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Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters as Pokémon Go teams. What team are you on?


Arthur Ashe Courage Award

The ESPY Awards Honored Michael Sam Last Night With The Arthur Ashe Courage Award. His Acceptance Speech Was Truly Amazing

Watch The Entire Video. It Demonstrates How Much Coming Out Encourages Others.

Way To Go, Bro!

Things that I'll never forgive the Teen Wolf fandom for forcing me to witness

• Pack Mom!Stiles 

• Demon!Stiles + Magic!Stiles + BAMF!Stiles 

• “Sterek Fanart with a ~Native American ~ look, uwu" 

• "Scott McCall is a bad friend" 

• "Scott McCall is d*mb/unintelligent/naïve" 

• Basically, transplanting all of Scott McCall’s positive qualities and traits (compassionate, kind, loving, loyal, noble, etc) onto Stiles whole simultaneously claiming Scott is boring 

• Assuming Stiles is some super genius prodigy who can speak 5+ languages, is a computer whiz and strategist/tactician who gets a full ride into every Ivy League + MIT 

• Assuming Stiles is a master chef + culinary expert with no basis whatsoever 

• Literally stealing Melissa to be Stiles mother figure 

• Making Danny be his new best friend even though canonically he can’t stand Stiles but does like Scott 

• "WHAT IS STILES REAL NAME?!?!” *calling him Genim in basically every fanfiction* 

• “Stiles is the light of Beacon Hills & the glue of the pack" 

• Stiles is Little Red Riding Hood 

• that goddamn baseball bat 

Hey guys

Actually it’s more like

Sorry I’ve been so MIA! I’ve been locked away writing and working frantically to get my dissertation written. And to top things all off, my PI pushed up one of my deadlines because she wants to go through the full complete thesis first and give me edits before sending it out to my committee (which is understandable, I’m not surprised this happened).

So my completed draft is due to her by Tuesday, and my finished dissertation needs to be to my committee a week from tomorrow. I defend 3 weeks from tomorrow. This is the point I’m at

So thank you for putting up with me and my radio silence, it’s just hardcore go time on my end. The best part is I know you all understand, and we all have to go through this at some point. 

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I can do this. 


eleanor guthrie walking into a room and having two grown ass men quivering in fear on the floor in under ten seconds is my aesthetic 🙌

hey can ppl stop attacking actual PoC for the way they draw fictional characters

can we stop prioritizing fictional characters over actual real PoC

like yeah, internalized racism is a thing, and being a person of colour doesn’t stop anyone from having harmful opinions – i recommend watching the student produced film A Girl Like Me for a really good look at this issue, as presented by young African American women (warning for use of slurs, iirc in a context of quoting smth said by a person not present in the video, and also warning because you might cry at part of it) – but nobody is going to get anywhere by attacking the real people who are affected by racism in real life for how they draw fictional characters. that’s just gonna make those real people feel real bad. and we don’t need to be making already marginalized people feel isolated or attacked, and especially not now.

like if you wanna have a real conversation w/ somebody abt possible racism in media, internalized or not, or why they made certain choices, it’s one thing, but at the end of the day, experience and studies both show: if someone feels attacked, if they feel like they are being told they are “wrong”, they will cling even  more fiercely to their previous decisions, and they will not change their mind. TL:DR - online arguments have no winners. save your anger for, idk, fighting the current potus & his fascist supporters.

“sam this sounds awfully specific”

“naw it’s just general i swe”

sam this sounds awfully specific


specifically i’m talking about frisk, who is presented in game with simpsons yellow skin, can we stop telling people they’re wrong for drawing frisk with a skintone that doesn’t meet some arbitrary standard, because simpsons yellow does not translate well to a natural skin colour. very few artists are able to use simpsons yellow effectively. for most people, the choices are either to desaturate or to move to a different hue, and adjust from there. you cannot match it.

but like, i saw someone tell a chinese person that they were wrong for drawing frisk as a light skinned chinese character. are you really gonna do that?

like yeah, personally, i’m gonna raise my eyebrows if someone’s frisk looks about the same colour as, idk, milk, but as long as they’re a different colour than chara, that’s really the only standard you can hold fanart to, as based on the in-game sprites. (which are, officially, the only canon materials.)


Random Hot Defensive End

Well, J. J. Watt Is Not So Random, But Damn Baby!!! He Is Sizzlin’ Hot!

