Anti-Vegan Arguments Debunked: Masterpost

Since it seems that every vegan is expected to constantly defend themselves regardless of their willingness or ability, I have created a list of what I consider to be the twenty most commonly used anti-vegan arguments and their rebuttals. These arguments are not intended to convert anyone, only to assist vegans who may struggle to defend themselves, whether because of cognitive difficulties, a lack of time and energy to do the research required, or just not being gifted debaters. You are free to reproduce these, copy and paste them, link them on your own site or post them elsewhere with or without credit. 

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I think the vine is unimportant because Louis didn't actually say he was gay. What I find interesting is the reaction to it. ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate is trending worldwide on Twitter. I have not seen one negative comment about Louis being gay or anything. This may be a shift in the whole '1D will lose fans if Louis and Harry come out' narrative. Seems promising.

Hm.. so #ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate is #1 trending Worldwide (7:48 AM GMT) meaning there is 313 K tweets already.

I looked at the reactions and you’re right, there wasn’t any negative one. THEY CALL FAKE FANS THOSE WHO WANT TO LEAVE.


And the more the update accounts speak up, the more people will change their minds.


10 Excuses Used To Deny Racism DEBUNKED! | Decoded | MTV News

Is Racism Over? Nope. But if you listen, you will hear these 10 common excuses that try to justify racist behavior or some grandiose belief that all things racial are way in the distant past. | For more on racial bias, check out Look Different

Mentioned in this video: 
• The Myth of “Irish Slaves” In Colonies
• Why it’s finally catching on that “What about black-on-black crime?” doesn’t make sense

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Just for giggles, look at the ELA. Its a heavily edited document (for example: look at the date stamp at the bottom) 

*Edit - Yes the “in touch” shows the most ELA obviously because it was added last after the image had been uploaded to a computer. But if you look at the date stamp, the upper left portion of the document and several other places there are blue and red spots called ‘noise/rainbowing’. These spots are characteristic of an adobe product (e.g. photoshop) being used. ELA is obviously not perfect, but I was just putting it out there.  

My Mitsuki Theory

Okay, I am just realizing this and I am very very excited so as I’ve pointed out before there’s this guy

who looks a heck of a lot like Mitsuki

BUT the guy above was sacrificed to become Orochimaru’s new body because Sasuke was taking too long. But because of that sacrifice him and Orochimaru struck a deal

Now we know that Orochimaru captures clans to do experiments on them and I thought that maybe Mitsuki could be a descendent from this clan seeing as he and this guy look so much alike. But now I don’t just think, now I am absolutely sure. 

I don’t think experiments were the only thing that Orochimaru used this man’s clan for. I think this clan also had a unique Kekkei Genkai that Orochimaru wanted, seeing as he prefers to use bodies with unique Kekkei Genkai’s (like Sasuke and Kimimaro). So this man and his clan must’ve had a unique Kekkei Genkai too. But not just any Kekkei Genkai.

Now we’ve all seen Orochimaru do this:

At first I just thought it was a weird Snake thing but it isn’t. He is literally stretching and expanding parts of his body. Snakes do not have that ability so it must be an ability of the body he is inhabiting. And notice these are before he takes the man above’s body but he is able to retain this ability after he takes his body too.

How is he able to keep this ability? Simple, because the bodies are from people of the same clan. And I believe Mitsuki is a descendent of this clan and why you ask?

Because Mitsuki has the same Kekkei Genkai.

EDIT - for those wondering, yes this is from a canon episode. It’s from the episode The Vessel Arrives Too Late.


and here’s Orochimaru later with the guy’s body


4 Black Lives Matter Myths Debunked | Decoded

Black Lives Matter is a powerful and influential movement for justice and empathy. Because the movement is challenging systems of racial oppression in the United States, there are a lot of negative reactions and social media misinformation about it. This past week, with the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the subsequent Dallas tragedy, people are feeling even more polarized and confused. Franchesca debunks some of these toxic myths and sheds light on the true goals of Black Lives Matter.


Anita Sarkeesian debunked in 1 minute.

Ryan67_ Doesn’t Know Shit

(I am apologizing now for not using a read more. People are less likely to read this if it has one, and this is a lie that needs to be stopped! I am sorry.)

Now, I am not going to give the full background story because I don’t fucking care. I am only showing you the tweets that discredit him.

Long story short, months ago, this guy and a few of his buddies all decided to tweet about Louis Tomlinson being gay. However, they were not outing him. They were using the word ‘gay’ as in INSULT and as a JOKE to Louis because he is in a boyband.

They do not personally know Louis Tomlinson. They do not know his sexuality. They are all homophobic assholes who are bitter about the fact hat Louis played with the Doncaster Rovers.

Now on to the proof!

Because they thought I know him or something.” 

I didn’t even say it, some Tumblr decided I was.” 

Look at what you assholes do when you assume shit. 

When will Larries realize people use them and the gullibility? 

