the Rikiel fight in stone ocean is so funny because araki has to explain so much

like, Rods are a level 9 cryptid nobody’s heard of before. yeah you’ve got your jersey devils and your big foots. but then you have like the moth man and the loveland frog. then you get the next level up with stuff like the Mongolian Death Worm and shit that YEAH you MIGHT hear of but they’re very uncommon. I’ve never heard anyone talk about Rods before that chapter.

So Araki has to make up the biology of a made up creature

And then he has to explain they feed off body heat

and then he has to have emporio explain WHY that’s a bad thing

cryptid-wendigo  asked:

Asks galore, eh? What cryptid is the scariest to you? What's your favorite? Are you short or tall? Would you ride a Mongolian Death Worm into battle?


Scariest: The Loveland Frogmen have appeared in my nightmares more than a few times. I think it’s the image of a walking frog that bothers me, even though I grew up the daughter of a reptile and amphibian enthusiast. 

Favorite: No questions about it. Bigfoot, hands down. I am an anthropologist, so they fascinate me like nothing else but crime TV can. 

I am very short. Just barely five feet tall. My younger sister is taller than me, so she often is thought to be the oldest. It also probably doesn’t help that I look about five years younger than I am. 

Ummm of course! Who wouldn’t?!? I feel like it would be really effective in the zombie apocalypse. 

anonymous asked:

by complete chance, I was watching a nature documentary which the "sukt to death!!!" worms were taken from and thought of you, I'm still laughing now


anonymous asked:

Hi! So 1) I love love love your blog 2) what are some cryptids that scare you? I was going through and saw you mention that some scare you so I was just wondering...

Hi! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. The Mongolian Death Worm is really the only one that scares me quite a bit (though I love to read about it). I linked it in my last ask, I’d link it again for you but I just moved to mobile because I have to go check on animals I’m pet sitting!