skin care things debunked

-don’t put lemon on your face dear god
-don’t use cinnamon either
-hydrogen peroxide,?? don’t use that
-if it’s burning, that does not mean it’s working. it will damage your skin
-things that “remove blackheads” usually suck and will hurt you and cause more blackheads. – -don’t do peel offs that say they clear blackheads in general?
-witch hazel is aight for quick spot treatment but don’t use it often!!
-if your face feels rough and dry after you wash and sucj you’re doing it wrong. make sure you’re moisturizing even if you have oily skin
-coffee grounds can be good but can also cause. break outs.
-just…don’t use anything acidic. some home remedies are great! egg whites and honey are a nice mask. but pls don’t believe the stuff you read on pinterest 24/7

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Hi i'm new to Larry and i'm conflicted as to whether it's real my main reason is I just can't believe Elounor is fake. I know there's some pictures they look unhappy together but there's loads more where they looks happy and they spend a lot of time together and each others families often not calling the paps. If she were a beard that he hates why would he do this also if it's fake who has she been actually dating the last six years? She's never been connected to anyone else ever.

No, she hasn’t. And I’m sorry bud, but you’ll have to work that out for yourself.

If you think they seem real, you’re more than welcome to think that. I’m just not in a place to do a Larry 101 or “Why Elounor Isn’t Real” class. We went through that the first time and personally, she doesn’t even bother me enough to debunk it this time.

I will tell you this though, Louis has a triangle tattoo on his ankle. If you know what that historically means, you’ll know why the first 9 months of me being a Larry, I was more certain that Louis is gay than I was that Larry was real.

So to me, Elounor is just not a thing to be concerned about. Ever. But I’m not going to work to convince anyone else of that. I’m too tired™️

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In your the ask where someone asked you to draw buff CU, you said that he can't be buff since he's shaped like a friend. Kronk from the Emperor's New Groove would like to dispute that.

Kronkles = Honky = Shaped like a friend 🖒

Captain Unders = Soft = Shaped like a friend 🖒

capn unders just isnt HONKY yknow so when hes not shaped like himself hes not shaped like a friend. 🖓 debunked

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hey, how do larries explain that pic briana posted of her uncovered pregnant belly, months ago? i wasnt around back then, and in 2015 they kept saying that she wore a fake belly but that pic debunks that

Photoshop, another woman’s photo, she just ate something and stuck her belly out and most importantly ignore it they’re only posting it because Babygate is about to end and they wanted to have that out before it did! 

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also arguments for aphrodite and freya being lore-accurate is usually debunked if you look at their classical and Renaissance art. they weren't ladies with huge breasts and stupidly small waists.


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sometimes I forget and wonder why I ship sasusaku and then I rewatched naruto...I miss genin team 7!!there were so many moments between sasuke and sakura!

What do you really mean, anon? You wonder? And only prt 1 does it for you? Sighs~ Yes, SasuSaku may have been a little bit darker in prt 2; but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have any moments.

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Whoa guys, I just got a wild idea. I’m just putting this out there…

what if it can fold up to fit inside?


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ok but can we pls see more of your gemsona and zircon together bc lord i love them already

OMD anon you make me happy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Older, experienced officer/lawyer/technician gems are sometimes given young, recently made officer/lawyer/technician gems to babysit tutor, much like how Leggy Ruby was assigned into a bunch of older warrior Rubies. Just when Zircon’s hellish workload couldn’t become more stressing, she was ordered to be the babysit teacher for Sodalite, a law archiver gem

aka the stressed angry private teacher and ”LOL SO RANDOM XD” pupil dynamic 

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I haven't been on in a while, why are people hating on Shallura?

Okay so. At wondercon the showrunners stated that Allura was handling all this (Keith being galra, and basically everything from season 2) how any TEENAGER would 

They specifically used the word teenage, and the fandom went wild. Everyone was getting angry at eat other. Blogs started to delete their Shallura content

I personally think it’s stupid, because in season 1 we had a flashback as allura as a teenager.

Allura here is shown as a “moody teen” and as you can see there is a clear difference from how allura is then and how she is now. In this flashback she is probably 15-16 and that was before the war started. 

I am almost 19 and I would consider myself a teenager still. If allura is a teen she is probably 19. There is no way she is a younger teen because we clealy see a flashback of Allura as a teen in season 1.

Anyone saying that allura is 16-17 probably forgot about this scene, because this shows her s a teenager BEFORE THE WAR. If they are really saying Allura is a teenager she is in her LATE teens, which would make her an adult. Someone who is 19 is in their teens still. And since we do not know Shiro’s age exactly most shippers see him as anywhere from 21 - 25.

If people think a 19 year old wouldn’t date someone who is in their early 20′s they are wrong. I don’t see anything problematic about this ship if we go with this mindset. There is literally no way Allura is in her early teens.

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I am in an argument with a person (Pinterest) who claims there are only two genders. I'm trying to prove them wrong but they keep saying junk like being transgender is a mental illness and you're born with a certain genitalia and that proves your gender. I want to prove them wrong but I'm not educated enough to fully back up my statements. Do you have any pointers or tips? Thanks (I love your blog 💓)

Ah, Pinterest arguments are the best. That’s actually why I first made a Tumblr. I got so frustrated arguing with people on Pinterest over screenshots of Tumblr posts, that I finally made myself an account so I could participate in the action firsthand.

Here’s a post debunking of the “X is female, Y is male” chromosome argument.

Here’s a similar one that also goes more in depth on intersex people. 

Brain scans show that transgender people are actually the gender with which they identify!

Here’s an article explaining the gender spectrum, if you get that far with them.

This Time article describes how being transgender is not a mental illness; often mental illnesses that trans people have more likely resulted from transphobic violence.

On separating sex and gender…

More on the difference between sex and gender.

Trans women are not biologically male.

I hope that helps; if not let me know and I’ll try to find some more! Followers, please feel free to add anything else :)

Thanks for fighting the good fight, anon! We’re cheering you on! You’ve got this - take them down with your facts!