The Autumn’s Journey Art Booklet is out!

Come and grab it here:

It’s 110 pages of PDF goodness with all the game art, extra sketches, creators commentary, two little side stories and the players fan art gallery~

Thanks a lot again to the lovelies that drew fan art of Autumn’s Journey, we’re really happy!

So we hope you enjoy this art book, it has a lot of love put into it <3

PS: You can get it for free just with your e-mail and $0 as the price ;) If you can’t or don’t want to spend money on it, we want you to enjoy it anyway ^__^


More idol sketches done!
Idol Valerie, from Magical Warrior Diamond Heart ( magicalwarriordiamondheart ) for Pyonkotchi, that last of her group! :3
And then a couple from my Patreon: Idol Victoria (original) for tlovetech and Idol Misaki Suzuhara from Angelic Layer for Stuart ^^

I plan to catch up with the remaining ones in the next couple of weeks. I apologise for being so late, life got in the way during February and March >:


Commissions closed, thank you! :DDDDD


So everybody’s playing Pokemon but me because I don’t have a 3DS :’D Everybody I know is buying 3DS and pokemon to play! (my boyfriend is playing right now, I can hear the music from Luminous City (sp?) behhind me… )
SO I decided I’d enslave myself during the weekend and raise money to buy a 3DS :’)

I’m offering two especial occasion commissions this time!

  • Regular trainer sketchy portrait: $20 

+ simple pokemon: +$5 

+ not so simple pokemon: +$10

  • Chibi Trainer + simple pokemon: $10

Payment via Paypal! Email me at deji(a) with some pictures of your trainer (full body and close ups of the head, shirt and shoes, if possible!), and the name of the pokemon you want in the picture ^^
Up to 3 pokemon per trainer :)
Payment upfront once I accept your order! i’ll wait till you’ve paid me to proceed ^^

Regular small commissions are also open, just mail me with what you would like me to draw for a quota :)

I think I’m allowed to post this one now? :P

Blue Rose, by White Cate games IS OUT!

I did the character coloring for both sprites and CGs and it was an awesome experience! I improved a lot just by working on it ^___^

I did this promo piece all by myself and had lots of fun working on it too! <3
I… need to finish some chibis of the characters I was working on earlier this year as a gift to the author and I never finish them >>;;