Delmar Loop

Saint Louis Travel Guide (inspired by a st. louis hate post lol)

so people were poking fun at st. louis, i didnt take it to hert, but it gave me an opportunity to share what great stuff there is to do in st. louis!! (i just copied and pasted so sorry for typos)

we have this really cool building called the city museum which is basically a huge play house museum, consisting largely of repurposed artsy architectural and industrial objects!! (theres a bus that hangs off the side of the building)
we have the missouri history museum thats nationally recognized as one of the best history museums in the nation, and others museums have looked into how they get so much attraction

which the history museum in a small part of huge forest park, one of the biggest and oldest urban parks in the nation! it hosted the 1904 worlds, one of the few structures that still remains is also our nationally recognized art museum!! also home to the #1 zoo in america (USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards contest)

we have busch stadium, which doesnt have as much history as wrigley since its fairly new (2006)!! but!! across the street is also new ballpark village that has a cardinals hall of fame museum, its really cool and if ur a baseball fan, definitely a must see!! and HEY!! they occasionally hold family movie nights outside on the big screen, w movies like inside out and toy story!! and for the young crazy adults, they do have a club atmosphere at night!

and for u aesthetic flower nerds out there like me, we have the botanical gardens which every winter has a cool a** lightshow, sadly its not winter, but theres so much to do there too as well!!

not the arch but the riverboats down by the arch!! they take u on cruises up and down the Mississippi river with live music, good food, and cool views.

scottrade center home of the st. louis blues, one of the top teams in the league!! super great armosphere, LIT atmosphere when they play the hawks!!

and last but not least, a close one to millenium park would be the city gardern, where local modern art is displayed in the heart of downtown st. louis, a super cool place for families with small children! they have water geyers and cool waterfalls and lil mini pools for the kids!! its super neat in the summer, in the winter, like the botanical gardens, they display a light show every night!!

honourable mentions:

- science center/planetarium/omnimax theater

- the delmar loop

- washington ave

- stlfc

- the fox!!

- tower grove

- the hill

- union station

- all the locally owned businesses like arch apparel

- ted drewes

- Budweiser brewery

- lemp mansion, eat lunch in a haunted mansion

- forest park itself

- for u history nerds: old courthouse and new/old cathedral basilica

- lacledes landing

THERE YA GO!! feel free to add any more you guys think of!!!!
Police officers in St Louis chant "whose streets? our streets" after breaking up protests
Officers in riot gear made arrests and cleared streets of demonstrators Sunday, then gathered alongside a city boulevard chanting ‘whose street, our street’

Jamiles Lartey at The Guardian

Police officers in riot gear gathered alongside a St Louis boulevard late on Sunday night, chanting “whose street, our street”, a common refrain used by those protesting the acquittal of a white former officer in the death of a black man, after successfully clearing the street of demonstrators and onlookers.

Hundreds of officers had mobilized after another day of peaceful protests over the acquittal of Jason Stockley in the death of Anthony Lamar Smith. The protest began at the police headquarters downtown. Hundreds of people marched through downtown streets, the posh Central West End and the trendy Delmar Loop area of nearby University City.

Protesters also marched through two shopping malls in a wealthy area of St Louis County. Following the pattern of the previous days, more than 1,000 people marched peacefully for several hours. By nightfall, most had gone home.

After nightfall there were reports of property damage and vandalism for a third night in a row. Several windows were broken at a Marriott hotel and at other nearby businesses. Concrete planters were knocked over and trash cans tossed into the street.

There were also reports from demonstrators of aggressive responses from police, including the macing and violent takedowns of compliant demonstrators.

Police made more than 80 arrests, after authorities said people ignored orders to disperse after the peaceful protests. Demonstrators countered that police boxed them in, giving them no way to disperse. At least one credentialed reporter and several members of the public who were live-streaming the protests were detained.

The St Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Mayor Lyda Krewson told reporters early on Monday: “The days have been calm and the nights have been destructive.” Krewson said that was “unacceptable” and that “destruction cannot be tolerated”.

City police described being attacked by protesters using “unknown chemicals”. Demonstrators countered that the liquid some carried in bottles was apple cider vinegar, which some use to counter the affects of tear gas. In one picture posted to social media by police and described as an effort to “confiscate bottles with unknown chemicals”, one bottle was clearly labelled “apple cider vinegar”.

One officer suffered a leg injury and was taken to a hospital. His condition was not known.

On Monday, daylight brought calm, as it has for the past several days. A racially mixed crowd of more than 150 blocked a busy street on the western edge of downtown. State representative Bruce Franks was at the front of a silent march to city hall. Protesters chanted: “We will win together.” The assembly voiced demands for a civilian police review board and then disbanded.

Random STL Photos

Here are some random photos of people I met, food I ate, places I went in St. Louis: 

Dave took me to a Chinese restaurant, and I had this St. Louis’ “St. Paul Sandwich”:

Which is an egg omelette in 2 pieces of wonderbreads, found ONLY in Chinese restaurants in St. Louis!



Behind the running man is the Old Courthouse, which is also a history museum:


Bird control spike (Pigeons-fuck-off); one of the best inventions in the world:

(the building here is the Hilton hotel)

I love finding supermarket in downtowns because that means I could get cheap lunch:

City Garden:

These two were making out in the park and I thought it’s cute so I took a picture of them :)

Downtown St. Louis is pretty small and comfortably walkable, I finished it in one day. I planned two days in St.Louis, so I thought for the 2nd day I’d just go to YMCA and work out coz I had been eating so much. I didn’t work out though coz I found internet there, and when there’s internet, there’s no other life for me I end up doing nothing else. Ah!

One of the staffs at YMCA said there’s not much going on in downtown, he usually go to “the loop” for fun. Thinking I needed to get away from the internet, I hopped on the bus to “Delmar”.

The Delmar loop- “One of the Ten Great Street in America”, is a friendly neighborhood about 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis. There are outdoor coffee shops, gift shops, boutique stores, art galleries…sort of like downtown Sioux Falls, Decatur in Atlanta and Hempden Village in Baltimore.

I spent the evening there, went to an art center and saw kids having ballet classes, ate chips for dinner, went to a record store. Going to such a neighborhoodly place isn’t good for me because it makes me want to stay and have a home.

Delmar Loop:

St. Louis City Garden:

St. Louis Old Courthouse: