A small seating set (loveseat, armchair and ottoman) with 2 subsets slaved to MALM bed and Satinistic sofa (which means, they will pull all recolors of those you might have). Small in size, big in versatility.

Quite cheap, relatively comfy. The ottoman cushion is mapped to a different part of the base texture so it might not pull patterns from your recolors (depending on the recolor itself).


The better question is what isn’t a Delco girl? Delco girls have it all. We’re not like the trash from Philly or the stuck up bitches from the Main Line. We are one of a kind, always have been, and always will be.

Our purpose in life is to search for the Delco guy of our dreams all suited up in his Delco tuxedo: baggy sweatpants, timbs, high school sweatshirt, and a fitted hat with a cig hanging out of his mouth. We are defined by where we live, our grade school, parish, and siblings and/or cousins who are also from Delco. Our favorite accessory is any drink from Wawa and our go-to outfit is a Phillies shirt, or whatever team’s shirt is clean. Delco girls spend their summers at the Jersey shore, when not tailgating at a Phillies game or getting shitty in Camden before whatever concerts happen to be there.

Our first glimpse of the life of a Delco girl was shown to us at St. Kevin’s Dances. Those sweaty nights in the basement cafeteria gave us all a good lesson of what is expected of a Delco girl. We have frenemies who are still salty from grade school and high school drama, that we see on a weekly basis, whether we’re at Barnabys, Maggies, or any other local bar. When we see them, we give our perfected fake smile, but inside feel satisfaction because she stole your butterfly clips in 8th grade, but you hooked up with her boyfriend sophomore year of high school. (Delco karma’s a bitch). Most girls from grade school and high school are either in beauty school or pregnant, but hey the earlier we can get started on the next generation of Delco, the better.

You can take the girl out of Delco, but you can’t take the Delco out of the girl.



People who are proud of this shit are scummy as fuck.
Romeo in action
playing with romeo

This is Romeo. I’ve picked him out of the many kittens at the pet store in Flemington Market back in 2006. 

My partner and I were just young fools in love and we were rebellious. We want our own place and own freedom so we left home got an apartment and got ourselves Romeo and Theodore (who was a bunny rabbit and he died a few months after we got him from a spider bite) to keep us company.

After Theodore died, Romeo was crying and weeping for his best friend. They were quite close as you can see the old pictures below.

 WE have tried to get another bunny (Horatio) but he also died a few weeks later from a heart failure. 

It didn’t take much toll on Romeo because by then we have moved back to live with my parents and from an indoor cat he gained his outdoor freedom.

From 2006 till 2009 he was living with us however we’ve been working in another state on and off which during that time we also got Delco (our german shepherd x tibetan mastiff) however they didn’t get along as much so we decided that Delco would have to stay with my parent’s while Romeo at my partner’s parents until we get our own place again.

So years gone by, we moved a lot around but Romeo remained loyal and happy at my in laws.  We have thought about taking him back but he was too happy there. The in laws looked after him well. He was healthy and filthy rich with all the mice he would capture around town. My in laws live around the beach so we didn’t want to take that luxury out of him. They also enjoyed his company and they loved him.

A few months ago we were told that he had cancer and it was too malignant to even have the operation. He also had some kidney problems. The vet told us that he needed to be put down when we’re ready, that he still had a few more months to go for us to make that decision because he was still fit and cheeky.

So last night (30.05.2017) my brother in law called and told us that they were on their way to the vet (my parents in law are currently away overseas) because Romeo was paralysed and it was decided that, this was it.

I think at that stage I could hear my heart shattered. It’s an immense ache to lose a pet you have known its whole life and who loved you unconditionally, loyal, friendliest and beautiful in every way. 

It wasn’t long that they rang us to say goodbye to him….

and texted his last picture  ( courtesy of my brother in law’s wife ).

There is no other words for me but I loved him, missed him and I always will.

Wine and Dine

For @hearteyedbatboy, who has a Sad.

It’s an established relationship, but only mildly implied. Also a bit short, but I hope it makes you feel better! <3

also, yes. title is blatant Hamilton lyric. it’s 3 in the morning, okay, i can’t make Titles

Since Yugi claimed the title of Duel King by his own merit, he has to attend certain events and galas as much as he enters tournaments. But since Kaiba still acknowledges Atem and only Atem as his rival, Atem is dragged along to the ones hosted by Kaiba Corp.

And here Atem thought he’d escaped upper class schmoozing forever.

But he mingles, smiles, talks. Yugi is a great help, as always. As soon as he deems it polite, Atem slips to the bar and gets himself a glass of wine that’s probably worth more than Grandpa’s entire shop. Fortunately it tastes like it’s worth it, but then again, Kaiba has good taste.

Ah, speaking of. Atem spots him just a few feet away, CEO scowl barely hidden by his own glass. He’s in a fancy blue suit, similar to the black ones he’d indignantly shoved at Atem and Yugi when they told him they were going to use hand-me-downs. Atem wishes they were more like the women’s gowns—more variant and flowing.

Kaiba glares at him. Atem takes that as permission to approach.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself,” he says.

Kaiba scoffs. “I have more important things to do than socialize with two-faced idiots.”

Atem hums, taking another sip. “At least with that look on your face, no one will come over.”

“What’s that supposed to—”

“Mr. Kaiba!”

Oh good.

A portly man with a mustache from the 70′s bustles over, hand out. “I thought I’d never get an introduction! My name is—”

“Yes, yes, you represent Delcos Games in America,” Kaiba snaps, “What do you want?”

“A-ah. Well. I was hoping to speak with you about—” the man shoots a pointed look at Atem. “—business matters. I believe we can benefit each other.”

Atem has half a mind to leave Kaiba to his misery. But the compassion Yugi instilled in him keeps him in place. Kaiba’s his friend, after all.

“Why don’t you go talk to my brother?” Kaiba asks, terribly bored. “He oversees negotiations.”

The representative starts. “Um. Forgive me, but—I was hoping to. Speak to the older Kaiba—you, I mean. It just seems that—well, that you are better suited to the job.”

Atem’s eyes widen.

Very slowly, Kaiba lowers his glass. “And what do you mean by that?”

Atem finishes his wine and eagerly takes a glass of champagne from a passing waiter.

The man balks, offended. “Mr. Kaiba, your brother is a child. You cannot expect me to—”

“I myself am barely 20 years old,” Kaiba replies, “and I don’t hear anyone calling me incompetent. Mokuba is more than capable. If you don’t like how I run things, then you can get out of my city.”

Atem sets his empty glass on the table next to them and gives his best kingly smile. “I would take his suggestion. Sir.”

The man, huffing and spluttering himself red, spins on his heel and stalks off.

Now, whenever Atem hosted foreign dignitaries at his palace, he had something of a running gag with his Guardians. As he and the rest of them had been taught three schools of language, he used one that he knew the visitor didn’t and blatantly insulted them should they displease him.

Today, he mutters a few words into the rim of his champagne. In modern vernacular, he supposes it could roughly translate as, “Fuckboy.”

Kaiba chokes on his wine and—laughs. Not one of his arrogant or malicious cackles, but a genuine laugh. It’s higher pitched and transforms his whole face into a beatific smile. Even his eyes seem a brighter blue.

Atem, more or less, falls a little more in love.

Kaiba smothers the sound, but he’s already being gawked at. By the time his hand leaves his mouth, his glare is back in place.

“Was that really necessary?” he hisses.

Atem grins and drinks his champagne.