S06E03 - “Sons and Daughters”

Lock up your sons and daughters and horses! Of course it’s hard to… y'know what I don’t know what rhymes with “Klingon armor”.

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wa’… singular sensation

Five new recruits for the Rotarran, looking like the headshot pose from A Chorus Line. Won’t forget, can’t regret, what I did for HONOR.

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Alexander Rozhenko… my name is Alexander Rozhenko… and there’s a million things I didn’t know…

Alexander, all grown up and looking to rival Anakin Skywalker for the Sullen Pout award. I guess I’d pout too if I had my head stuck through a– hey, I have that exact heating pad! Except mine doesn’t have a neck hole. That might be really good for shoulder aches, actually.

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Getting this off my chest

Jake, honey, for a sec I thought you had a slightly weird new vest, until I realized you’re just sitting backwards in the chair. It’s been long enough that I honestly can’t remember if we’ve seen this shirt/vest combo before, but I think we have. Because there’s a war on, and nobody feels like buying new clothes, and even if they did, THERE’S NO TAILOR NOW OOPS.

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Frame… what’s your name?

Awwww. this looks like maybe Alexander made the frame in one of Deanna’s art classes on the Enterprise. Er I mean something something WARRIOR RIDGES.

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Workin’ nine to five

Kira’s got that wrap-front 80s power suit on again. I’m starting to think maybe that shade of purple isn’t so great with her hair? Stick to jewel tones, Major. Even so, I am just a little more fond of pantsuits these days then I ever have been before.

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I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today

I don’t even remember what Dukat is discussing here, but whatever it is, he’s telling it to a roomful of people who are all trying to blend in with the walls. That last guy is literally wearing the carpet. Y'all, Dukat may not the brightest bulb in the warp nacelle, but he’s not that stupid.

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Selling furniture for college kids and divorced despots

I merely wish to note that Dukat’s dining room is furnished in 20th century IKEA. I guess at this point, those are antiques, right?

That’s all for now, children of fashion!

adenil-umano  asked:

since Jeffery Combs plays another Ferengi in an Enterprise episode, I now headcanon that Brunt, FCA is an immortal.


you look through the ferengi database for research purposes, you are trying to find out the exact history of ferengi interaction with humans. you find one picture, the ferengi looks oddly familiar, too familiar, you put the thought aside, there must be a logical explanation. you keep looking through the records, you find more ferengis who look oddly familiar, and you keep putting them aside. You look at the pile of names of oddly familiar ferengi, they look so similar, too similar, yet none of them are related, they have no connection to each other other than the encounters. You put the faces in the database and do a search, you find even more, more similar looking ferengi, yet none are related, none have anything to do with each other. you keep scrolling through, desperately trying to find an answer, something logical, something rational. 

and then you find it

you find the most recent picture


Brunt, FCA

and suddenly, it all comes together

Safe blogs are great, but often they aren’t specific. I know I’ve told my family that I run a Star Trek blog, so giving them a url of an aesthetic blog isn’t going to help. So I’ve made @yamoksauce.

@yamoksauce is a safe blog that posts only Star Trek. Nothing will be controversial, no gay ships, no Star Trek meta that is risky (like the abortion posts, etc.), nothing that could endanger someone closeted or in an oppressive household. It will only post innocent screencaps and funny textposts that are to do with Star Trek (all series).

If you ever need to give out your url but don’t want to endanger yourself, use this blog! No personal details will be on there so anyone can use it, and there will be a basic theme including a tags page. Signal boosting is appreciated!

S06E04 - “Behind the Lines”

What lines are we talking about? A-lines? Princess seams? Drop waists? Let’s take a look…

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The syntho-grapes of syntho-wrath

This is kind of a groovy bottle, but what’s weird to me is the canvas strap, apparently for hanging. Why would you… where would you… no matter how you use that strap, that bottle’s gonna be banging against the bulkheads and/or spilling everywhere.

Also, why are we sitting at tables made of searchlights covered in chain-link fence? Y'know, prop department, when I complain about there never being enough light in these shots, I didn’t mean the solution was FLOODLIGHTS IN THE FACE.

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The party don’t start ‘til we walk in

Some Jem'Hadar of the Bare Chest Brigade swagger into Quark’s. All the Bajorans clutch their sweaters a little more tightly.

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So no one told you space was gonna be this way

Admiral Ross (yes, really) displays the Admiralty Wrist Bands, which I’d almost forgotten about. They look like those retroreflective bands for joggers. Which I guess you need, given the aforementioned pervasive lighting problem.

I’m not into his taste in art. It looks like it’s about to start assimilating his office.

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Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your invasion’s DOA

I wasn’t gonna continue that joke but suddenly I got a good look at Weyoun’s hair. The Dominion are clearly exploiting Cardassia’s hair gel resources for themselves.

