certain.

You would be at the raptor paddock tomorrow.

 After all, you did promise.

Let me know if you have any requests, or questions, or corrections or if i haven’t written all the triggers i should’ve had.

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Hello, it’s Delta.
We finished our first concert today.
It was the first concert in a long time and [we] worked really hard to prepare the stage in front of you.
Did you have fun today??
I was very grateful and proud of the members while preparing for the concert.
The members developments looked really good.
Watching the growing passion for music in the members reminded me of the driving force that makes me work harder.
Actually, I was afraid that a lot of fans would not come.
[We] truly had a lot of worries.
Hayong hyung (Beta) is out and Sanghun hyung (Code) is resting for a long time from activities.
So I’ve worried a lot about them.
Many people came, more than I thought so [we were] very happy.
I want to say thanks once again to all those who found us! I hope you will keep an eye on AlphaBAT and how much [we’ve] grown.
Soon we will appear in front of you with a new album.
We are going to work harder(?), so I ask you to show interest and support.
Today was fun and enjoyed(?), thank you.
We’ll see you soon with a better look!
Thank you to all our fans..!
We love you. and thank you very much to the director who really suffered today. We love you.
Have a good night. Next time [we] will give you a more wonderful performance. Thank you very much.

Eng trans by: APB USA
Please take out with full credits.