Deku Tree

Almost 20 years ago, my father and a very young version me *marveled* at the sheer scale of adventure that Ocarina of Time had managed to pack into a single “tiny cartridge”. It remains as one of the most important bonding moments we’ve ever shared.

Today, I could not be happier to officially announce my contribution towards continuing that legacy for a brand new generation, as the voices of REVALI, TEBA, and DEKU TREE in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” for Nintendo Switch/WiiU.

(Happy birthday, Dad! Here’s my present!)

Drew this today 👋🏻🙇🏻📒🖍 pencil, paper and painted on pc. Man, Deku Tree 🌳🗿in BOTW? That’d be so coool!!! / Dibujé ésto hoy, papel, lápiz y pintado en pc. Deku Tree en BOTW?, sería increíble!! 🕸🕷🌳🗿🔺🔺🔺

My grandma headcanon’s- Botw
She plays the ocarina and she was so curious about the game, after seen all the cutscenes(including the memories) she want me to share some things she said.

- Urbosa loves Zelda, thats why she is supportive and care about her and she is not afraid to tell the world that shit.

-if Mipha end her phrase, she probably says : “I think in a person who i love so much” an instintively she stared and Link and her power magically appears and nobody has to die… But that shit means confirm zelink (a little) so… Thats why we have what we have

- All the reincarnations are independent, i mean, Link can love a different persons (Like , Grahim, Dark , etc)

- The fish husbando at first, blind by his excitement, just admire Link, but with the time, he fall sooooo deeep in love :)

-She ships Yunobo and Riju… Idkw but since she said it, i kinda do it too

-Ganondorf (at leats for her) have intelligence, the calamity is just a wild and brute buch of saliva and thats why he didnt have a “human” body.

- The Deku tree remember all the Zeldas since he exists, and he feel like a father love for her every encarnation.

- If the king was alive, he probably tell to Zelda :“you have to get married with a prince”… Thats sounds like a fanfic idea *wink wink*

-Teba probably lost some persons important in his life and he turns cold for that

- Revali is Falco ’s cousin or uncle.

-Zelda envide every aspect of Link, even the beauty, she thinks he have an “enchanting look” and is more atractive than her,

-Link and Zelda are probably siblings

-she imagine a cool story: Link and Sidon are in a relationship, but for an accident, he lost his memory again, and Sidon have to make him remember they compromise again because the last memory he have is when he defeat the calamity, and Zelda is the first person he saw. (Omg!!!)

- the yiga clan doesnt know another fruit than the bananas.

- Sidon cries a lot when no one else is watching, hes like an inocent piece of bread that thinks he cant with being a prince.

SidLink playlist( yes, she made her own playlist):
-Bombshell blonde- owl city
- Faith- george michael
- Et- Katy perry
-flesh- simon curtis
- Im in love with a monster- fifth harmony
-in the name of love- Martin garrix & bebe rexha
- quiero que me quieras- jesse & joy
- se puede amar- Pablo alboran

And thats all, my grandma just wanna know your opinion and ideas ;)

Regarding Breath of the Wild Voice Requests

Hey dudes, I’ve finally received an update regarding voice requests as Revali, Teba, and Deku Tree - or in fact any character from Breath of the Wild - and unfortunately it’s not likely to be something you want to read.

As I figured would be the case, Nintendo has made it very clear that they retain the full rights to the characters, and specifically that any mimicry or vocal reproduction of that character without their prior written consent is strictly 

This is also in tandem with the restrictions regarding interviews surrounding the game, as many elements of the development process are fairly confidential and revealing too much could take it out of the hands of the parent company (which, while not strictly illegal, is a one-way ticket to never working with them again).

So, as of this post, please understand that for the sake of my career and my legal standing, I cannot/will not accommodate any requests for voice clips using Breath of the Wild characters. To do so would be a blatant disregard of the company’s wishes after they’ve been clearly laid out for me, and as much as I love finding new ways to engage with you all, I also like affording my rent. Nintendo’s branding is very important to them (I’m sure it’s pretty darn obvious why), and I need to respect that both as a fan and as a professional hoping to do more work with them in the future.

I’m sorry to have to make it official, but I hope everyone will understand. :(