I’ll do a more extensive reference at one point. Just wanted to get this down fastish.

Reason behind her enchanted arm-scarf-thing. Whether she lost it or was born without them, I’m still trying to hash out in my brain. But it doesn’t stop her from being a fairly happy person and can do things anyone else can. (admittedly with some help of a particular piece of wardrobe.)

She prefers the long whispy looking dress since it makes her feel very elegant and ghosty. Plus it’s really good at hiding the fact she lacks a certain set of limbs.

I haven’t drawn in a while. Bluughghsgh

GK and I have been recently obsessing over DRAMAtical Murder/DMMD for the past several weeks.
We’ve been doodling each other’s favorite character. I don’t have the one she did for me(I do but I don’t feel right posting it), but I figure I’d return the favor. Again because my first attempt at Koujaku was stanky.

Yes that is a silly straw. 
Yes it is.