Dehydrated water

Morning Habits Worth Starting (Especially for College)
  1. Give yourself enough time to get ready before you have to leave in the morning. For me this means setting my alarm about an hour before the time that I have to get my foot out the door. Eat a proper breakfast, do a little stretching, figure out your plan for the day. Having a slower paced morning is a lot more relaxing, and you can get your day started correctly.
  2. Drink water first thing. I used to be a pretty heavy coffee drinker in the mornings in high school, but I realized that I could get away with a lot less caffeine if I started my morning off with a nice glass of cold water. You’re probably dehydrated after sleeping and water helps wake you up. 
  3. Make your bed. Making your bed is a visual reminder that sleeping time is over and that it’s time to get up! If I have a messy bed, I want to climb in and snuggle back into my blankets. This is especially true in the winters when it’s cold and dark. The movement also helps you wake up, which brings me to my next point:
  4. Move! Your! Body! You don’t necessarily have to run through an entire yoga routine or go for a run (but hey, props to you if you do), but getting some movement in your mornings will help you wake up. I like to stretch a little bit, warm up my joints, maybe loosen up my limbs. It helps to get your blood flowing. 
  5. Open your curtains. In the winter it might be kind of dark and depressing where you live, so this isn’t always something recommended. I like to open my curtains when it’s sunny out so I can get some natural light, which helps your circadian rhythm so you wake up better - and fall asleep at night better. 
  6. Do something productive before your class begins. If your first class is super early, this might not apply. But I find it tremendously helpful to get something done, whether it be a flash card set, a work out, or a load of laundry, before my first class. It’ll get you into a productive mood for the rest of the day, and even if you aren’t productive for whatever reason, you can go to sleep knowing that at least you got something done that day!

some tips to help you cope

  • drink water
    crying gets you dehydrated so keep drinking water
  • do breathing exercises
    it will help you calm down
  • take naps/sleep
    emotions are exhausting, it’s okay to sleep a little to recover
  • run cold water over your wrists
    this is especially good if you’re trying not to cry, it will calm you down 
  • eat
    don’t eat big meals if you’re not up for it but please eat small amounts 
  • get comfort food
    don’t feel guilty about it
  • take a bath/shower
    it’ll help you feel refreshed 
  • cry
    it’s the best way to relieve some stress so it’s okay to cry as much as possible
  • talk
    to mutuals, family members, friends, you need their support and it’s okay to ask for it
  • be easy on yourself
    it’s normal you don’t feel up to certain tasks or activities, don’t punish yourself and just accept that 

Stay safe everyone ❤︎

…AAAND artist of the year goes to mark minhyung absolutely fully capable lee of neo culture technology for participating in 4 comebacks, aka 4 mini albums worth of self written raps, 1 rap survival program (while promoting in 2 different units simultaneously), 2 sm station songs, all while being a 17/18 year old high school student

If you’re not a morning person, you know the struggle. It’s not just about waking up, it’s about actually getting yourself to do stuff in the morning. While I usually recommend you adapt to your body’s own schedule, as you’ll work much better, school, work or other activities may not allow you to do so. Therefore, here’s a guide on how to get shit done in the morning.

The night before

  • Prepare whatever study materials you’re going to use that day. Open your notes and make sure you know where you should start (i personally lay a pen on the exact paragraph).
  • Put a bottle of water and some tea (with caffeine) or coffee on your desk so that you don’t have to go get it next morning. 
  • If you’re usually cold in the mornings, get yourself a blanket. I promise you mine has made me more productive than all the coffee I’ve ever had.
  • Write a to-do list for next day. Then distribute those tasks in a schedule (you can either use a printable or just scribble it on some piece of paper). Take into account you’ll need time for breakfast and personal hygiene. 
  • Other than that, don’t leave anything else on your desk, as it may be distracting.
  • Make an effort to go to bed at least an hour earlier. It makes a huge difference when you wake up 

Actually waking up

if you struggle to wake up, try the following:

  • Ask someone to wake you up (a parent, a roommate).
  • Put your phone accross the room and inside a glass to amplify the sound.
  • If your phone has an option for voice alarm, use it. Make it something really motivating or, even better, really annoying.
  • Combine all of the above for foolproof results.

