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Name: Kiana
Nickname: none, sadly :( well, none that i enjoy being called
Birthday: November 16th

Star Sign: Scorpio

Gender: Genderfluid (i really dont care about pronouns)
Height: 5′7

Sexual orientation: bi baby hmu
Favorite color: dont have one

Time right now: 12:32 in the afternoon, about time to do some homework lol

Average hours of sleep: like 4-10 hours, depending on the season because i like to pretend to hibernate in the winter to avoid school

Lucky number: i dont have one really
Last thing I googled: ‘The Dictionary of Obsure Sorrows’ because im a huge fan of words with strange meanings 

Number of blankets I sleep under: one becuase it’s summer and i live in florida, so i dont wanna die in the middle of the night from heatstroke

Favorite Fictional Character: i would say sam winchester… but, honestly, it’s finnick odair. i love me some finnick odair. he is my son
Favorite Famous Person: probably either Jensen Ackles or Chris Pratt. no explanation needed for either

Crushes: myself bitches. also, a little itty bitty Ruby Rose.

Favorite Books: anything that’s similar to George Orwell’s style, like along the lines of Atlas Shrugged and stuff
Favorite Bands: OK, im gonna keep it short and simple. Maroon 5, Twin Forks, Young the Giant, The Lumineers, The Lone Bellow, The New Basement Tapes, Mumford & Sons, Marina and the Diamonds, Florence + the Machine, 5SOS, Fall Out Boy, Walk the Moon, AC/DC, Queen, Def Leppard, twenty one pilots, Guns ‘N Roses, and The Killers.
Dream Trip: to Greece!!!!!!!!!! bring me there somebody!!!!!!!
Dream Job: a freelance photojournalist, but i really want to get into acting (once i figure out effective ways to deal with anxiety lol)

What I am wearing at the moment: a tank-top and shorts because i was really lazy today

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Core Babies

alright so somebody was talking to me about core munchkins like me and Silver’s precious son Danlet and I thought I would write up a post about my theories for ghost babbys. There are a bunch of theories that coincide with this so if you’re curious about those send me an ask  or a Skype request!

What a core is, in an incredibly un-detailed description:

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Name: Whitney
Time/date: 24th July 2015, 9:59 PM
Last thing I googled: urban outfitters tapestry
Birthday: September 15th
Gender: Suspicious Streetlamp (jk female)
Sexuality: Straight Height: 5"6’
Favourite colour: Black
One thing that makes me happy: Making others laugh uncontrollably
Favourite movie: (this is hard uhh) Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron or Memoirs of a Geisha
Last book I read: The Knife of Never Letting Go
Most used phrases: “ME”, “same”, “Gucci”, “TRUUU”, “*backflips into sunset” (my fav), “AYYE”
Beverage: Teaaa or lemonade I mean I love both tbh
Food: Pineapple
Dream wedding: *violently lists off color combos, hand foods, dress types, wedding locations….!!!*
Dream job: Architecture, though I’m not entirely sure
I tag: janefdarling quicksilvers-sneakers poison–death the–neighborhood–executioner itsmaddierosedavis addictwithadeath gay-zoned wowiekachowie rarelyable (and potterheade because she da homie)

Currently writing: an alternate version of The Five Doctors, in which the former Doctors really are pulled out of time, out of the middle of actual past adventures, companions attached, just as they were back then - because I don’t have to worry about little things like actor availability or ageing, I can picture them just as they were, as if those 10, 15, 20 years hadn’t passed

And then to keep it interesting, I had them trigger a trap in the Death Zone, which jumbled them all up, so I now have totally random* groupings of Doctors and companions finding each other and trying to figure out what’s going on, and it is the most glorious fun

Now I just need to figure out what happens next for each group…

*they’re not actually that random - I planned each group quite specifically :D

Heaven’s Venom || Poisons & Antidotes || Ratsis & GM Noel

I had a few ideas lingering in my head after Ignacius and I wrapped up our little death zone at the traps station. I saw the poisons and antidote station was open and despite Valora and I’s chat still in the back of my head I made my way over.

Admittedly, yes, I knew something as simple as the color of a plant or berry could kill me in a heartbeat, but there had to be another way of identifying what was fatal and what wasn’t. I had more or less zero knowledge about poisons, save for the usual shit found around the house. I almost eased at the thought of asking the trainer for help. I knew the fact I couldn’t tell red from blue was going to have to come out, hopefully they won’t be a dick about it.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw the trainer talking with not another tribute, but another woman. From the back I recognized who it was, one of the cunts orchestrating this whole battle royale. I almost turned away when she turned to face me first. For once in my life I knew I was outmatched, and I had promised Valora I’d not be a dick, even after what we talked about this morning I was willing to keep true to that promise. I’m not an idiot.

“Afternoon.” I greeted, “Is the station closed?” I asked.

anonymous asked:

the german tmr book titles are kinda similar to the French ones but instead of 'the trial' it says 'the chosen ones' and then 'in the maze', 'in the flare desert' and 'in the death zone'

Oooh I like these ones but yeah I’m not sure if I translated well enough the titles… they are still funny hahaha

  • Hannah:A giant earthquake is going to take out the entire Pacific Northwest
  • Me:nbd, San Francisco is out of the death zone.

This exact day last year, I was 3 days into a medical admission in a cardiology ward on bed rest with 24/7 psych nurses for a bit over a week. Equipped with a heart monitor that I am reminded of every day because the electrodes plastered all over my torso left scars from my papery skin tearing when they ripped them off. I was writhing in frustration, fear and mental anguish at the calories that were forcefully polluting my body, I could feel the fat swelling and bubbling under my flesh and I could do nothing about it. I would get waken almost hourly (if I managed to sleep) so that my dropping heart rate would raise out of the critical zone. Death was preferable at that point.

 I felt ~fine though and because of that, I will continue to believe that I have never been sick enough or worthy of recovery. My stupid brain is romanticising sickness, weight loss and even hospitals (!!!?!?!?) because they provide safety/structure/help and my eating disorder has to take the back seat because it doesn’t have a choice in the matter. But let’s my honest here, hospital is another level of hell and I never want to go back but oh how I am convinced that relapse is the ***anSWeR*** to all my probz. Sighhh just want it 2 fuk off n stp being such an inconvenience to literally evry aspect of my life.

Get to know me ~

this isn’t even late you can fight me 

thankyou to the lovely padfootinsidethetardis for tagging me 

name:  Mollie 

nicknames: Moll (do not - death zone), rick, pluto etc. 

birthday: 7th march

gender: eh 

sexual orientation: demiromantic bisexual

favourite colour: blue or green 

favourite character: eh atm probably nicky off oitnb 

lucky number: my birthdays the 7th so i usually say 7 so im a basic bitch 

favourite beverage: icecream milkshake or some shit like that to drown my lactose intolerant soul 

favourite food: ive been craving those pizza finger things u get from iceland for like 10 years now tbh idek if they’re still sold but they’re even better than actual pizza 

last movie i saw: idk what is called but the one i watched at netflix and chillz last night 

dream wedding: no wedding is my dream wedding <3 

Ten people to tag: ill just tag the last 10 people in my activity bc im lazy and that’s easy so : patsyanddelia, thedoubleawe, wowimafairyonacid, the-red-abacaxi, kittenprintsocks, trustmeimthedoctorsnextcompanion, probablynotstraight, g-odzilla, keepcalmandletsfindbucky exquisite-imperfection and anyone else who wants to or does not want to