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Russell Simmons wants to fight Islamophobia with his “Today, I Am A Muslim Too” rally

  • Russell Simmons left his mark on the hip-hop world when he co-founded Def Jam Records, but now the influencer and entrepreneur is leaving behind a legacy as a powerful organizer and activist.
  • On Sunday, Simmons will be on-the-ground in Times Square in New York City between noon and 4 p.m. for the “Today, I Am A Muslim Too” rally to protest President Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim policies
  • The rally is in partnership with Jamaica Muslim Center’s Imam Shamsi Ali, America Rabbi Marc Schneider and on behalf of the nonprofit organization Foundation for Ethnic Understanding
  • New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Muslim activist Linda Sarsour are expected to attend. Read more. (2/18/17, 8:13 AM).

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What happens now that BTS signed with Def Jam Japan?

I don’t know but I think it was a good decision since Def Jam Records fits their style of music

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BTS signed up with Def Jam Records, the label that manages Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and so on. So what does it mean?

*def jam japan, to be precisely. it only means that instead of pony canyon, now def jam japan will be the one managing bts’ releases activities in japan along with bighit.

BTS signs to Def Jam Records

Ok, so i read some stuff and it seems like big doors are opening for Bts, as they are being signed to one of the biggest music labels in the United States, Def Jam Records.

For now they will only be promoting their music in the Japanese branch but their goal is probably to make Bts collaborate with big Artists. I’m soo happy for Bts and they deserve everything that is coming to them times ten, but i’m also sorta worried that if they will be introduced to the American label, they might also be forced to change to the American style of music. If you get what i mean. I’m not assuming anything tho. I’m just praying out loud. There are so many artists with actual talents ruined because they had to fit the typical mainstream media picture. 

Anyway let me know what you guys think  ♥

BTS is now signed with Def Jam Records!
(of course they are still under Big Hit) For now they will promote through their Japan branch. Though, imagine what it would be like if they were promoted with the United States and United Kingdom branches!
I’m so happy for them! They are slowly but surely dominating the music industry!

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I wish some youtube accounts were suspended like Her Jams for constantly bullshiting with rumours. like there was a video with Def Jam Records and she was like "Justin Bieber Company! Shocking" and that already does not give a good reputation to BTS tbh

tbh I don’t really watch YouTube vids of bts unless official bc I know there’s stuff like that everywhere 🙄