Tips to get stuff done

  1. Chug your liquids! - The very first thing you should do after your feet touch the floor is drink some water and drink something caffeinated (yes, in that order) (caffeine because it will kick in by the time you’re done with breakfast and water because caffeine can be dehydrating + water will also jumpstart your body).
  2. Put on some fluffy socks - okay maybe this is just a personal thing but I’m personally much less likely to go back to bed once i have some socks on.
  3. Smol workout - do something that will send blood to your brain. It can literally be ten jumping jacks.
  4. Breakfast? Not yet - you’ve gotten up, you want food, understandable. BUT remember that book/notebook you put on your table last night? Well, get to work on it for 15-30 minutes. You may be sleepy and not able to comprehend much of what you’re doing, but the important thing is that once you come back from having breakfast, you will already have started, which is the most difficult part.
  5. Avoid anything with a shit-ton of sugar - it will give you a sugar crash in about an hour and all you’ll want to do is go back to bed. (Personal rec is overnight oats with some fruit on top - delicious, fast af and super filling and energizing).
  6. A big breakfast can make you sleepy. Instead, make it a little bit smaller and have some healthy snacks (like hummus) throughout the morning. Look at them as your reward for studying.
  7. Stay off the internet. During breakfast, I find that social media (especially youtube) tend to put me off working afterwards, as they give me something more insteresting to do. Therefore I reccommend you either find something else to do (write your to do list, read a book) or limit your Internet time to 5-10 minutes.
  8. Remember that you control your mindset. If after doing all of this you still don’t feel like studying, it’s perfectly okay to stare at your desk for five minutes and have an argument with yourself about how much you do want to study. Seems stupid but trust me, it works most of the time.

Other masterposts

Divination Tips for Beginners

Divination can be hard and draining, it takes up a lot of energy. For those who are still new to it, it can really drain you and result in headaches and frustrations. Here are some tips to help all you beginners out with divination and how draining it can be.

