Dear Tumblr

Dear Tumblr,

If the article sounds fishy, Google it.
If the infograph includes a broken link as a source, don’t believe it.
If the study was based on a small group of people, it isn’t accurate.

Instead of believing everything you read and reblogging it with a feign outrage, why don’t you use your fucking heads and make sure that what you are getting irate about isn’t a parody, satire or a plain lie.
You have been blessed with Internet access. Practically all the information in the world is at your fingertips and you still believe a screenshotted article about how a guy named Richard (Dick) Head is proposing a dress code for the First Family’s daughters.

Okay Tumblr, Answer Me This

You say that everyone is equal.
You say that nobody deserves to be treated unfairly or unjustly.
You say nobody should be murdered for their beliefs, or who they are.
There is so much uproar about the oh so many unjust killings in this country.
But may I ask you, when innocent Christians in Oregon are killed, why are you silent?
When these Christians, are just believing in and following Jesus, are murdered, why are you not in an uproar?
Why is it that you are turning this into a situation about gun control rather than about the fact that innocent people died for their beliefs?
Why are you using it as yet another thing to use as ammo against conservatives in a political game while people across the country mourn for their losses?
When people who were not of the Christian faith were killed with guns (not that that was in ANY way okay), you were in an uproar.
You were so upset, begging for help for the families, asking for awareness to be raised.
But now, in a similar situation, all you have to give is either total silence or political games.
Because they’re Christians.
Let me tell you something, Tumblr.
You cannot say that if I listen to the media, and will sometimes go off of what they say, that I am a horrible person.
Because that makes you hypocrites.
Because your opinions on Christians are made up of the small percentage of radicals that say some horrible things and get all the media attention.
Because these innocent people die, you laugh at them.
You think, “Those Christians, they deserved it. They don’t matter.”
And that’s not true. At all. Because we’re human.
Christians, if you ever actually got to know one, are some of the nicest, most accepting and loving group of people you will ever meet.
But you only choose to see the bad few. You only choose to see what you want to see.
My heart hurts. Because I’m sick of me and the rest of my Christian brothers and sisters get treated like we’re nothing.
So Tumblr, don’t you DARE tell me that you are loving and accepting of all people.
Don’t you DARE tell me that you won’t judge.
Because guess what?
Christians are people too. And you refuse to hear or recognize us.
And because I know I will get hate for this post. I know I’ll get threats.
But I’m sick of being ignored, when all Jesus calls me to do is love.

This Halloween...

Please remember that some children can’t afford costumes.
Please remember that some children have autism and other mental disabilities that may seem odd to you.
Please remember that children are children.
Please remember that these children aren’t celebrating evil, they just want candy and treats.
Please remember that they are impressionable. If you are cruel, impatient or unkind, that stays with them whether you think it does or not.
Please remember that Halloween is for everyone.

Dearest Tumblr

Why do you have to take every good thing in life and try to tear it down? I don’t understand this. The latest bandwagon massacre is Markiplier’s Impossible Let’s Play where he puts on make up. Nothing about anything he says is transphobic. Literally nothing. It just goes to prove that you have far too much time on your hands and have too many feels to get hurt. He is literally just a dude with a camera doing a make up challenge that thousands of other YouTubers have done. If you watch the video (which I’m pretty sure you  haven’t) you’d see that. I’m tired of seeing ‘I’m so disappointed in you Mark’ and other such things. Mark is human, he will make mistakes, but this one is on you guys. Get off your little holier-than-thou horse and fight a battle worth fighting with someone who is actually trying to be a dick and put down the trans community. I will never say Mark is absolutely perfect and he can and will never do wrong, but good fuck. He is some force of good in this universe. He actively does charity livestreams, he cares about his fan base (has even gone to the lengths to defend them against anon hate from this very website - and the one I know of is a trans man), and on more than one occasion has helped me and some of my closest friends through some dark times by making us smile.  

No, Mark is not perfect, but he is a good man. So get your facts right before you go off and picket the front of his internet house. 

Love, Azo

PS: That video is 9 months old. You’re a little late. 

Thanks, Tumblr!

I want to take a minute to say thanks to all of you for helping me be a better parent. I learn from you all daily! You’ve taught me about acceptance and compassion, how to stand up and be brave, and most importantly you’ve reminded me what it was like to be young and feel things so strongly. You all have helped to remind me that feelings are valid at any age, and that shutting down bad behaviour with discipline and is often less helpful than listening and having empathy.
As someone raised in the “do as your told/be seen and not heard/don’t get your dress dirty/wait until your father gets home/girls can’t do that” generation I am constantly struggling with what I was taught and what I am learning now. I’m raising two young girls and one boy and with your help and I’ve been able to show them tolerance, opinions, options, and acceptance that were unheard of when I was their age. Thank you all for being so passionate about things, for speaking out against injustice, for opening my eyes to the events of the globe not just the nation, and for reminding me that feelings are valid no matter what. You all are an awesome generation and I am so excited to see you change the world!