Deer Creek

A beautiful photo of first light at Glacier National Park in Montana. Of the image, photographer Kevin LeFevre says: “While shooting the sunrise at Bowman Lake, we were graced with this meandering doe. I scrambled to change my camera settings to accommodate the movement and pulled off this solitary photo. A once in a lifetime.” While parts of Glacier are closed because of ‪‎Reynolds Creek Fire‬, most of the park remains open, including Bowman Lake area. Photo courtesy of Kevin LeFevre.

  • Eric Harris: Dear Mr. Ricky Becker,
  • Hello, my name is Eric Harris. On Friday night in late January my friend and I broke into your utility van and stole several items while it was parked at Deer Creek Canyon Road and Wadsworth. I am writing this letter partly because I have been ordered to from my diversion officer, but mostly because I strongly feel I owe you an apology and explanation.
  • Me: okay......that sounds fake but alright

Seventeen years before the Columbine High School shooting, 14-year-old Jason Rocha murdered a classmate in an unprovoked attack at what was then Deer Creek Junior High School in Littleton, Colorado. On April 7, 1982, Rocha and a friend were shooting at prairie dogs near the school during their lunch break before they approached two students sitting on the grass. Witnesses reported Rocha then pointed his .38-caliber pistol at one of them, who immediately jumped up and started screaming the gun was loaded. His friend, 13-year-old Scott Darwin Michael remained seated on the ground as Jason turned the pistol on him and shot him in the chest. Rocha was tried as an adult and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. He was sentenced to 12 years, but only served five of them at an adolescent treatment center in Lakewood before being released in 1987.