Stefan Sagmeister
Self-Confidence Produces Fine Results
7,400 bananas and glue

Sagmeister used green bananas to write the title into the piece, and yellow ripe bananas as the background. The strange thing about this installation is that it changed over time. As the bananas continued to ripen, the motto disappeared and the background became brownish-yellow. The whole display gradually decayed over the 24 days of the exhibition.


this will be vanessa beecroft’s first new york performance in almost 10 years with her long time gallerist Jeffrey Deitch. during this weeks armory marathon of events and exhibits, i’m looking forward to this performance of a williamsburg (for a moment) success story. by kl

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Stefan Sagmeister ha lanciato un messaggio: “Self-confidence Produces Fine Results”. Un messaggio composto da banane verdi all'interno di un muro di banane gialle.

Fa parte di un'istallazione che si chiama “Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far exhibition” alla Deitch Gallery. Con il passare del tempo il messaggio si autodistruggerà… naturalmente!