  • Drink plenty of water, being dehydrated is not fun and especially not when you are using so much energy
  • Take a shower or bath before any divination work to help cleanse yourself 
  • Meditate before big divination work to help center and ground yourself
  • Crystals good for divination and psychic work: nuummite, amethyst, amazonite, fluorite, and aqua aura quartz
  • Clear Quartz is a good energy booster and can help you feel less drained after divination
  • Drink some black tea to help ground yourself and give yourself extra energy for divination work
  • If you are starting to feel tired during divination, that is okay, take a break or take a nap. Forcing yourself to keep going will only exhaust you further and make everything more difficult. You deserve breaks
  • It is okay to use notes during divination, don’t worry what others say. Its not ‘unprofessional’, even veterans in divination use notes. Keep a notebook with you full of different meanings of cards or stones or runes, take notes as you go, write down your thoughts and keep it near you every time you practice.
  • Yellow is the color of divination, keep yellow things around you to help. Yellow blanket(s), yellow pillows, yellow candles, yellow pieces of paper; anything you can find. Purple is also another color good to help with psychic abilities and awareness
  • Herbs good for divination and psychic work: cinnamon, lemon, cherry, lettuce, grapes, orange (orange peel), mint, pumpkin, celery, lemon balm, catnip, thyme, rose, seaweed, star anise, mullein, mugwort and rosemary can all help you. Bake with them, eat them, use them in teas or keep them near you in a sachet or jar
  • Stretch and take little walks. Sitting for a long time can be killer and make you sore. Stretch your legs and take little five or ten minute walks during long readings and psychic work. Muscle and joint stiffness is never fun
  • Rather than trying to tackle large readings every day, do small ones. Like a few questions to your pendulum, pull a single card, draw a crystal from a bag, etc. Small daily practices can help you in the long run without exhausting you. 
  • Open a window and let some fresh air in while you work, it will do wonders, especially since air is the element associated with divination work.
  • Keep a small bowl or cup of salt near you, it will absorb the negative energy about you especially if you are feeling frustrated
  • Moon water is great for divination: drink it, make tea with it, spray the room with it, anoint yourself with it, keep it near you, etc
  • Cleanse your space before divination work, again it will keep negativity away from you 
  • Cleanse and charge your divination tools regularly, it really helps in the long run. Put them in the moonlight at night (especially during full moons), keep salt near them, smoke cleanse them if you can, burn white candles, use crystals/gems, etc
  • Its okay if you get confused and don’t know how to interpret something. Take notes on it and with time it may become more clear to you. Don’t force yourself to try to understand
  • Mistakes happen, you won’t always be 100% right on things. No one is, divination is not a certain thing. Things change all the time, its okay. Don’t let it get you down.
  • If you are tired, sick, stressed, or anything else and don’t feel like doing divination work that is fine. Its okay, you don’t have to do it all the time. Especially not if you are feeling unwell and tired. Rest and take care of yourself, you can continue practice another time
  • If you use tools in your work like mirrors, tea cups/mugs, cards, crystals, etc try to bond with them. Creating a bond with your tools can improve your divination quite a bit
  • You don’t have to practice on other people, you can do it for yourself and your own questions. Its an old wive’s tale that you can’t use tarot or divination on yourself, you definitely can
  • Try to get a good nights sleep before and after divination
  • Once you finish, treat yourself. Get something to eat, watch a movie or show you like, curl up with a book, snuggle into a blanket, play with your pets, take a nap; do whatever makes you happy. You did a good job and deserve some time to rest and recharge afterwards
‘Glow Up’ Tips

It’s kind of long, but here is a list of tips/ideas I feel are most important to improve yourself/glo up this summer (or anytime for that matter). -Nat

  • Take up a new hobby/skill (such as)
    • Learn how to play an instrument
    • Learn a new language
    • Learn how to manage stress
    • Take a course (online or elsewhere) in something you’re interested in
  • Build better habits (like)
    • Skincare routine/Taking care of your skin in general
    • Self-care routine (Not necessarily face mask and bath bombs, it could be anything from clipping your fingernails to setting aside time to read or do yoga etc)
    • Working out/Exercising every day
  • Break bad habits (like)
    • Going to bed really late
    • Eating lots of ‘junk’ food/drinking sugary drinks
    • Cut down screen time
  • Read!
    • Self-help*, fiction, non-fiction, how-to books
      • *Sarah Knight’s The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**k, Get Your Sh*t Together, and You Do You are at the top of my list along with You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero
  • Get a new look
    • Clean out your wardrobe and add new pieces
    • Get a haircut/look for new ways to style your hair
    • If you’re into makeup play around with different looks
    • Get a piercing or tattoo if it’s something you’ve been meaning to do
  • Hydrate!
    • Because we all knew it was coming. Summer can get extremely hot so fight off dehydration by keeping water at hand
  • Get a job/fix up your resume/start saving money
    • Easier said than done, I know, but @yournewapartment has tons of tips on job searching and all that other fun adult stuff (it’s my absolute favourite blog. I’m always learning new tips and tricks to win at life from it)
  • Get organised
    • Organise your spaces/belongings (bags, bedroom, apartment/house, storage, etc)
    • Invest in a planner/bullet journal/notebook to keep track of events and to-do’s (your phone works too but personally I prefer a physical copy)
  • Focus on your mental health
    • Work on ending toxic relationships (romantic, platonic, or familial)
      • Or work on not being the toxic part of a relationship
    • If you need professional/medical help to manage your mental health take the steps to do so
    • Let your main focus be on you and doing what’s best for you, not what negatives people have to say about you
    • Have some zero days where you don’t do anything besides focus on you/do the things you want to do
  • Get to know yourself/Do a self-assessment
    • Think about who you are and who you want to be
    • Think about your immediate goals and goals for the future
    • To both of those things ask yourself how are you going to achieve them/set SMART goals
    • Identify your likes and dislikes
    • Fight negative thoughts/learn to accept your flaws (it’s hard and you may fall back into that pattern of thinking every once in a while, but as long as you keep fighting you’ll start to see progress)
  • Make memories/Go on adventures
    • With your family, friends, by yourself etc
    • Often times we can get so caught up in our hustle that we forget to relax and have fun- therefore set aside time to do something relaxing/fun every week or two such as going to the mall, out to eat, or curling up at home with a good book/movie.

