Real & Decyfer present: Mukes

Huge thanks to the awesome Life Crushed for bringing this track to my attention. Real and Decyfer– two UK artists respectively killing it across the pond– are now operating under the handle Mukes, and they’ve got “Pilot” to show for their collaborative endeavors. On “Pilot”, the boys layer infectious 2step melodies over the remnants of a 3:00am deep house track– the result being a clean, vibrant garage tune that rivals the slickest future garage I’ve come across. You should definitely preview the track below, and begin following Mukes on Facebook for more updates. Additionally, while “Pilot” marks a very strong debut from Mukes, I advise you to check out some solo material from Real and Decyfer as well. I’ve included the latest from both artists’ Soundclouds, which I think you’ll find enjoyable. Here’s hoping “Pilot” is the first of many great compositions we’ll receive from Mukes.

pilot by mukes

europe by real

Freeze (wip) by Decyfer