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i think delphine had magical touch. remember that krystal scene where she's put under anesthetic, and it's supposed to last longer because neulon didn't put much a fight when delphine asked him away. but then delphine touched krystal's hand and then bam! slap-to-the-face krystal's awake! did delphine had some kind of super power?


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Im sure you've heard this a million times but you are such an amazing artist. I just followed you. Keep up the good work. You inspire me to get back to drawing and try to improve to at least half your skill level. :) Just wondering who is your favorite clone?

Oh, wow that’s awesome! Thanks so much! My favorite clone?… Easy!

I think there is some underlying symbolism in the location of Delphine’s injury, that has perhaps been overlooked or that perhaps I’m overanalysing, but still…that bullet would have hit her lung, perhaps the very bottommost part, but still, I think the lung would have sustained injury.
So, does it not seem interesting that the writers have attacked the very part of the body Cosima too is challenged by? Both women, by the hand of another, are crippled in their ability to breathe freely. Both women now, share an ailment of the respiratory system. Both women are left to die slowly. Both women are still intrinsically linked; in life, in love, in disaster.


All I want is,
And all I need is
To find somebody.
I’ll find somebody like you (x)

If you’re slowly but surely accepting the fact that a season 3 return of Delphine is about as likely as a Drake/Meek Mills collab album but still refuse to admit she’s dead, clap your hands. *clap clap*

Graeme, You Need A Cophine Interpreter

So Graeme tweeted this:

Crazy week of prep @OrphanBlack but we are v proud of our @HugoAwards! Did a show celebrating diversity help slap down those SadAss Puppies?

— Graeme Manson (@GraemeManson1)

August 26, 2015

Fortunately, I also found this:

2015 was the year science-fiction fandom’s most prestigious award (Hugo Awards) was dominated by a voting bloc calling themselves the Sad Puppies, and a more extreme offshoot, the Rabid Puppies. The Puppies claim the Hugos have been taken over by affirmative-action-driven voters pushing a diversity agenda by nominating women and non-white writers, regardless of the quality of their work. For 2015, they organized their own corrective slates, consisting largely of conservative, straight white males — including themselves.

Orphan Black won a Hugo Award for the finale for S2. So Graeme was essentially celebrating the fact that the right-wing, conservative, white male Sad Puppies were defeated at the Hugo Awards & that Orphan Black win helped in that victory.

Unfortunately, Graeme seems to have forgotten about the Puppy Cormier contingent and how, in this tense time, and given OB’s history, insulting puppies might be misinterpreted.

Graeme, dude, you need to get a Cophine (cultural) interpreter stat! I’ll even help you find volunteers – there’s this place called Tumblr…