Just Announced: Mikey Bromley Debut Solo UK Tour and Album

Just Announced: Mikey Bromley Debut Solo UK Tour and Album

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Mikey Bromley of former 4-piece band Only the Young has just announced via a YouTube video that he is performing a UK Tour for the first time as a soloist. Mikey has just released a YouTube video named “This Tour is for You” announcing that he will be releasing his debut solo album followed by a tour in February of 2016. He explained, “as fast as the whole thing started, the whole thing ended.…

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[TRANS] RollingStone Japan - “Lee Hongki / FTISLAND Interview: See a lot, listen a lot, want to play my own rock”

In the middle of the flourishing Korean idol music scene, the only one that can be called a rock band, FTISLAND. Its center man, Lee Hongki, has just released his first solo album, AM302.

A masterpiece, a Japan original (album) that contained 3 of his own self-composed songs, added to the 5 songs that previously have been released as FM302 in Korea. After finishing their Budokan concert on October 29 as the culmination of their 5th year since their Japan major debut anniversary tour, the Lee Hongki who visited a studio in Tokyo right away to record, surprisingly had cooled down from the concert excitement. His bundles of charms transmitted by his gaze only to reveal his strong intention.

─ It must be a long awaited solo album, isnt it?

No. I love FTISLAND, I never wanted to do a solo, but the company.. (laughs)

─ Eh, so it is because of your company’s pressure? (laughs)

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We are Especia 〜泣きながらダンシング〜
  • We are Especia 〜泣きながらダンシング〜
  • Especia
  • Mucho GUSTO Especia 2014 Tour -Viva Final-

Especia | We are Especia ~Nakinagara Dancing~ (Fullband ver.)

「We are Especia 〜泣きながらダンシング〜; ~Dancing While Crying~

From Mucho GUSTO Esepcia 2014 Tour -Viva Final- (2014)

Composed by Wakadanna
Lyrics by Wakadanna + Especia

閉じたまぶた映る未来のBIG STAGE
とりあえず今をMASH UPさせるダンシング
“Let’s mash up the present
With the large stage in a future we imagine with our eyes shut;
And dance in the meantime.

MOURNING BIRDS announce tour plus stream track

Mourning Birds have announced their debut tour of the isle:

25th April : This Feeling Club, Camden Purple Turtle. £3 before 10pm w/ Jordan Allen (“Manchester’s Jake Bugg”) +Broxton Hundred + Dexters DJ set 4th May : Maidstone Fringe Festival (main support to Slaves) - Rafters
10th May : Brighton The Great Escape Festival – Latesr Music Bar #TGE14 @AltEscape (Free for ALL with or without delegates/festival pass)
6th June : Keele, Karnage 2014 - University Horwood Bar, Staffordshire
21st June : Camden Crawl Festival – Belushi’s Bar #CC14
26th July : Tramlines FestivalThe Red House, Sheffield
27th July : Ashford, Create FestivalVictoria Park (Free Music Festival)
Sound of Ceres (ex Candy Claws) enlist members of Apples in Stereo & The Drums for debut LP, touring (dates, stream)
After three acclaimed albums with hazy sunshine pop group Candy Claws, Karen and Ryan Hover have now formed a new project, Sound of Ceres. For it, they've enlisted Robert Schneider, Ben Phelan and John Ferguson of the Apples In...

Dear Candy Claws fans… We’ve embarked on a new journey that space and time has named Sound of Ceres. Thank you for all the years of love and sweetness. While we’re not saying goodbye forever, we are saying if you liked us then, you’ll probably want to check out our new record.

OUR NEW album is available for PRE-ORDER… A NEW track is available to hear… Thanks to our friends over at BrooklynVegan for premiering HAND OF WINTER… A snowy delight.

PRE-ORDER our new vinyl on a fun color. Out March 4th via Joyful Noise Recordings!!
Pre-Order the album:

Nathan Sykes on Reuniting With Ariana Grande, His Debut Album, Touring With 'Brilliant' Little Mix & More

While Nathan Sykes has landed two top five hits on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart over the past year, don’t expect to find the singer…

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West Philly
  • West Philly
  • Especia
  • Mucho GUSTO Especia 2014 Tour -Viva Final-

Especia | West Philly (Fullband ver.)

From Mucho GUSTO Especia 2014 Tour -Viva Final- (2014)

Composed by Rillsoul
Lyrics by Haruka Tominaga + Rillsoul

煌びやかな夜の街 滲んでいく
染まりゆく空 甘い苦い香り
“A bitter-sweet fragrance paints the sky
Spreading across the gorgeous night streets.

Lance Armstrong TREK Art Bike by Marc Newson
Marc Newson這位天才設計師 他的作品應該都看過
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以下有些介紹應該不難懂…As an effort to raise awareness for cancer this year, Lance Armstrong is bringing his anti-cancer art show, STAGES, to Paris on Jul 16 during the Tour de France. For Armstrong’s comeback to the biking scene and Tour de France after his retirement in 2005, Armstrong will be riding a series of artist-designed bikes throughout the tour. His debut TREK bike is designed by bad boy industrial designer, Marc Newson, whose Lockheed Lounge put him on the map.
The debut TREK Art Bike is finished with a glossy blackpaint with bright yellow accents in Livestrong colorways, the rear wheel sports a stroboscopic design that will appear to pulsate as the wheel spins, drawing connections between the bike and body- a perfect spokesmodel for an anti-cancer cause.
Other bikes to be shown and ridden by Armstrong include a bicycle designed by Japanese illustrator, Yoshimoto Nara, and everyone’s favorite offbeat and slightly morbid Damien Hirst.

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沒錯! 你沒看錯 是KAWS 哈哈但是不能就這樣結束我選了幾樣Marc Newson作品 都是我自己很喜歡的回憶一下Marc Newson吧
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同場加映藤原老猴的新玩具release on July 18th at UNDERCOVER, Carnival and Yamato
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Baio at Schuba’s Tavern in Chicago on Feb 8.
It was a lovely night full of dancing. Being a Vampire Weekend fan since a young age, it made me so happy to watch bass player Chris Baio shine on stage, touring his debut solo album, The Names (2015). Though he is still in Vampire Weekend, I can tell embarking on the solo train was something Baio needed. Vampire Weekend is a very successful indie-rock band; they have gained a strong following and have had commercial and radio play. But maybe going solo was a way for Baio to be viewed more seriously. Instead of just being the bassist for an indie band followed primarily by teens and college students, Baio has found a way to appeal to not only college students, but an all-ages crowd as well. 
Looking around Schuba’s intimate room, I noticed that the all-ages show mostly hosted people in their late 20′s, and a large number of people well into their 40′s+. I heard chatter about Vampire Weekend, but even more so, I heard people raving about his work as a DJ and dance musician. People weren’t just there to see a Vampire Weekend member–they were there for Baio. 
Chicago was the first sold-out show on his tour, so he gave us his best in his bow tie and suit. After a set full of dancing, he sold merch and greeted fans in the back of the room. He carries a lovely good vibe and was so sweet, taking time to talk to each fan. I asked if he has ever thought about opening a dance school to teach his moves, but he said probably not because his tutorial would take all of a minute and a half. We suggested he teach the world, and he said maybe. I have high hopes.
If you haven’t heard Baio’s album The Names, check out my favorite songs, “I Was Born In A Marathon” and “Brainwash yyrr Face.” Also check out “Sunburn Modern” from his Sunburn EP from 2012.