Hello! Sorry i haven’t posted anything but i’m trying to finish a chapter for my fic, but of course, while writing, this popped into my head! I just had to draw it! I don’t know if it’s been done before? 

I spent most of the day at the mall today, my mom made my brother and I go earlie so then we could all have lunch (with my dad too) cause we had to buy some stuff for uni DX! (you know i’ve had the same school bag since eighth grade until now, so it was really sad to pic a new one :c i’ll post a picture of it, it deserves it!) And i took my sketchbook with me and everytime my brother stopped to try on some shoes i would sit down and draw XD

So that’s for now! See you soon! Later tonight maybe! :D



I watched Owari no Seraph recently and please send help I can’t stop crying over these boys

Inspired by this amazing edit


Episode 83 “The Deceiver’s Stand”

“Just roll another 20!” - “What is it?” - “Not as great.” - “Four.” - “Plus?” - “Nothing.”  for @juxarope


Every MareCal Moment in King’s Cage
⇀ the epilogue part 1 / ??

Because it is a choice. He need only say no. Or yes. One word holds both our fates. Choose me. Choose the dawn. He didn’t before. He has to now. 


*Poirot adorableness intensifies*

The Runaway Dream of Laili Tencendur...

… bestows majesty and greatness upon the unworthy
… promises an exciting, fast paced adventure more alluring than ordinary life
… cannot ever be fulfilled  
… cannot be caught, either
… leaves behind falling stars and glimpses of glory in its wake 

This is a Deceiver that has wondrous dreams of running free in the endless void in the ruins of broken down worlds. Oh, how she wishes she could bring you with her! She promises to exalt you, yes, even you who had never had any hope of ever becoming more than you are! And for a while you are glorious, until you are left in her wake, dazed and unworthy.

Also, she stands at 17 hands, with a glossy gunmetal coat and quick stars falling from her eyes.

She’s a horse.