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Reality Bites

A television producer from Empire City shows up in Beach City looking to turn Steven and the Crystal Gems into the stars of her newest reality series, The Real Moms of Delmarva. But when it turns out there simply isn’t enough conflict and drama at the temple, the crew begins to manipulate Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl to exaggerate their personalities so that they’ll all turn on each other. Only Steven can keep the Gems together and kick out the TV crew… but will they find two new reality stars in the barn outside of town?

“I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ ” Beaumont, 27, of Rehoboth Beach said by phone Friday. “I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t get it back in the ocean, it was so heavy.”

Beaumont tried to push the shark back to the water by prodding it with driftwood, but the estimated 4 ½-foot-long creature weighed too much for him to budge. Another beachgoer came up and, dragging the shark by the tail, successfully got it back in the sea, he said.

Stay Cool

A blizzard cripples the entire state of Delmarva and leaves Lapis and Peridot snowed in together at the barn. The situation begins to deteriorate after a downed tree limb cuts off the electricity and leaves them without television. Without any form of entertainment, cabin fever soon sets in with Peridot confiding to her stuffed alien toy that she thinks Lapis is going to shatter her, while Lapis tries to use her water manipulation powers to bring an army of snowmen to life. Can Greg and Steven rescue the two Gems from themselves before paranoia drives them crazy?


A Guide to U.S. Route 13 - Pennsylvania through the Delmarva Peninsula

“U.S. 13, the most direct route between Philadelphia, Pa., and Norfolk, Va., traverses Delaware from end to end, passing through as industrial and suburban section of hilly and rocky country north of Wilmington, through gently rolling farmland in the middle of the State, and through the nearly flat, sandy, pine-wooded and truck-raising expanse of Lower Delaware lying in the Coastal Plain.  The Delaware section of U.S. 13 runs more than one-half the length of the so-called Delmarva Peninsula, the low-lying and water-bound region east of Chesapeake Bay that contains the State of Delaware, the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Virginia.”  – Delaware: A Guide to the First State (WPA, 1955)

Almost twenty years ago I attended university on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and lived just off of U.S. 13.  I can recall quite clearly road trips down into Virginia and up into Delaware during my time in Delmarva and thinking how much the scenery seemed stuck in time.   Turns out not much has changed since I graduated and moved west to Baltimore.  Time has continued to be unkind to the people and infrastructure along that stretch of road.  Modernization only crops up in small patches of strip malls and it seems most people are struggling to make ends meet.  The remains of a more vibrant economy still remain in the forms of crumbling 1950’s style service stations and motels along with dilapidated farmhouses; no doubt the severe contraction of America’s middle class has left an indelible mark across the expanse of land along Route 13 from Philly down to Norfolk.


…is the birthplace of the nation’s broiler industry and is the most concentrated broiler producing area in the world. Over 260 million chickens are raised and processed here annually. The National Chicken Cooking Contest and Delmarva Chicken Festival are held here in June of each year.”

How many of you knew this?

Doctor Pearl

Pearl is awarded with an honorary doctorate from Delmarva State University (go Seagulls!) for helping the history department with firsthand knowledge of the region through the years. But when Pearl takes the distinction too far and starts insisting on being referred to as “Doctor” and acts superior to everyone, the other Gems decide to fight back by acting like unruly college students.

No Sell

After a long, unsuccessful search for Jasper when her gem mysteriously goes missing, the Gems take a break and accompany Amethyst and Steven to show support for Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire’s return to the wrestling ring. Much to their surprise, they find the new reigning champion is none other than Jasper, dominating the ring as the “Ultimate Rock Runner Warrior,” using brutal moves from “worlds unknown.” Can Puma and Millionaire defeat the Warrior and take back the championship belt? Can Pearl and Garnet get into kayfabe and entertain the audience as “The Delmarva Blueblood” and “The Most Electrifying Gem in Entertainment?” Or will the sudden appearance of “That Little Pie” and “Lustrous Lapis Lazuli” throw everyone for a loop?

storysongandstars  asked:

Actually, in Steven Universe some places have different names than they do in real life. In the show Mexico is actually called Aqua-Mexico, and one of the posts from Ronaldo's blog that you were linked to mentions that Beach City is located in a state called Delmarva, which is not a state that exists in real life. I think it's supposed to be a combination of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia but I don't know enough about Geography to be sure.

I see, that’s very clever.

Billion Dollar Lappy

Lapis finds a sunken galleon off the coast of Delmarva and raises it back to the surface. The ship’s lost treasure instantly makes Lapis incredibly wealthy — unfortunately, her understanding of the human concept of money has been shaped entirely by the TV shows she’s watched with Peridot. Lapis becomes a reclusive billionaire, relocating the barn to the top of a Jersey casino hotel she had bought and buying a local television station just to make it air her favorite Camp Pining Hearts episode 24 hours a day. When Steven and Peridot learn of their friend’s increasingly eccentric behavior, they mount a mission to Jersey to bring Lapis back home to reality.

Road Rash

Steven tags along with Pearl for a trip to the Delmarva Department of Motor Vehicles office where she will take a driving test and finally get her license. However, Pearl soon finds out that the driving instructor doesn’t appreciate her knowing more about the rules of the road constantly correcting his errors. Pearl’s test ends up taking several hours as she takes on the instructor in a battle of wills, but she eventually prevails with a perfect grade. As they leave the office, Steven congratulates Pearl, only for her to discover she hates the awkward photo on her license. Pearl and Steven learn a valuable lesson: no one can truly defeat the DMV.