I really have no idea who reactionary exclusionists consider the Secret Straight nowadays but in all the fur flying around about how lateral or redirected oppression doesn’t exist or whatever I remind everyone that Straight Allies still see these posts, and from the position of being “educated” and “observers” will form opinions about how to best “help” the gay community. And this can be disastrous on people who maybe don’t fit a straight person’s expectations or frame of reference.

(and protip: they don’t mistake those people for another straight person instead. Once they detect something ‘wrong’ they never decide to ignore it.)

and like all those statements that (mostly white) gay, lesbian people don’t have the power to oppress anybody and therefore can say whatever they like about anybody else who isn’t straight or cis? yeah, uh, straight people do have the power, are listening as ‘allies’ all around us, and many are willing to hurt any people under the pretense of “helping” the loudest voices. Or the voices that gratify internalized bullshit even if they think they’re more enlightened than their peers. Many of them in some way are waiting to be told to be aggressive.

like listen. when you post stuff publicly you are educating the public, not just sending a message to people who are in on the Discourse. the public is mostly unfortunately straight. 

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I love that the h00ker crybabies have their panties in a twist over this episode. I've seen numerous and ridiculous attempts from them to explain why the episode is stupid and bla. Isn't there someone in Swen who could debunk all their whiny posts? Someone who could shove the canon in their faces?

Maybe @ouathinktank-metacommentary would have fun with that?
I dunno, but I’d personally like to read why do they think it’s stupid.

Cause the only thing I’ve read is “Regina is a murdered cause she killed FAKE Snow and Charming” (Funny they didn’t complain when Hook killed VERY MUCH REAL Merlin).

I need to read more about their complaints!

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Can i ask I may be wrong but is Ichigo already dead wasn't his chain cut off in the ss arc when he trained to save Rukia. So Ichigo human body is his own gigai. I've seen a lot of arguments from the ih saying Ichigo and Rukia can't be together due to her being already dead n him a human. But his parents are also the same they got married plus I again may be wrong Ichigo was already dead. But then again reading ih arguments they are easily debunked by the manga even they got me shaking my head.

Shinigamis can definitely stay in human world, it’s why there are shinigamis allotted to protect cities in first place, known as guardians.  It is how Ichigo even met Rukia because she was assigned to duty in human world. Rukia’s position was resumed by Zennosuke Kurumadani, who is now the guardian of Karakura town. What’s more Karakura falls under gotei Squad 13′s jurisdiction, which is Rukia’s squad. It is why Captain and VC class have spirit limiters, because their possibility of coming/staying in human world is already worked out for and measures are in place to accommodate such things. It’s business as usual for SS to send shinigamis to human world for shorter or longer durations. SS has existed for god knows how long (since beginning of time in bleachverse?), it’s foolish to assume they do not have shinigamis coming and staying in human world due to circumstances. Heck, we thought Ichigo is a special snowflake being the first ever to become a substitute shinigami. Even that isn’t true, because Ginjo came before him and who knows over a span of long time if these two were the only ones?

Now another anomaly. Orihime, Chad, Ishida are humans yet they can go to soul society without coming out of their human bodies. Orihime even trained in soul society. This is bleach we’re talking about, anything is possible as long as Kubo wants it. 

Now, are we sure Ichigo himself could stay in human world? Isn’t that why he had to be made powerless now to make canon pairing conceivable? 

Let’s ask Shunsui what’s up. Look at his dialogues, but also look at his hooded dark expression. Kubo drew it like that for a reason:

Same hooded dark expression again, look at his eyes. He is brutally honest in this moment, speak plain hard facts. He will do what he needs to do to protect human world and SS. Ichigo is but another soldier in the army of SS. Now look at his expression when Keigo lashes out on him, he is not surprised. He is expecting it, there is a cold demeanour to the way he is looking at them. As if he’s almost pitying them but knows what needs to be done. Keigo on the other hand is completely bewildered.

Remember Shunsui’s way of talking, he always delivers brutal blows in most casual manner that matches his image of someone who is laid back on the outside but serious on the inside. Now he has changed his expression. But that expression is not of honesty. This is the man who has replaced Genryusai  Yamamoto.How likely do you think it is that a Captain Commander would come to deliver soul tickets to Ichigo’s friends and family, raising a ruckus for “less than 1 in a 10,000″ probability, simply because “not saying anything to Ichigo’s friends wouldn’t be fair”. Does that make sense? For a possibility whose probability is so low you might as well consider it not happening at all? Couldn’t he wait until Ichigo actually arrived in SS from soul realm to at least see first if this ruckus is even needed? And this is the same SS getting concerned about nakama “feelings” now when they didn’t even care about their lives; has anyone forgotten encounter of these guys with Aizen, the latter standing merely in a walking distance from them? My hypothesis is that Soul society had no intention of letting Ichigo return to human world in first place, so essentially in these panels Shunsui knew Ichigo is not coming back (as far as they’re concerned. Ichigo’s reaction is another story.)

Tatsuki knows what’s up. She has trouble believing any of this. And Shunsui is not even looking her in the eye anymore, he is not making eye contact. 