One Direction fans came up with some fucking stupid theory that I was Louis Tomlinson’s friend, and I was outing him.

Once again, Larries are the people who made up this whole theory. He is trolling you guys. Stop giving him attention. 

These tweets are from May of 2014. It is April of 2015. What is he doing? Tweeting about Louis Tomlinson. Why? Louis’ football game is coming up and because Ryan is an attention seeker. 

One Direction fans thought I was Louis Tomlinson’s friend.

I convinced them all I was his mate.

The whole reason these idiots started this was because they were bitter that ‘gay boyband member’ was playing for the Doncaster Rovers. 

He doesn’t even know me.”

He doesn’t know who the fuck I am.”

No, it was a joke, you twat.” 

Please, please, please stop using this as proof. I am honestly disgusted that Larries are praising this man right now. He used homosexuality as a JOKE and as an INSULT to make fun of Louis Tomlinson. How dare Larries pride themselves on being LGBT+ supporters while also being supportive of this man. If they didn’t know he was using it as a joke and as an insult, I totally understand that. However, they still supported a man who could have outed a homosexual man who is still in the closet. That is NOT okay. It should NOT be praised, and you should be ashamed of yourself if you were happy about it. 

Please stop drawing conclusions without having proof to back it up. This whole thing was blown out of proportion because of the way Larries reacted. He tweeted once about Louis Tomlinson being gay. Larries believed him one hundred percent, and then they started fabricating a whole story about how Ryan and the other players involved were friends with Louis. 

This man doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t know Louis Tomlinson. He doesn’t know his sexuality. 

hanisickle  asked:

When have you ever heard Zayn say he loves Perrie? Please show me. If saying "it's cool" is a sparkle lighting up in his eyes when he talks about her then you're obviously blind as fuck. Let's not even joke about the tattoo that You guys claim to be Perrie lmfao why would Zayn get a tattoo of his "girlfriend" who literally only dressed like that 4 weeks of her life? Please don't try and act as if you came back with a GOOD comeback because that shit made me laugh half to death. Lmao, try again


“even his family and friends hate her! its all staged!”

zayn and perries gifts to zayns cousins: 


ooohhh getting narstyy are we..?;))

got some magazines and interviews here

and for the; “youre blind as fuck”

Oh and for the tattoo one:)

“Is that a tattoo of Rita Ora?”

“No, thats not a tattoo of Rita Ora its a tattoo of Perrie Edwards."

 Oh and just to top it all off:)

Theres so much more stuff I wanna put here, not even close to half way, but im too lazy to continue doing this.

NASA Deforestation Image Debunked

Some of you may have probably seen this image floating round the web which shows the supposed deforestation from a 1978 Earth to a 2012 one. While it is a reality that things like pollution, overconsumption, overproduction, poor use of resources and technologies and lack of corporate liability all lend a hand to the deforestation of lands but the image provided to show the effects of that carelessness is a false claim. Here’s Facts from Fiction to explain this in details:

Claim - “NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America …in just 34 years” with a picture showing two earths, one from 1978 and the other from 2012.

Verdict - False, Misleading

I am not trying to argue about the effects our industrial civilization has had on our planet, or the damage we may or not be causing to it., but when people, if even for the best intentions, make and spread misinformation to further the causes they believe in, it tends to damage the credibility of that cause. Recently circulating around social media sites and blogs is an image that claims “NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America …in just 34 years.”

Earth. Going bald, or just a bad case of fleas? Maybe it looked too exaggerated, or maybe it was the lack of information behind it, but something didn’t seem quite right about the image. A Google search turned up a lot of results, but little explanation or information behind it. Searching Nasa’s site didn’t turn anything recent about deforestation, but i did find the separate images while going through the picture galleries. It wasn’t long and all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. It turns out, our planet has an interesting phenomena that some of you may have heard about before called “seasons.”

As a result, a picture of the earth is only going to be as green as the season it was taken in. An image taken in July for instance will naturally look greener than one taken in January after the majority of trees have shed its leaves, The picture on the left is claimed to be from 1978, but in reality was taken by a multiple picture process by Nasa from June through September 2001, and was slightly edited to look slightly greener than the original. (Source) The second image on the right was taken by Nasa on January 4th, 2012 (Hi Res). According to Wikipedia, Most of the Deforestation in North America happened prior to 1910. Since then, forest resources have remained about the same, largely due to planting new trees to replace the ones that were removed.

While there may be no truth to the picture, it may still for a worthy enough cause. Old growth Forests around the world are still getting steamrolled by progress. In North America alone around 10,000 square kilometers (6213 miles) of old growth forests are harvested every year spelling disaster for countless species of plants, animals, and the people that rely on them to survive. Loggers go in and clean out the forests, and tree planters come in behind them and reseed the areas so they can be logged again in the future. In the meantime, all the plants and animals that used to depend on the forest no longer have a home, and many end up being crowded out , or simply dying off.

(Fact from Fiction)