Lip Sinc, April 2013, Defibrillator Performance Gallery.

I performed Sade’s “Soldier of Love” which is a very dramatic song.

I invited three performers to shave my hair. It read well on stage as some DIY surgery. I wanted a simple task while I sang. Something associated with a soldier, which is someone I tend to perform and investigate often. They are worker, martyr yet proud. It was fun to have very minimal dance too in a lip sinc show. I rolled my stomach and swayed only the arm nearest to the audience in profile. Occasionally, I got away with moving my head to give a side-eye look to the audience. But the woman in the ski mask would push my head back into place and kept a strong hold. I wanted it to look aggressive. A visible power dynamic. Seemingly oppressive but voluntary.

I stayed in profile majority of the song. I turned my body and faced the opposite direction to show the buzzed side for the last seconds of it. Afterward, someone told me it reminded them of Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece.

Sophia Hamilton is in the ski mask. (Mothergirl). Allen Johnson, holding the light and the flashlight by Ian Wallace (not pictured). PHOTO : Rosa Gaia Saunders


This is a promotional trailer for the RAPID PULSE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART FESTIVAL 2014 with images from the participating LIVE artists. More information at

Antibody Corporation photo: Zhuo-Yun-Chen
Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn photo: Courtesy of Artist 
Anna Brown photo: Courtesy of Artist

Diana daf Collazos photo: Julio Pantoja
Alison Crocetta 
& Peter Reese photo: Courtesy of Artist 
Diaz Lewis photo: Cara Lewis

Disorientalism photo: Monica Ruzansky

Espand photo: Zhuo-Yun-Chen
Linda Hesh photo: Courtesy of Artist

Lai Thi Dieu Ha photo: Jenny K. Dang 
Jason Lim photo: Courtesy of Artist

Alastair MacLennan!photo: Courtesy of Artist 
Carlos Martiel photo: Alex Barber
Mikey McParlane photo: Courtesy of Artist 
Teoma Naccarato photo: Courtesy of Artist 
Kira O’Reilly photo: Jason Cawood

Freya Björg Olafson photo: Hugh Conacher 
Matthew Prest photo: Lovis Ostenrik 
Raquel Punto photo: ENRIQUE
Boryana Rossa photo: ULTRAFUTURO 
Michal Samama photo: Vela Phelan 
Sandrine Schaefer photo: Daniel S. DeLuca 
Manuel Vason photo: Courtesy of Artist 
Julie Vulcan photo: AnAWojak

RAPID PULSE is made possible with support from The British Council, Cliff Dwellers Arts Foundation, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Society for Arts, Holiday Jones, and Nightingale. Defibrillator is partially supported by grants from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, The Illinois Arts Council Agency, and Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.


“Auto Body” performed by Eryka Dellenbach, January 23rd, 2016, as part of “RESUSCITATE: a five year anniversary celebration” at Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, Chicago, IL. Choreography and music by Adam Rose. Video documentation by April Lynn. Antibody Corporation, 2010 + 2016.


Three different actions according to audience interaction. The top is a lip sync of a ballad by Gloria Trevi where I would burst into tears. This was prompted if every audience member had their attention on Lucha Clara in the opposite window. The second is a repetitive gesture prompted by anyone who gave me direct eye contact with a flirtatious attitude. I would bounce the head of a male barbie off my tongue while maintaining a stare until the person looked away or walked into the gallery. The last gesture, I morphed fake roses into guns. The firing of the gun was loud, crude, and with a sexual motion similar to a hand job. This was prompted when anyone took a photo.

Photo credits from top to bottom: Allen Johnson, Paul Germanos, and courtesy of Defibrillator Gallery

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