Lie to Me || Adam & Tori

School passed slowly, for once. Usually, he could pass the time pretty quick, but it wasn’t happening this day. He found himself unable to concentrate on anything, despite his need to distract his mind. There was no way he could just drop his thoughts. He was worried that rumors would already have reached Tori before he could tell her. That wouldn’t be an ideal situation for him. He’d rather at least get through a date. Though, he knew that if he was ditched, Eli would at least have dinner with him.

It took a lot of convincing for him to let Drew take his car on a Friday night. Adam could drive, but because of certain regulations in Canada, he was unable to get a license. Having the body of one gender and identifying as the other was like living in some hell hole. Recently, laws have been passed to keep transgenders from even bording planes. Canada wasn’t the best place to be who you want. Before you could even get on testosterone, you’d need to go through months of therapy, then be approved by the therapist for it.

Even after going on it, he’d have to get the neccesary surgeries as well. It was a lose-lose situation. Luckily, his brother understood and was pretty cool about it. So, he’d take his car and things would be fine. Well, besides the fact that he had nothing to wear, honestly. He’d have to do some diggering, and maybe borrow something from his brother.

He spent longer trying to find something decent to wear than to actually get ready. He still had the slacks from the prom the year before, but not the shirt for obvious reasons. He had a hard time finding nice shoes, but he was lucky to still have a pair. His name was called from the other room, and he sighed, stepping off into his brother’s room. There were several choices, but he knew they’d be big on him. That wasn’t a risk he was taking.

Instead, he took one of his brother’s white dress shirts. As long as he tucked it in good, there wouldn’t be much of a problem. He needed to make sure his binder was extra tight, hoping he could make it through a decent date. After he realized he was screwed on a suit jacket, he decided to borrow his brother’s and just not wear it. He’d carry it along for appearances.

Once he made sure he had everything, he was out the door. What his mother didn’t know didn’t kill her, right? She’d probably murder both of her children if she realized Adam was actually driving. It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t get a license. He checked the time at least five times before he arrived at Tori’s place. He was early, but it wasn’t like she’d take forever to get dressed, right?

Nervously, he got out and started up to the door. He knocked lightly, grabbing the knob to jiggle it. He didn’t realize it’d be unlocked and he stumbled in, glancing behind. He pondered about shutting the door and going back out, but there was no fun in that. Though he might get beaten for it, he always imagined scaring some girl half to death. This was his chance, right? His urges were too strong as he shut the door quietly and wandered through the house, listening for sound. Moving down a hall, he heard something coming from one of the doors.

She said her parents were gone, so he was safe, right? He was about to bang on the door, but stopped himself. He really didn’t want a curling iron thrown at his face, or something. Finally, he knocked loudly on the door. “You’re taking way too long, if you ask me. The place will be closed by the time you’re done, so let’s go.” He didn’t consider that she’d probably slap him for technically breaking into her home.

Trainwreck I Kc/Bianca

Any observer could see how much like a roller coaster the relationship Bianca and Kc had really was. Some might say that it just meant each time they got over the bumps in the road they would come back stronger and ready to take on the other challenges in life. Others would say it was a recipe for disaster and their train was meant to fly off the tracks. Unfortunately for the teens, it seemed as though the second prediction was correct at the moment.

The two didn’t know it, but the night was soon to spiral out of control. As soon as Kc got home from his visit with Sadie at the hospital, Kc checked on Jenna before going to find Bianca. It was shower time and he was rather stoked. It was safe to say that it was all they planned and more, bringing their good night to a climax in more ways than one. It wasn’t until after they left the bathroom, wrapped in their towels and lounging on Kc’s bed, that the real trouble began. Kc’s lips were on Bianca’s in a matter of minutes, only for the contact to be broken seconds later by the ringing of his phone, indicating a text message. “Sorry, let me just…” he took his phone off of the bedside dresser and went to check the message when he saw who it was from. The name Jessica flashed across his screen, making Kc’s heart stop and dread fill him. He hoped Bianca didn’t see, and set his phone down again. “Just Connor asking me some nerdy question. Now where were we…” he trailed off, leaning back into her to kiss her when the sound of his phone ringing broke them apart for a second time. It was Jessica again, texting him and asking him to come over. “I miss you, Kc. I know you miss me too, big boy,” it read, causing Kc to scowl and toss his phone across the room. “Connor can just be so annoying some times,” he said quietly.

It's No Good || Adam & Eli

There was no doubt in his mind that he needed to go see his friend. Something that was meant for the week was easily rescheduled. Things were pretty chaotic recently. Home, school, homework, schoolwork. Not that he cared for it, but he still did it. Sometimes, he just wanted to sit at home, play video games, eat, and sleep. Still, when he tried, someone would stop it before it happened.

He couldn’t count the days that passed that he hadn’t spent time out of school with Eli. During school, they’d see each other, talk, and head to class. It was becoming a permanent schedule, and something that should be worried about. Not just because they weren’t spending time together, but Adam in general. He was being pretty lazy, lately. After school, he’d go home, do his homework, then sit on his ass playing games until he passed out.

He didn’t see it as a problem, but he also didn’t notice that he was seeing less of his friends until he spoke with Eli. Plus, his friend provoked him enough that he needed to get dressed and pack up his Xbox. There was no way he could turn down a chance to kick his best friend’s ass. Well, if he could even call Eli that. He was seriously declining in the social area. It was something he’d change, though.

He packed himself a pair of jeans and a shirt that was laying around. Not like he needed a whole lot. The important thing to pack was his game system. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he never asked if he could go. It was pretty late, and he was sure it was a no. So, instead of going against his mom’s decision, he’d just sneak out. Well, that was easier said than done.

It took a good twenty minutes for him to get out the front door. This involved him taking his shoes off, stepping down the stairs quietly, and looking for any signs of life. He kept his shoes in his hands and checked every corner and every room. He got the two door twice and had to backtrack due to his mother being in an adjacent room. Finally, he was given his chance, and he escaped into the cold winter.

He set his shoes down, stepping into them and glancing around. Eli’s wasn’t too far, right? Honestly, he couldn’t remember. He knew how to get there, though. Glad he decided to put on a jacket, he zipped it and pulled up the hood. He stepped out onto the driveway and exhaled heavily, blinking as he saw his own breath. Well, he found his amusement on the way to Eli’s.

Asking his friend to pick him up was the last thing he could do. Walking was easier on them both. Adam needed a workout after his week of laziness, anyway. Not that he’d admit to that. It wasn’t his fault that he didn’t want to go out in the cold weather when he could own some random people on Halo or Call of Duty.

The walk seemed like it took hours, probably because he forgot his music player. His only entertainment was blowing into the cold air. As he turned down the street to Eli’s place, he felt relieved. He was freezing his ass off. He pulled out his phone, checking it and laughing some at the time. As much as he complained to himself, it only took fifteen minutes to walk there.

As he stepped up the driveway, he pulled off the hood. He was hoping his friend hadn’t passed out on him, seeing as thought it took so long for him to arrive. Stopping in front of the door, he knocked lightly. There was a long silence, and he wasn’t sure if anyone heard him. Instead of waiting, he knocked again. “If you don’t answer, I’m going to assume you chickened out, Eli!” He grinned to himself. He wouldn’t mind walking back home if it meant he won without having to do anything. He was pretty sure Eli wouldn’t leave him out in the cold, though.