Imagine: Playground with Seokjin

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You and Seokjin had been dating for almost three years. Despite him debuting and touring he managed to keep your relationship a secret. You two have had a healthy relationship, with no breaks. You two almost always meet up at night so you think nothing strange when Seokjin messages you, “Meet at the park right now?” You quickly throw on his favorite pink sweater of yours and re-apply lip gloss. You go to the park and find Seokjin on a rocking horse. There are almost no lights on, expect for above Seokjin. You start to walk towards him when music starts playing. You recognize it as, “Just One Day.” You are startled stopping in your tracks, when you hear Yoongi start to rap. The lights turn on and he pops out of the bushes with the rest of Bangtan. They begin to do the choreography to your favorite song. When Seokjin’s part comes on he sings it directly to you handing you the legendary flower. He then gets down on one knee and says, “Can you please stay with me? As my wife?”

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(Short, but super cute I think!)


“Touring our debut album held some of the greatest experiences I’ll ever know. Seeing the country for the first time from the back of our van, getting kicked out of venues after our sets ‘cause we weren’t old enough to really hang there.” - Happy 10th Birthday All We Know Is Falling [July 26, 2005]

MOURNING BIRDS announce tour plus stream track

Mourning Birds have announced their debut tour of the isle:

25th April : This Feeling Club, Camden Purple Turtle. £3 before 10pm w/ Jordan Allen (“Manchester’s Jake Bugg”) +Broxton Hundred + Dexters DJ set 4th May : Maidstone Fringe Festival (main support to Slaves) - Rafters
10th May : Brighton The Great Escape Festival – Latesr Music Bar #TGE14 @AltEscape (Free for ALL with or without delegates/festival pass)
6th June : Keele, Karnage 2014 - University Horwood Bar, Staffordshire
21st June : Camden Crawl Festival – Belushi’s Bar #CC14
26th July : Tramlines FestivalThe Red House, Sheffield
27th July : Ashford, Create FestivalVictoria Park (Free Music Festival)

  • Manchester United summer signing Bastian Schweinsteiger admits he is excited about his future at the club after making his unofficial debut during the 1-0 win over Club America in Seattle on Thursday evening. The Germany international and World Cup winner joined the Reds from Bayern Munich earlier this month and has been training with Louis van Gaal’s squad for almost a week. In that time, the 30-year-old has been settling into the group and learning more about United on Tour 2015, presented by Aon. Schweinsteiger made his first appearance as a half-time substitute against Club America at CenturyLink Field, helping the Reds cement a comfortable victory against the Mexican side. conducted an exclusive interview with him afterwards, and this is what he had to say…
  • MU:You have just made your debut for Manchester United. How did it feel?
  • Basti:It was great, an absolutely great feeling to wear the jersey and I think we also played well and I am looking forward to playing more games, especially at Old Trafford.
  • MU:What emotions were you feeling at half-time, when you were about to come on?
  • Basti:I was more excited and not so much nervous. I was excited to see how it is and also about my fitness. It was a good test for myself, to see how it is. I felt okay so that was a good sign.
  • MU:How was your fitness during your 45 minutes on the pitch? Did you feel sharp?
  • Basti:Yes, I felt quite sharp. In the last 10 minutes, it was a little bit harder to breath. But especially the first 30 to 35 minutes, I think, it was good.
  • MU:It was a competitive match, with plenty of tackles. Did you feel we deserved to win?
  • Basti:It is true that this Club America team was very aggressive and also every player was good on the ball, so it was not so easy. I don’t know if it was similar to the Premier League teams, I don’t think so, but it was a good test for us and what we practised in the last few days. We wanted to have control of the game, to stay compact and I think we did well.
  • MU:Another of our new signings, Morgan Schneiderlin, scored the winning goal with a first-half header. Were you impressed with his performance, and how good a player is he?
  • Basti:I think he was very good and he is a very good player. If you see the goal, he did it well with no foul and a nice header. I think he is a really good player and, also, for me, what is more important, is that he is a good boy.
  • MU:Memphis Depay and Matteo Darmian also made their debuts. Did they catch your eye?
  • Basti:I think both did well. I mean, Memphis is an unbelievable talent and he has so much quality and I am sure we will have a lot of fun with him on the pitch. Matteo is a typical Italian but I love that! You can see that he is tactical, he is very good and he is so fast. I think these two are very good transfers for Manchester United.
  • MU:You played with quite a young team in the second half. Were you impressed with some of the young players on show, and did you enjoy being the experienced player?
  • Basti:Yeah I enjoyed it a lot because to watch young players, how they are and how they played with [Andreas] Pereira, Jesse [Lingard] and [James] Wilson. They are all very good players. I have seen a lot of young players in my career and I have to say that these young players are very, very good. If they are doing well in the future then Manchester United could be happy.
  • MU:Manchester United has a rich history of promoting young players from the Academy to the first team. Do you think that is important in the modern era?
  • Basti:Absolutely, and especially here at Manchester United. When they come out of the Manchester United youth team, I think it is very important for the supporters. Of course you need a little mix of youth and experience in your team, but it is important English players and especially from the Manchester United youth team.
  • MU:The fans were very excited about your debut and cheered your every touch. Did you enjoy the atmosphere inside the stadium?
  • Basti:Absolutely! For me, it is everything new and it is a little bit different. I have to say that everything is well organised, first of all. The atmosphere in the stadium was great. With Munich, we always went to China and to Asia. Here it is a little bit different and I enjoyed it a lot.

Björk - Come To Me (Live @ Barcelona 2015)

A reworked, live version of Debut track, “Come To Me”, performed on the Vulnicura Tour with Arca.

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