Deborah Lippmann


RED CAGE - P.O.T.W. Deborah Lippman - supermodel

These would have been fun vday nails, but oh well… next year! :)

  • Deborah Lippman - supermodel + all about the base
  • Essie - sugar daddy
  • red foil tape
  • red metallic studs

This is the third look using Deborah Lippman - supermodel. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches!

I am proud to have given Caitlyn her first manicure and pedicure. Thank you Caitlyn for opening my eyes, heart and soul. I adore you. Xo Annie Leibovitz and vanityfair for including me in this historic moment. 
Fashion Direction by Jessica Diehl
Hair by Oribe Canales
Makeup by Mark Carrasquillo
Booking Editor Kathryn MacLeod
Set design by Mary Howard Studio


GLITTERY GEOMETRICS - POTW - Deborah Lippmann - all about the base

  • Deborah Lippmann - all about the base
  • Revlon - urban
  • Aldo Nail Lacquer - lavender fields
  • RickyColor - rooftop margaritas
  • light blue, yellow and purple loose glitter

This is the third look using All about the base from Deborah Lippmann. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for previously featured polishes.


Inspired by the 57th Grammy Awards, Deborah created this look exclusively for PopSugar and host Kirbie Johnson with our lacquers and Swarovski elements.

We can’t wait to see the looks on the red carpet Sunday, February 8, 2015.


1) Prep nails for nail tip adhesion by filing your natural nails to make sure that they don’t extend past the tip of your finger. Use Cuticle Remover to gently push back the cuticle so that when the tip is applied, it looks as natural possible. Do not apply oil afterwards, but cleanse the nail plate with 2 Second Nail Primer or The Stripper

2) Working on one hand at a time, apply nail tips by dabbing a small amount of nail glue on the back of the nail tip where it will touch your nail and press the appropriately sized nail down for a few seconds

3) Paint two coats of nail lacquer in Rolling In The Deep on all nails, waiting two minutes between coats

4) Apply a thin “French tip” using nail lacquer called Stronger, created with Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson to all nails

5) To adhere crystals, work on one area at a time, and dab a small amount of top coat or nail glue over the French tip area. Using tweezers or a damp orange wood stick, pick Swarovski crystal elements up one-by-one and place them along the tip of the nail and in random places on the backside of the nail. Start with larger ones at the tip, and use smaller crystals down the sides towards the fingertip for a gradient effect

6) Flip your hands over and paint one coat of Rolling In The Deep on the undersides of your nails. On one nail at a time, apply a second coat of Rolling In The Deep and as it is drying, sprinkle the crystals on the nail over a bowl to catch any excess. Pat the crystals into the coat of Stronger that is drying to secure

7) Finish with a topcoat. Let dry and enjoy the Grammy-inspired bling!

Sandy Beaches

Sandy Beaches por littlemissalpha con China Glaze ❤ liked on PolyvoreGreen dress

2b bebe white shoes

FOSSIL clutch wallet

Leather jewelry

Dolce&Gabbana earrings

Chloé green glasses

Monki hair accessory

Sigma Beauty toiletry bag

Tarte lip makeup

Nyx eyeliner

Synthetic makeup brush

Sigma Beauty makeup brush

Oil free foundation

PurMinerals blue mascara

Roberto Cavalli perfume fragrance

Paco Rabanne perfume fragrance

Dr Brandt face care

Guerlain beauty product

Accessorize turquoise nail polish

Deborah Lippmann nail polish

Accessorize teal nail polish

China Glaze nail polish


POLISH OF THE WEEK ROUND UP - Deborah Lippmann - all about the base

All about the base is a base coat staple for your nail polish collection. Use it as both a color fixer if you have stains or spots for underneath your sheer or nude, layer it under a glitter or use as a negative space base.. Dries quickly and with a matte finish. 

jbrushstrokes asked:

How do you get your cuticles in such good shape?

The trick to good cuticles is just to keep the alive skin moisturized and the dead skin off. 

If you’re a self-manicurist, like me, I recommend tending to them every two weeks. You’ll want a good cuticle softener and a pusher or orange stick to push back. ONLY THEN do you use your cuticle cutter to remove the dead skin— the white and flakey parts. **Do not trim all the way around your nail. That skin is still alive and kickin’ and keeping your nailbeds safe. 

My two favorite cuticle products (if you’re willing to spend a little more) are Dior’s Crème Apricot Fortifying Cream and Deborah Lippmann’s The Cure. Both moisturize your cuticles like woah— keeping maintenance to a minimum. 

Let me know what you think of them! And, of course, always feel free to ask me any questions! Happy to help. 



Kira Inspired Washington DC Trip Outfit by veterization featuring long sleeve shirts

Shirts top, $47 / Maison Scotch long sleeve shirt, $61 / Topshop black shorts, $34 / H&M white shoes, $12 / Gag Lou peacock jewelry, $61 / Deborah Lippmann nail polish, $24

LIPS, LIPS, LIPS - P.O.T.W - Deborah Lippmann - all about the base

  • Deborah Lippmann - all about the base
  • Sally Hansen - red carpet + bubblegum pink
  • Color Club - wicker park
  • O.P.I. - kiss me on my tulips
  • silver bows from BORNPRETTYSTORE.COM

This is the last look using Deborah Lippmann All about the base. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.