Saints Row AU Rival Bosses
Tony Briggs (Co-boss of the Triad*, Leader of the Morningstar unit)
Torrez Lopez-Fresca (Co-boss of the Triad*, Leader of the Luchadores unit)
Kat Gilligan (Co-boss of the Triad*, Leader of the Deckers unit)
Dares Jillips** (Leader of the Brotherhood of Daemons Motorcycle Gang)
St. Rebellion (Leader of the Saintless Rebels***)

*the Triad is the leftover remnants of the Syndicate and the bosses have the same kill order as the Syndicate–only difference is how they’re killed.
**Dares was originally killed by Vee, but I’ve changed it where the Saints leave her tied to a support beam and is arrested by police as she’s wanted for grand theft auto, drug and arms trafficking and multiple homicides. Why this change occured is that I imagined that once Vee became Niko’s guardian, his “please don’t kill anyone and let them go through the justice system” mentality started to rub off on her.
***the Saintless Rebels are a breakaway group of the Saints when Vee cuts Ultor off from the Saints, creating two groups of antagonists: the Masako (since they come in as the Saints aren’t allies to Ultor anymore) and this group, which Vee sees as greedy traitors.