Was it hard to concentrate during that long meeting? Or, does the crossword seem a little tougher? You could be mildly dehydrated.

A growing body of evidence finds that being just a little dehydrated is tied to a range of subtle effects — from mood changes to muddled thinking.

“We find that when people are mildly dehydrated they really don’t do as well on tasks that require complex processing or on tasks that require a lot of their attention,” says Mindy Millard-Stafford, director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at Georgia Institute of Technology. She published an analysis of the evidence this month, based on 33 studies.

Off Your Mental Game? You Could Be Mildly Dehydrated

Photo: RunPhoto/Getty Images

I want Leigh Bardugo to write a third Six of Crows book. It would be one page, and all it would say is, “Kaz decided to take a nap”.

That’s it. That’s the book.

  • Sun, texting Mun in Paris: I'm a little thirsty.
  • Mun: *breaks 15 laws, buys 2 plane tickets, catapults over 50 buildings, fights 300 men, takes down an entire government* Hello there Ms. Bak love of my life I came to give you this glass of water dehydration is a dangerous thing. :) <3
Snake Sauna: How to Solve Stuck Shed

Stuck shed can be a concern for any new ball python keeper. For those encountering stuck shed for the first time, it is common to hear others suggest soaking your ball python in warm water. When we take a look at ball python behavior, Ball pythons would not naturally sit in bodies of water, but instead find a burrow in the ground which maintains humidity. Furthermore, being placed in a body of water can be very stressful to the animal. Instead, it is better to make a Snake Sauna which raises the humidity level to remove stuck without placing your snake in a scary situation.

Aside from natural behavior, it should not be necessary to soak your ball python. Ball pythons require a constant humidity of at least 55%, using a digital hygrometer to measure. If the humidity is any lower it could risk dehydration of the snake. Dehydration, soaking in a water bowl, and stuck shed are signs of incorrect husbandry and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Home storage bin with locking lid, preferably without ventilation holes
Coco husk chips (or your favorite water holding substrate)
Water proof, digital thermometer
Warm water (90-95 degrees)
Large towel

Grab your home storage tub and make sure it’s clean. A tub without holes is preferable because it will be better to keep the humidity in. Ball pythons do not have a quick respiratory rate and locking lid bins are not air tight, so a suffocating snake will not be a concern.

Fill the bottom of the tub with 1-2 inches of coconut chip. The coco chip should be slightly moist before starting.

Next, grab some hot water. The water should be 90-95 degrees, be sure to measure it with your thermometer so it doesn’t get too hot! 

Fill the coco husk approximately halfway with water and place the lid on the tub immediately.

Go get the snake, place it in the tub, and replace the lid. 

Then throw a towel over the top. The towel will help to make the snake feel secure and hidden.

Leave the snake alone, in the box for 15-20 minutes. As the snake moves through the coco chips, aided by the humidity, it should rub off most, if not all, of the stuck shed.

After the time has passed, remove the towel. You can see how the warm water raised the humidity and fogged up the tub. That’s good news, it means your sauna is working!

Next you can check on the snake.

