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pikachueatsdragons  asked:

I hope this is the right place to ask. Someone suggested I try punk inspired decora. I'd love to, but have no idea where to start. Any ideas? Thanks

Hello! Sorry for the late reply :c 

Punk decora (more commonly known as dark decora) is quite an old fashion so it’d be great if you could revive it! You can get items that would fit it in the same places you find fairy kei, as most brands offer a black or white colourway! For example, Bodyline does black tutus, Listen Flavor do punky cute t-shirts, and you can find things like socks in regular punk shops! As for accessories, places that sell goth items or halloween items would be a good place to look - You can still wear brightly coloured accessories too! ♥

If you want some more specific brands, I’d recommend you check out Super Lovers, Listen Flavor, Bodyline, and Kawaii Machine.

It’s dead now, but I’d recommend checking out the old decora forums! There are some good pages on dark decora c:

Oshare kei brands and bands are also quite common in darker decora styles, so I’d recommend checking some out! For example, DecoLa Hopping, An Cafe, SuG, LM.C,

Here’s some inspo pics to get you started~ (unfortunately some of them don’t have a source because they’re old images)

image source: FRUiTS magazine

And you can find lots more cute pictures on the dark decora image results! I hope you find something that inspires you!