After the loss of Gorgeous George the betta, I had empty tank syndrome, so to speak. The lovely copper giant plakat in the top three photos stepped in to fill the role of “Lord of the Planted 20 Gallon” (he’s tentatively being named Alphonse.) He is quite the energetic fellow, but he’s been good to the otocinclus he shares the tank with.

The lively little koi patterned nugget in those blurry photos (so fast!) was the one I chose to take home today. I’m glad I went with live plants for this little 10 gallon I dug up and cycled this month. I had to lower the flow for the filter because he was responding to the flow at the bottom front of the tank by “teleporting.” Other than that, he is happily exploring: he loves that Java fern.

Currently he is nameless, but hungry: I just watched him snap up a floating plant root before realizing it wasn’t edible!

(That moustache, though.)

Mayli is taking a break from whining about her nose shed and recovering from laying 26 eggs to model with some quality YA and more importantly, eat cookies let you know that the sweet and generous books-and-cookies needs some financial help right now or she could become homeless. If you are a booklr or follow a lot of us you have definitely seen a ton of her content, be it lovely photos, hilarious or important text posts, or youtube videos in her freaking adorable accent. Your dash wouldn’t be the same without her. You can donate here. Or just reblog this (probs my fave photo of Mayli ever omg she’s a queen) to spread the message and the reptilian magnificence. 

Also if you do donate come send me a message about it for a (custom-made) Mayli photo with a book recommendation dedicated to your awesome self. She’s pretty much begging me to take more photos. 

April 23 & 24: inspirational & hysterically funny

||these ladies are my favorite and so inspiring in how they learn to love themselves and life, they also happen to have incredibly funny lives that really make you laugh out loud||

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Can you post any pictures of you and your husband? Y'all look adorable in your profile pic!

hey hey! thanks friend! :) Here’s a random one of us on his birthday that I love (when my hair was long still) cause his eyes are all bright and his cute little smirk & I love BW photos haha, woot! if you look through my tag “life in photos” or tagged/my love you’ll definitely see tons, I like photos. <3  

I am definitely a big fan of shoes - as probably every woman😆
But I don’t enjoy high heels at all, I only wear them when it is absolutely neccessary!

My favorite every day shoes are ballerinas and espadrilles for summer, but most of the time I choose my new balance or classic converse - I have short white ones and longer black, which I bought recently and as always I am obsessed by them😍

They suits to everything - skirts, dresses, trousers and shorts.

Pic by ME.

#2: Lenox

This is actually the only photo in the series where I prefer the double version to the single version used for voting. I thought I was in love with this photo before, but adding a second Lenox that is just as strong as the first definitely made the photo even better. I love the way the wingless Lenox whipped her hair back and then delicately placed her hand behind her. It worked so beautifully. I’m going to have to stop writing here. If I don’t stop now, I’ll never stop going on about how much I love Lenox.

Hysto day 6 - a lovely bruisey wound photo

This is most definitely under a cut, because wow, lots of bruising, wound, stitches, and also it’s verrrrry NSFW just because there are pubes!

I’m going to see a practice nurse tomorrow at my local GP surgery, who will probably remove the stitches, I think. This particular type of stitches was called “a bead” by the nurse, because there is a bead at each end of the stitches, and a tail. Apparently they remove the stitches by grabbing the tail and pulling, and all the stitches just come out! Magic. I’m imagining it’ll be a bit like undoing knitting, hehe.

The bruising has gotten in some ways gradually worse. I do wonder how much of that is the tickly cough’s fault. I’m assuming this is normal, anyway.

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brownyuio replied to your post:But it does look that good!

Hmm..well, I think it looks gorgeous the way it looks (not to mention how much it compliments the mask). But I definitely would love to see a test photo of the wavy hair! ��

I have two wigs for her. A shorter one, that I straightened out a bit and the longer one you’ve seen. Her hair in the comics is always wavy, so I might give it a go :) Not sure if I’ll ever use the shorter one for Fee Fee, but if I ever cosplay Rose Wilson or someone else with white hair, I might haha ;D

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You definitely should post more photos of yourself. You have a lovely figure, and are sexy as hell. 😍

This definitely made my night a hell of a lot better. Thank you to whoever sent this 💕

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