 Most of the stuck shed should be rubbed off, however if there are still some stuck pieces you may want to add a little more hot water and try again for another 10 minutes.

Did you ever wonder why we’re not supposed to drink sea water? A kidney can’t make urine from a concentration of salts of more than 2%. Seawater is made of 3% salt, so if we drink it, the kidneys have to use existing water from our body to dilute and absorb the extra salt, which in turn makes us even thirstier. This keeps happening until we die of dehydration.

How to Take Care of a Sick Little


🤕Have your little relaxed and not focused on anything, like homework

🤕If they hit their head and show any signs of a concussion, don’t let them sleep and take them to a doctor ASAP

🤕Have them take pain killers

🤕Make sure it’s not from dehydration or hunger

🤕Laying in a cool, dark room with a damp towel on their head can help

🤕If they’re nauseous, don’t force feed them.

🤕If the headache is caused by dehydration, have then sip water and Gatorade slowly. If the headache is caused by hunger, have them eat slowly so their tummy won’t hurt.

Respiratory Illnesses

💊Make sure they can breathe properly at all times

💊Monitor symptoms daily, so if you go to the doctor, it’ll help with treatment and diagnosis

💊If they use an inhaler, have them take it more than normal (if needed)

💊Use Vick’s Vapor Rub and drink SleepyTime Sinus Relief tea

💊 Go to your doctor or the hospital if you can’t breathe, or if you have a fever accompanied with trouble breathing, excessive coughing, etc.

💊Sitting up helps with coughing fits

💊 Warm drinks help with a sore chest

💊Keep in mind that coughing from sinus drainage is a thing common with colds, so it may very well go away on its own.


😷Be aware of the symptoms common with the most popular strain, because different strains cause different symptoms.

😷This is obvious, but get your flu shot.

😷Wash your hands during the flu season…and every season, really

😷STAY HOME if you’re diagnosed with it

😷Keep yourself hydrated and well-fed if you can eat

😷Follow your doctor’s instructions

😷Follow the tips for headaches (above)

😷If you vomit often, sit up while you sleep!!

😷DayQuil and NyQuil are saviors


🤧Buy lollipop cold drops! Much better than icky cherry regular drops.

🤧Again, NyQuil and DayQuil are your saviors

🤧Drinking warm liquids help soothe a sore throat too

🤧Rest as much as you can!

🤧Monitor your cold to make sure it doesn’t turn into anything serious, like bronchitis or mono

🤧Nasal sprays and Nettipots are great for stuffy noses!


🤒Monitor your temperature regularly, and if it won’t lower go to your doctor

🤒Monitor symptoms that go along with your fever

🤒 Keep a cool towel on your forehead (cute Disney ones are also available at the store!)

🤒 Wear a lightweight outfit but keep blankets near you to deal with temperature changes

🤒Take ibuprofen or Tylenol to lower your fever (if you’re under 18 DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN)

🤒99-101° F is considered low grade, 102°F and higher is considered high grade. If you have a high grade fever that increases or doesn’t go away for 3 days, get medical help

🤒Keep hydrated!!

Things Caregivers need to know:

🦄If the above illnesses are more common for your little to have. For example, my daddy knows I have asthma and is aware I get sick easily and more often than most people.

🦄In littlespace, your little may not know how to communicate they don’t feel well. For this reason, be alert if they seem to be fussy more, not eating, drinking, or going to the bathroom normally, etc.

🦄Encourage your little to take their medicines and go to the doctor if it’s needed. This is important to their health!

🦄Be ready for more tantrums, cuddles, and whining

🦄Be lienient with rules and punishments since we’re sick, please.

🦄Make your little nap if they’re at all sleepy, since sick littles need more sleep

🦄Encourage them to rest and not play

🦄Clean sheets and replace toothbrushes after they’re healthy again to ensure no one else re catches it

🦄When in doubt, cuddle!!!

