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More headcanons no one asked for

Headcanon that Junkrat is deaf. Think about it. The average decibel level of a 1-ton TNT explosion is 210 dB. The average dB level that can be heard before feeling pain is about 85 dB and definite hearing loss will be caused by exposures to sounds 140+ dB. So since Junkrat’s thing is explosions, he’s exposed to them often. Therefore, it’s not out of the question.

Bonus: Roadhog learned Junkrat was deaf and was reading lips the whole time so he learned sign language to communicate better.


Made a demonic guardian for myself to join that delightful bandwagon. (I mean, I’ve been on the demonic guardians au bandwagon for what feels like ages but it took me this long to finally make an official one for me like all the cool kids are doing, ma am I cool yet–)

He was gonna be Hertz’s big brother at first since they’re both radios but that quickly spiraled downwards and Deci kind of became his own thing? I ‘unno. Also what even is shading, I hate shading so much, take these random zigzag lines I like to call shading and kill me with them.

Edit: WOOP I made him too girly oh god I have such a horrible habit of making super girly/cute boys end me now. But yeah he identifies as a male. My bad. ;v;

Ghost Photo Essay | Decibel Magazine | September 2012, Issue No. 95

Pg. 1 (of 6) of the photo essay on Sweden’s GHOST that I shot for DECIBEL magazine in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh this past spring. Arriving in mailboxes and at newsstands near you soon! Pick up Ghost’s debut album, Opus Eponymous and subscribe to DECIBEL. You’ll thank me later, I promise!


Because I can’t draw the original Mar no matter how hard I try so I made up an au where I can draw him as chibi and made him wear whatever type of clothes I could draw. That’s how the “Demonic guardians high school au” was born.
And that was the lamest excuse I have ever made…

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