You know what I realized? Beach City is set in Delmarva, which while not an actual state, it IS an actual area where I lived for many years. Now there are many potential “Beach City” towns along the coast but consider this: Beach City is actually Rehoboth Beach.


It’s like the actual town from what I’ve seen (less an actual city than a place where people just hang out) and most importantly, in Delmarva, it is considered the “gay beach.” Even when queer people weren’t so accepted, it was always chill if you were in Rehoboth Beach.

I rest my case.

Delmarva Fox Squirrel - Endangered - Cambridge, Maryland, US | ©Wayne Bierbaum

The Delmarva fox squirrel, Sciurus niger cinereus (Mammalia - Rodentia - Sciuridae) is a subspecies of the fox squirrel native to the eastern United States (Delaware, Maryland and Virginia).

This subspecies has an unusually full, fluffy tail and white belly. Larger than common gray squirrels, this fox squirrel subspecies measures up to 28 inches long and weighs up to three pounds.

Once found throughout the Delmarva Peninsula, the range was reduced to 10% of the original size at the time of listing and it only occurred in three counties and a small island in one other county. The Delmarva fox squirrel was listed as an endangered species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1967.

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A Guide to U.S. Route 13 - Pennsylvania through the Delmarva Peninsula

“U.S. 13, the most direct route between Philadelphia, Pa., and Norfolk, Va., traverses Delaware from end to end, passing through as industrial and suburban section of hilly and rocky country north of Wilmington, through gently rolling farmland in the middle of the State, and through the nearly flat, sandy, pine-wooded and truck-raising expanse of Lower Delaware lying in the Coastal Plain.  The Delaware section of U.S. 13 runs more than one-half the length of the so-called Delmarva Peninsula, the low-lying and water-bound region east of Chesapeake Bay that contains the State of Delaware, the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Virginia.”  – Delaware: A Guide to the First State (WPA, 1955)

Almost twenty years ago I attended university on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and lived just off of U.S. 13.  I can recall quite clearly road trips down into Virginia and up into Delaware during my time in Delmarva and thinking how much the scenery seemed stuck in time.   Turns out not much has changed since I graduated and moved west to Baltimore.  Time has continued to be unkind to the people and infrastructure along that stretch of road.  Modernization only crops up in small patches of strip malls and it seems most people are struggling to make ends meet.  The remains of a more vibrant economy still remain in the forms of crumbling 1950’s style service stations and motels along with dilapidated farmhouses; no doubt the severe contraction of America’s middle class has left an indelible mark across the expanse of land along Route 13 from Philly down to Norfolk.

The chore wheel and other neat stuff on the fridge. I dunno, I think its cute Pearl went through the trouble of crossing out everyone’s name so she could do all the chores, as if no one was going to notice.

Of course, we already know Beach City is located on the Delmarva Peninsula, but I’d like to point out that the area code on the Fish Stew Pizza card is 443, which is Maryland (including the Delmarva area)


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Half-Arabian Joe galloping


Slower Lower from THE WILD LYFE