We’re not doctors by any means, but we hope this can help :)

-Pumpkin and Blueberry 🧡💙

So, um,

I found this baby opossum on the road and I couldn’t find it’s mother, and it was cold and dying and I didn’t want to leave it, so I carried it home. I really need some help and if they’re any possum experts please let me know! My area doesn’t really have an opossum rescue center and I can’t do anything until morning.

TSK: July 5 Medical Mystery

Patient: I got a headache and dizziness at 2 o’clock this morning, but I feel fine now.

Cranquis: Yesterday was the Fourth of July, and it was hot and sunny all afternoon. Plus you’ve got a mild sunburn happening on your neck and ears. So I’m guessing that you spent a long time outdoors and that you consumed more alcohol than water, right?

Patient: Well kinda. We were at the beach for 8 hours that day, but I didn’t drink any alcohol.

Cranquis: Ok, that–

Patient: Or water. Or anything.


25+ Self-care ideas

1. Take a moment to breath. Don’t do anything but lie in bed and look up at the ceiling.

2. Or if the act of not doing anything stresses you out, then clean. Tidy up the room for 10-15 minutes.

3. If you’re feeling lazy, grab your favorite book and browse through your favorite scenes.

4. But if you’re feeling extra lazy, take a 30-60 minute nap. Reset yourself, but be careful because it might mess up your sleep schedule.

5. If you’re feeling dehydrated, chug some water. Even if it’s not a lot, it’ll really help.

6. Add some lemon/ lime if you don’t like plain water. There’s also flavored or sparkling water if you’re into that jazz.

7. Treat yourself to some warm coffee/tea late at night. If it’s a hot summer day, afternoon ice coffee is the best.  

8. Make some hot chocolate on a winter’s night and snuggle under a pile of blankets.

9. Change into your favorite pyjamas/comfy clothes. If you’re going out, wear your best outfit and doll up.

10. If you love makeup, play around with it. Find your favorite go-to makeup look. Or if you need a laugh, put on some bright red lipstick and blue eyeshadow.

11. If it’s warm out, sit outside and read. Or play a card game with a friend. Or run your fingers through the grass. Anything that makes you feel happy.

12. If you have to go out when it’s cold, pack on the layers and go for it. Once you’re done, reward yourself with a warm drink (coffee,tea,hot chocolate etc.) and watch tv or netflix.

13. Be creative. Write, draw, dance, sing, act, read. Anything.    

14. Need some inspiration? Cats. Cars. Monsters. Marshmallows. Cats in cars with marshmallow monsters. Go nuts.

15. Try something new. Never wrote in the perspective of a child? Go for it. Never have drawn flowers before? Give it a try. Haven’t sang for a long time? Do it again.

16. Stretch your legs and your arms. If you’re’re up for it, go for a walk. Or run. Pretend a bear is chasing you and run for life. You’ll get such a euphoric rush I swear.

17. Take a shower. Crank up the hot water, or cold if that’s your cup of tea. Reflect on things. Or take a relaxing bath instead

18. Pet a puppy or kitty. If you don’t own one, go to a shelter and just pet them. Or you can even volunteer at some shelters to play with them.

19. Watch your smaller pets run around. Whether it’s mice, rats, gerbils, rabbits, ferrets or hamsters, they’ll sure be entertaining to watch if you’re feeling bad.

20. Browse on social media. Peek at instagram/ twitter and see what your friends are up to.

21. Talk on the phone with a old friend. Or your best friend. Maybe even your crush if you’re brave enough.

22. Cook yourself a fancy dinner. Or bake yourself some cookies or cupcakes. If you’re feeling lazy or don’t like to bake, make a mug cake.

23. Talk with family whether you live with them or not. Text your grandmother/ grandfather. Or your cousins.

24. Bullet journal. Create a new spread and write these ideas down for later. Or start one if you haven’t yet.

25. Kiss your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ lover. Tell them how much you love them