As for the rest about gigais and age etc. Honestly anon, I am a wrong person to answer this. Because I’ve legit 10,000 questions about bleach universe that have never been answered or answered in a way that’s not clear in narrative/to reader. *pulls out 500 page book titled “shit that never got answered in bleach”*. From gigais having babies to Ichigo still being considered “human” to Isshin’s aging process or actual age, there’s a lot that’s not really clarified. There are a lot of theories on internet but nothing really worth noting as a fact. This is the kind of narrative we got and I am just all over here like:

Feminism matches every single qualifying factor of pseudoscience. It’s all about narrative, self confirmation of that narrative, theoretical extrapolation, then further self confirmation of the extrapolations. It has no interest in falsifying itself. It has no predictive power, it just has a system of interpretation that adjusts it’s narrative to fit the evidence ex post facto. It defines no limitations for itself nor makes any room for its claims to be false. It presumes value judgements and does more prescribing than describing. It’s full of jargon, explanations that make a lot of assumptions about individual’s thoughts and collectives, suggestion and indoctrination techniques, and frankly religion-like themes. Claims largely rely on debunked claims and personal experience. It’s research rejects peer review by other fields, claiming any attempt to falsify is a conspiracy of hatred, bigotry, and violence. It makes the same claims about skepticism and believers largely refuse to explain their position or back their claims, resorting to personal attacks and personal tactics, often asserting that others need to prove a negative -that they are not bigots (highly arbitrary). Feminist proponents regularly shut down debates that they do not fully control, only allowing their own view to be heard. All disagreement or conflict of information is seen as conspiracy against the ideology. Feminism functions as an ideology focused on achieving recruitment and authority in all areas of life. In some cases, feminists mock science or reject it as a social construct, often claiming it is a creation of grandios societal ills.

guys from collider’s jedi council think the next rebels episode has some rey kenobi evidence

now i’m stressing out

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Lmao the first thing on that list is that shitty group X study that has been debunked over and over... off to a great start

You know it’s all good and well to say something has been debunked but can you prove it? 

And by prove can you show whoever debunked it is more reputable than those conducting the study? Do you have all their credential etc. Can you provide me a link to the study etc etc.

mod v

Anon, I got your message and, while I appreciate your concern, I have to say it is absolutely misplaced. I’m not an innocent, clueless child, who believes anyone and anything. I’m definitely not gullible. No. I’m a grown ass woman, perfectly capable of rationally thinking, analyzing, assessing and, more importantly, drawing my own conclusions. I don’t need anyone telling me what to believe and who to trust. I do, have always done, and will always do my own convincing, regardless if others share the same ideas and beliefs I do or not. Trust me, the lawyer in me can smell bullshit a mile away. And if that is not enough, may I just add that I have more than enough evidence (that you’re not privy to) to debunk EVERY SINGLE question and nonsensical theory you’ve raised.

Maybe you should ask yourself, anon, if YOU are not the one being lied to, by some people trying to (shadily) push an agenda.

We all know the cis man experience, because it has been told to us through media, politics, parents, authority figures, and social interactions. But only cis men *experience* the cis man experience. Trans women never do at any point. We experience the trans woman experience. That’s all there is to it, this is all you need to understand in order to debunk the “male socialization” bullshit that t====erfs spew.

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How would you feel if Harry ended up with a woman?

u know i’ve thought about this a lot and truthfully i think to begin with i’d be like… not mad or like disappointed but just… not That Hyped which obviously i realise is Problematic™ because as long as harrys happy with his partner then i should be too and i’m sure theres some internalised misogyny playing a part in me hypothetically feeling that way and also the larrie part of me that would be like…..desperate to try and “debunk” it or find reasons why it wasnt actually a real thing. i think it also depends on like.. a variety of things. say idk harry was to ‘officially’ say that he was into both men and women and then later down the line ended up with a woman then i think i’d definitely be okay with that and everyone else should be too because him choosing to be with a woman wouldnt erase or diminish his not straightness. i think if he were never to “officially” come out or hint to the point where its undeniable that he isnt straight and then was to have a long term female partner it would be kind of different for me personally just because i think i would sort of be hurt that he never chose to publicly show same gender attraction, like i think a lot of what draws me to harry and makes me have that like… strong pull toward him is the fact that i perceive him as not being straight and see a lot of my own sexuality in him if that makes sense? obviously harry doesnt owe any of us anything and i’m not saying that i would think less of him or anyone else for not coming out and officially stating their sexual preferences, at the end of the day its his choice completely and his private life that he can choose not to share if he doesnt want to. that being said i think so far harry has shared enough with us already that its fair to say that he doesnt identify as straight and i think it would be a shame to just ignore all of that if he does end up with a woman. long story short i think how i’d feel would be complicated although it probably shouldnt be. i feel like the right answer to this question is ‘i’d be 100% happy for him whoever he ends up with!!’ but i’m just being realistic and honest i think its kinda more complex than that

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So she's a wicked wicke? :p

*ba dum tish*

Essentially, though :P It’s based off the original person’s headcanon prior to the Sun/Moon release that Wicke may have been the true Big Bad. And even after it’s been debunked, they decided to run with it as an AU

PSA from Manchester Animal Shelter (FB):

Is this a cute picture? Do you see “cute” pictures of your friends’ kids on FB? No it isn’t cute, it’s an accident waiting to happen. That is not the look of love in that dog’s eyes, it’s the look of stress. Everything about this dog’s body language says he wants some space. The wide eyes (known as whale eye), the ears back and the tense body are all indicators that the dog doesn’t like what’s being done to him.

A relaxed dog would have soft eyes, ears in a neutral position and body would be loose. Placing your dog and your child in situations like these are not only dangerous but setting your dog up for failure - it’s not just “aggressive” dogs that bite. Even non-aggressive dogs can get scared or lose patience.

Let’s be clear this can be ANY breed dog.

As ambassadors of bully breeds it is our responsibility to protect our dogs (and the children of course) from situations that could affect their livelihood. One bite regardless if accidental only adds to the stigma we all fight so hard against. Teaching children how to respect a dog’s space is the first step in teaching bite prevention. Remember all dogs have their limits, why test it?