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Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters as Pokémon Go teams. What team are you on?


Arthur Ashe Courage Award

The ESPY Awards Honored Michael Sam Last Night With The Arthur Ashe Courage Award. His Acceptance Speech Was Truly Amazing

Watch The Entire Video. It Demonstrates How Much Coming Out Encourages Others.

Way To Go, Bro!


Like Any Other Couple

I’m Still On A High From The St. Louis Ram’s Pick Of Michael Sam In The NFL Draft On Saturday Night. His Reaction In The Moment He Realized That He Was Achieving His Dream Was Priceless! Sharing The Moment With Michael Sam Was Vito Cammisano, His Boyfriend, A Fellow Mizzou Athlete, Who Came Out While On The Swim Team For The School. Vito’s Support For Michael Was Evident, As ESPN Covered The Moment Of Michael’s Draft. The Couple, As Any Other Straight Or Gay Couple Do, Embraced And Kissed, Enjoying The Moment Of A Partner’s Good Fortune. 

Their Open Show Of Affection For Each Other Was Spontaneous, Genuine, And Natural. And It Was As Groundbreaking As Michael Sam’s Draft As An Openly Gay Athlete In The NFL. Unfortunately, As Is All Too Common On Social Media, There Are Those Who Need To Vent Mean-Spirited Thoughts In Comments. Shame On Them! But Such Comments, More Often Than Not, Spring From Deep-Seated Self-Loathing, So It Is Best To Ignore Them!

Bravo, Once Again, To Michael Sam!

Bravo Too, To Vito Cammisano!

Best Wishes To Michael In His NFL Career.

And Best Wishes To You Both No Matter Where Your Future Takes You!

Go Rams!


eleanor guthrie walking into a room and having two grown ass men quivering in fear on the floor in under ten seconds is my aesthetic 🙌


A Trailblazer…“I Am Michael Sam, I’m a College Graduate, I’m An African-American, and I’m Gay.”

In A New York Times’ Article, Michael Sam, A Defensive End For The University of Missouri, Who will Likely Be Drafted Into The NFL, Has Come Out Of The Closet!

This Is Big News!!

You Owned Your Story, Michael! You Are Very Courageous! You Possess The Maturity To Accept Yourself! You Have The Respect Of Teammates, Family, And Friends! You Have The Talent And Ability To Succeed In The NFL! And You Will Inspire Many Others!

“Openly Proud Gay Man.”

I’m Not Afraid Of Who I Am.“

"I Am Michael Sam, I’m a College Graduate, I’m An African-American, and I’m Gay.”

You Are A True Sports Stud, Sir!

Thank You!


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Black Missouri Football Players On Strike Until University President Resigns
Black players for the Mizzou Tigers on Saturday joined a weeks-long student protest against university officials' handling of alleged racism on campus.
By Stephanie McNeal

A group of black football players at the University of Missouri said Saturday they refuse to keep playing unless the school’s president resigns, angered by his administration’s perceived failure to combat racism on campus.

“The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe ‘Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere,’” read a message tweeted with the photo.

“We will no longer participate in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences. WE ARE UNITED!!!!!”

The message was shared online by a school group called the Legion of Black Collegians (LBC).

The players include Kentrell Brothers, the leading tackler in college football, according to the Columbia Tribune. Other notable players include defensive end Charles Harris, running backs Russell Hansbrough and Ish Witter, and several other starters, the newspaper reported.

The LBC said that they didn’t coerce the players to take a stand.

“While we strive to be the leading voice for all black students, the players did not make their decision on behalf of anyone but themselves,” the group said.

The university in Columbia has seen students protesting in recent weeks against what they call a systematic failure of the administration to combat racism on campus.

The protesters have united under a group named “Concerned Students 1950,” which the Columbia Tribune reports is a reference to the first year black students were admitted to campus.

The group is seeking the ouster of President Tim Wolfe, accusing him of personally failing to address numerous accusations of racism on campus.

These incidents, according to the protesters, include the school’s black student body president, Payton Head, being called a racial slur on campus, as well as a swastika being drawn in a residence hall with feces.

The protesters say there have also been incidents of protesters being threatened with pepper spray, and students being denied health insurance.

The tensions came to head during the school’s homecoming demonstration, when Wolfe was accused of laughing and ignoring a group of protesters who blocked his vehicle.

“He laughed. In our faces,” Butler wrote on Facebook.

On Monday, Butler said he would go on a hunger strike until Wolfe was ousted from his role, and says he hasn’t eaten since.

Butler wrote on Saturday that after 121 hours without food he was feeling weak but standing tall.

“My body feels about the same as yesterday but more importantly my heart and mind are strong,” he said.

In response to the protests, Wolfe said Friday that he is sorry about how he reacted at the homecoming parade. In a statement, he said he was caught off guard and regretted not handling the situation better, adding that he thinks if he had done so he could have helped the situation.

“Racism does exist at our university and it is unacceptable,” Wolfe said. “It is a long-standing, systemic problem which daily affects our family of students, faculty, and staff. I am sorry this is the case.”

Wolfe added that he has met with Butler, and is worried about his health.

“His voice for social justice is important and powerful,” Wolfe said, speaking about Butler. “He is being heard and I am listening. I am thankful for the leadership provided by him and the other student leaders in raising awareness of racism, injustice, and intolerance.”

The school’s athletic department responded to the player’s decision on Twitter, saying the department supports its players.

The team’s coach, Gary Pinkel, also announced on Twitter that the team was united behind the cause.

As the news of the players’ protest spread, the state’s governor, Jay Nixon, said that the school needed to address the concerns of the protestors.

“Racism and intolerance have no place at the University of Missouri or anywhere in our state,” he said in a statement. “Our colleges and universities must be havens of trust and understanding. These concerns must be addressed to ensure the University of Missouri is a place where all students can pursue their dreams in an environment of respect, tolerance and inclusion.”

Butler wrote on social media after the players’ announcement that other students need to decide “what side of history you are going to be on.”

“So either engage fully in this pursuit towards justice at Mizzou or don’t comment,” he wrote.



Michael Sam Was Cut From The Roster Of The St. Louis Rams. 

How Terribly Disappointing!

As Outsports Notes, Homophobia Played No Part In The Decision. That Is Important.

We’ll Know Within A Day, Whether Michael Sam Remains On The Practice Squad Of The Rams Or Goes To Another Team.

No Matter What, He Remains A Hero, An Inspiration, And A True Sports Stud.