On the Mediterranean graveyard, and indifference

For all that this website is for social justice I see no one turning to the African-European crisis that is happening right now.

To put it as shortly as I can, clandestine immigrants from various countries in Africa are being transported to Italy from Libya (a quick look at a map will tell you why there is literally nowhere else they’re going).

Who are these people? Men, women and children from Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Tunisia and Nigeria escaping war zones and death, going after the dream of a better life for themselves and their family, often going to reconnoitre and settle to bring the whole family — the dynamic of immigrants in any time and place on Earth.

What do these people go through? Horrors so great they decide to leave their own homes, if they even have some anymore, horrors to get to Libya where they stay in inhuman conditions, paying large quantities of money to remain in a filthy room full to the brim with other desperate people, like livestock, at the mercy of human traffickers. Once they are finally granted passage to Europe, the real hell begins. We have a Mediterranean Sea no longer: it is a graveyard. These words have been spoken by the European Parliament president Martin Schulz, but to what end? They are not acting to change it. You have to understand that the passage these people buy at such a cost is not safe. The boats are old, broken, filthy, and transporting hundreds of people where the space was designated for a couple dozen passengers at most. Do have a look. It’s easy to imagine how easily these boats fail or topple. Hundreds of people die.


After this tragedy, after 700 people died in a single incident, the hope was that at least the Italian government and Coastal Guard would get some help from Europe, since we are still a Union after all, finances, aid, men, ships — but after a few statements on the tragedy, nothing really changed.

What is happening now? These people do not want to stay in Italy, where there are no resources for them. They want to move up north and settle in other countries. France is blocking the frontier at Ventimiglia, sending back all those who successfully pass the border. This is against the Schengen Agreement, which states that within the Schengen Area all movement of persons should be free. To quote:

The Schengen area represents a territory where the free movement of persons is guaranteed. The signatory States to the agreement have abolished all internal borders in lieu of a single external border.

While the Schengen Agreement is valid for EU citizens only, France and other European countries should not be blocking passage like they’re doing; they’re leaving the whole burden to those States like Italy and Greece who are receiving migrants while unable to sustain themselves alone, because of our poor economic situation.

Europe is standing by and watching tragedy unfold; with her, the world.

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“Okay. So, we got a good few cans of food, a bottle of still good wine, some blades and rags and alcohol, some clothes … ” Anthony said, looking down at the supplies they got from their run. It was a good run, probably one of the best they had in days. The people will most probably jump in joy when they see this. “ … a few bullets and–” frowning, he picked up a small box which looks oddly familiar. “Peeta, are these condoms? Why the fuck did you take these?”

What Transcendence?

Too much circling around the zones of death
When about me breezes the winds of life,
But it is the darkness that takes my breath
What beauty it is that we see in strife,

Concealing the importance of our day to day
Fixing upon me thoughts of eternity,
But in truth what is it that I can truly say
If not that I dream of immortality,

Thus, I man, sink in reveries of paradox
Questions of philosophy for what they mean,
A bout between the new and the orthodox
In search of things that cannot be seen.

This is me posting during my 2:30 am low…still continuing from my 1:00 am low…

And my boss tells me I need more sleep.

But you know, this is great because I was 300 a few hours ago…and I’ve been trying to escape the highs for hours. I got a half hour of happy blood sugars…as they rapidly passed through the happy zone into the sadness and death zone.

Sometimes I think about how terrible it would be to die in my sleep. Not just for me, but for the people who would find me of course. Dead in bed syndrome is a scary thing, and my CGM no longer beeping means I only wake up during lows when my body wants to. I think I’m okay, but then I think of the people I’ve known who have died because of type 1 in the past couple of years.

I should go back to sleep. Sleep is good for my health.

But I feel like even the things that are good can turn bad with diabetes. Insulin, sleep, sugar, exercise. The things that can save me can also kill me.

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Fight Song: Let You Down - Skate feat. Peezy (really fun song to rap to tbh lol)
Breaking Up: Wednesday Night Interlude - Drake feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR
Life’s OK: Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran
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Wedding: I Know Places - Taylor Swift
Birth of Child: She Don’t Know - Skate feat. Jack J
Final Battle: Beside You - 5 Seconds of Summer (always and forever will be my favorite track)
Death Scene: No Flex Zone - Rae Sremmurd
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What if that Super Sonic died?


Welp, there go the Chaos-damned tears again… 

“Fleetway…? I… I don’t think I can give you an answer, ‘anon’. Just get out before I blow you to bits if you ask me about that subject EVER AGAIN.

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Getting Back Together: Come Get Her - Rae Sremmurd
Wedding: Bloom/Bouquet - Jack J 💕(srsly my fave song tbh)
Birth of Child: Noting to Lose - Empire Cast feat. Jussie Smollett
Final Battle: Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - Silento 
Death Scene: No Flex Zone - Rae Sremmurd 
Funeral Song: Gotta Get Out - 5 Seconds of Summer
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ahhh im crying you struggling with showers resonates with me so much ahhhh my family has constantly abused that over me for yrs and i almost for certain know that ill never have a trustworthy or healthy relationship with anybody but hearing about u and pagan ahhhh it gives me some kind of hope im sorry if this was too personal/uncomfortable

NOOOO not too personal/uncomfortable at all!!! water in general has always been a simultaneous safe space/death zone for me HOWLS

showers and especially baths are always/have always been a struggle and i remember i was like “WHAT IF I ASK YOU TO HOLD MY HAND WHILE I SHOWER/BATHE SO THAT I DONT KMS!!!!!” and pagan was like “then ill do it ofc! easy as pie ilu” and i was like WAIT…. WHat……….. oH………………. seriously??? and pagan was like “yes!!!!! *kisses me*” and im like oo

there is hope for you please dont worry; you are a wonderful person and there is someone waiting for you out there i promise u!!!

pagan and i always say that it took us so long to find each other becuase the universe was preparing us to meet each other!! so please dont lose hope okay i lov u
Soundcloud's Ominous Audio Recreation of the Berlin Wall Takes Radio Grand Prix at Cannes

The 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Radio Jury made an unconventional pick for this year’s Grand Prix winner – a self-promotional piece for Soundcloud that replicated the Berlin Wall through audio.

What won:

Created out of Grey Berlin, the campaign was created to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It bears particular relevance to SoundCloud since the company’s offices are based in the original “Todesstreifen” (“Death Zone Area”) around the wall. The effort is a disturbing audio experience that combines excerpts from speeches of leaders of the German Democratic Republic, border guards and ominous, atmospheric sounds.

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