warming up to digital drawing again! Five, Winter, Veena and Vär are my oldest ocs that I revamped into Clover-verse! Teo & Cecil are from when I was doing Teacup League lolol


  • Teo [Deckem A♣] - specializes in various forms of martial arts
  • Cecil [Deckem J♦] - street fighting
  • Sun-ja [Deckem 2♦] - kick boxing
  • Winter [Deckem 5♠] - logistics, illusion
  • Five [Gardeviance Café] - gunslinger
  • Veena [Deckem 7♦] - sniper
  • Vär [Deckem 6♠] - sniper

I keep looking for this file but only found it till now OEO;;; this was Cecil’s app for Teacup’s League (i never submitted). NOW TL;DR TIME

Finally found him, so happy!! In my verse, Cecil now works as Jack of Diamonds (J♦) for Deckem. He works mostly with Françis Pelletier (Wild♦) (Madeleine’s current husband; Clover’s stepfather). It all seems complicated haha;; but it’s not qEq  He and Teo (White Tiger of the West, A♣) are long time good buddies hehe.

 Anyway Cecil is very fashionable and friendly. He’s a good leader type. He’s a willing worker, but also requires private space. He’s a Cambodian-Canadian, when he was younger (5) he was orphaned from his parents when his village was raided by mobs. Cecil ended up wandering around for years begging on the streets. His memories between the time he was abandoned and the time he somehow arrived into Tibet are all a blur. Around the age of 9 he was picked up by a monk and then trained in martial arts (I haven’t decided which style; but he uses sectioned Bo staff). He met Teo in Bhutan, and stayed there till he (16) was exiled when he accidentally killed another monk. He then journeyed back to civilization where he worked as a policeman, mostly working on cases of child trafficking. On one bust out he met Teo again, and was then hired into Deckem.  

Both Cecil & Teo are close friends to kimchi’s OCs Kyu & Milo