PS your coat’s still weird.

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The lines behind

Okay I do not usually make fun of people’s butts. But. (Butt.) Wardrobe, you needed to think this through. The changelings are not solid. They can be literally any shape. Whatever you dress them in is supposed to be the shape they chose to craft for themselves. THEY WOULD NOT INTENTIONALLY CRAFT PANTY LINES.

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The alien in red

This backgrounder is in a shiny red and gold dress/robe/thing that I really wish we could see more of! Also the Madonna platinum topknot is nicely dramatic. Goes well with the slim lines. I’m not even mad that it clashes pretty badly with their skin tone becasue HOLY HELL AN INTERESTING OUTFIT I MAY HAVE A HEART ATTACK.

That is, sadly, all the fashion that’s fit to print. Keep yourselves in line!


Star Trek speaks to some basic human needs: that there is a tomorrow — it’s not all going to be over with a big flash and a bomb; that the human race is improving; that we have things to be proud of as humans. No, ancient astronauts did not build the pyramids — human beings built them, because they’re clever and they work hard. And Star Trek is about those things.”
                                              - Gene Roddenberry

So the teaser trailer for the next Star Trek series dropped today at CBS Upfront.

Most of the content coming from my Tumblr is bullshit, but here are some important and real quotes from Bryan Fuller, the showrunner of the next Star Trek.

Bryan Fuller on writing for Star Treks shows:

When I was watching Deep Space Nine– I think it’s one of the best incarnations of Star Trek, and I have affection for all of them, but Deep Space Nine has a very special heart because I think they were primarily character-based, more than any of the other shows. And I think Next Generation at its peak was some of the best television that has ever been, but Deep Space Nine spoke to me on a more intimate level. And I’m not sure what it was, but I just understood the math of storytelling, because storytelling is mathematics. Like, you have to build, and you have to subtract, and divide, and there’s all sorts of math to telling a story, and it just clicked.

They let me into the writers’ room, and it was Ira Behr who was like “Okay, we’ll give this guy a chance and he can be in the writers’ room.” And it was interesting to be in a writers’ room for the very first time. And what was great about the Deep Space Nine writers’ room was that they were all fans of Star Trek and you were with people who loved the program, whereas on Voyager there was sort of an attitude of you know, [disgusted] “It’s Star Trek” and all, you know. And I was just like “What are you talking about? You’re lucky to be here.” So Deep Space Nine were the fans and then Voyager was a little bit of like, you know, “We’re better than this” and I was like “No you’re not. None of us are.”

Bryan Fuller on running Star Trek shows:

I had been on Voyager for four seasons, and, you know, Voyager was an interesting job because there was this fraternity at Star Trek. That was a very interesting experience– my mind doesn’t work well in those situations. And so I was always a little jealous that I didn’t get the job– ‘cause there was a job on Deep Space Nine and there was a job on Voyager, I was like “Please, God, let me get the Deep Space Nine job.” And I got the Voyager job, which was a slightly less supportive community than Deep Space Nine was, there was an installation of fear. And there was also– the show is what the show is. And on Deep Space Nine, Ira Behr was a very visionary showrunner. So when the executive producer Rick Berman would be like “I don’t like that idea” he’d be like “I don’t care. This is what we’re doing and this is why we’re doing it.” Where on Voyager we had so many great ideas for that show that were thrown out, and then it was just sort of like okay, it’s fait accompli, the idea’s dead, and I was like “Ira would have fought for that shit.” So on Voyager, toward the end, I was getting a little frustrated with how non-human everybody was. Because I’m like “They’re facing the Borg, they’re gonna be sitting in their own stool.” There’s no kind of reality to the human emotion of it. And that grew very frustrating for me because I didn’t know how to write it, I didn’t know how to write just purely technologically or informationally. And so I was like, “What’s a show that I want to watch?”

Reading these should help give a clearer picture of what Star Trek 2017 will be like.

Most of the Internet doesn’t know that these quotes exist, so please signal boost by reblogging for all your followers to see.

Source: This link to a Nerdist podcast.

Story time: it was probably about ten years ago when my mother finally accepted the fact that her nerdy husband had given her five nerdy children who all liked Star Trek. Therefore, recognizing that Deep Space Nine was the only series we didn’t own on DVD, she took it upon herself to order the complete series online.

When the DVDs arrived, however, it quickly became clear that she’d accidentally ordered some bootlegs from China.

As it turns out, the episodes are in English, they just come with Mandarin subtitles. So we kept them, accepting the fact that you have to turn off the subtitles before you watch and that sometimes the fourth episode on the disk cuts off early.

However… the covers are what make these truly beautiful. Because they’re clearly put together by someone with limited resources who’s never actually seen the show. I’ve taken high quality scans so I can demonstrate to you all.

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