happy sapphic music videos masterpost

(or: a list of music videos that arent horrifically tragic or angsty) (let me know if u have any to add that arent on here!!)

shura - whats it gonna be
child actor - against the night
see - potions
BETS - jenny 
human life - wherever we are
hayley kiyoko - girls like girls  / cliffs edge 
the happy mess - backyard girl 
beatrice eli - girls
gia - only a girl
mary lambert - she keeps me warm
garden city movement - move on 
cri - chemin
luna blake - horizon
goldroom ft. chela - fifteen 
honebone - sausage 
radical something - pure 
to kill a king - love is coal 
pillar point - dove
studio killers - jenny
mary lambert - hang out with you 
delenn jadzia - for you


Happy B5 Day everyone :)  

Babylon 5 premiered on television Jan 26 1994. I was not in the game back then, but I’ve been devoted to the show wholeheartedly for the last couple years. I haven’t had time to draw a lot of new B5 art recently, so have some of my favorite past fanarts at wallpaper size. Love you fellow Fivers!