Woof, Baby!

Companions react to Inquisitor running up and giving them a hug.

Cassandra: It startles her so she immediately brings up her arms in a defense stance, which ends up with her profusely apologizing to the Inquisitor for having accidentally punched them in the chest. She scolds them for surprising her, but there is a slight blush on her cheeks (Especially with a M/Inquisitor!)

Varric: Laughs and drops whatever he is doing and hugs them back, then immediately asks them what it is they want, or what amazing thing must have happened to put them in such a good mood, he might need it for inspiration in a book later on!

Solas: His eyes widen in shock and he goes stiff, but he catches them in his arms so they dont fall. His tone is somewhat reprimanding as he tells them they should be careful in the future so no one involved gets hurt.  (For a F/Elf, his eyes soften as he returns the hug, and he isn’t as stiff as he would be with anyone else.)

Sera: She runs back at them and they meet in a hug mid air, both laughing and cackling. (If romanced, Sera will immediately jump into the Inquisitor’s arms, giggling and yelling for them to spin her!)

Vivienne: She sees them coming and holds one hand out, her face set in a hard line until the Inquisitor slows down and comes in for a small, very quick hug. She mutters “That’s better, my darling,” as she gives them a soft pat on the back. (If romanced, she will scold the Inquisitor because “That isn’t something we do in public, my dear” but promises for something better in private.)

Dorian: He laughs and hugs them back tightly, then pushes them back as he straightens his clothes, complaining about how no one here cares about having wrinkles, it is simply tasteless! (If romanced, he will chuckle and comment about how scandalous it would be for Mother Giselle to see them bonding like this. What rumors it would spread!)

Iron Bull: He picks them up and swings them around like a doll (No matter what size they are!) And they grab onto him for dear life as he laughs heartily.  (If romanced, he makes sure to grab a nice handful of butt, and gives it a good smack when he sets them back down.)

Cole: He knew what they wanted and that it was coming, but he isn’t the best at actual physical contact so he doesn’t really know what to do with his arms. He does wrap them around the Inquisitor as best he can, and he is pleased with the smile on their face when they let go. He didn’t do much, but he helped a little, and that’s what matters!

Blackwall: Is a gentleman, so he does return the hug but he does it respectfully and with a deep chuckle, asking “What is this for?” (If romanced, he hugs them tightly, breathing in the scent of their hair, mumbling to himself as to how he could have gotten this lucky.)


Cullen: Is immediately flustered, but catches them either way. He laughs, his face a little red, and he shakes his head at them. He isn’t used to someone that wants physical contact. (If romanced, he does a half twirl with them and places them on his desk, putting his forehead to theirs with a smile.)

Josephine: Oh dear! Her papers go flying and she stutters and stammers, muttering about how it isn’t quite appropriate for the Inquisitor to behave this way, but she does return their hug and proceeds to straighten up her desk. (If Romanced, she blushes furiously and stammers a bit about how they need to put on a good face for the Inquisition, but later on she finds them and gives them an even bigger hug of her own.)

Leliana: Goes stiff and uses one arm to return the hug halfheartedly, but she is smiling afterwards so the Inquisitor knows they didnt completely overstep their boundaries.


Hot Defensive End!

Shea McClellin Proved A Great Defensive End Against The Falling Giants!

And What A Hot End Shea McClellin Has! 

Get Me Some Honey For This Bear, Baby!


Their first christmas: Fremione

All the Weasley brothers were having a snowall fight as Hermione and Ginny were chatting in the Burrow’s garden with a cup of hot chocolate Mrs Weasley gave them. It’s not that they didn’t want to play along, it’s just that they couldn’t handle the cold at that point, because they’ve been shopping for presents with Harry. Fred had urged Hermione before to engage in the fight, but she refused every time.

“Fred!” She screamed when a snowball hit the back of her head out of nowhere. Ginny started laughing.

“That was an accident, darling!” Fred pleaded.

“Yeah right!” And Hermione pulled out her wand to shoot snow at him. “Eat snowballs, Weasley!”

Fred was quick to grab his own wand for defense, but by the end of the day, they were both covered in snow.

“You are a really bad influence on this girl.” Molly told her son, whilst giving him a wooly blanket. “What can I say? It’s in my nature.” Fred responded, wrapping the blanket around Hermione and himself.