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"It's a pretty fucking bad sign when the first words that your soulmate will say to you is 'excuse me', at least that's what Draco and Blaise say." (first sentence of that hansey fic I'm writing but I'm damn curious to see what you'll come up with!!)

Pairing: Harry Potter x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Modern, non-magical, soulmate AU

Notes: I couldn’t help myself, honestly.

It’s a pretty fucking bad sign when the first words your soulmate will say to you are ‘excuse me'—at least, that’s what Draco and Blaise say.

They’re not really wrong, it turns out; barreling into this scruffy, disheveled asshole with hipster glasses in the middle of a busy midtown Starbucks, spilling half of a 180-degree gingerbread latte down the front of his coat, and then hearing him sneer—in this voice, this tone, that’s equal parts deeply mesmerizing and infuriatingly condescending—

“Excuse me.”

She lifts her chin to make herself seem taller, and then tosses her hair back so the diamonds in her ears catch the ugly overhead spotlights, and then looks him up and down like he’s one of those hippies bused in from Queens to protest about fois gras in front of Dean & Deluca like she cares about fucking ducks and their fucking livers when all she wants to do is buy nine pounds of brie and two loaves of brioche and eat it all in the privacy of her own penthouse.

“You're excused, Wes Anderson,” she drawls, as haughtily as she can manage with, like, an entire tablespoon of nutmeg-dusted whipped cream melting on the back of her hand.

And she assumes that’ll be the end of it—except he blanches, opens his mouth, closes it again like an absolute imbecile, and then squints at her with such uncomfortable intensity that she’s practically forced to take the time to inspect him.

He’s good-looking, of course. Strong jaw. Nice nose. Green eyes. Really green eyes.

“You just said—you just said my words,” he bleats, sounding dumbstruck and slightly ill. 

“What? No, I didn’t,” she retorts, automatically.

“Yes, you did. I think I’d know.”

“Oh, like you knew how to move out of the way in a crowded coffee shop?”

“You weren’t even fucking looking—”

“Neither were you!”

“You were walking backwards—”

“Um, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a mirror over there, and I was fixing my lipstick—”

“Since that's so important—”

“How dare you—”

“How dare you—”

He abruptly shuts up.

She sniffs, outraged and imperious. Imperiously outraged.

He eventually sighs.

“Harry Potter,” he offers, glumly. “That's—my name.”

She continues glaring at him for a few moments longer, and then she carefully takes his hand.

Could Matthew have worked Godless into last years schedule?

Well, I’ve remembered something that might connect Matthew and Godless. Do you remember a photo taken at the Dean and Deluca pro am in Ft Worth, Texas. I believe it was with a mayor or someone like that. The pro am was the last week in May. It’s just a short distance to New Mexico. I believe that’s where Godless was filmed. Matthew filmed The Hatton Garden Job in July. Therefore , he was in the area and looks like maybe available to shoot something in June.

I believe they began filming Godless in Early summer and into the fall. It does kinda add up, I just can’t figure out why his name is not mentioned anywhere. It’s a mystery. But then, his name wasn’t mentioned forTSOAE until it was ready for theaters.

He was also available in September I believe. Just a thought. I could be completely wrong.

Scarlett Johansson lends her voice to fooide podcast from Dean and DeLuca. [x]

Yesterday, at approximately 17:45, I bumped into Sebastian Stan in Dean and Deluca in New York… Hhhhhooooolllllyyyyy shit… Please excuse how awful I look but I feel like he is perfectly capable of looking gorgeous for the both of us. He is a literal RAY OF SUNSHINE and was so kind and friendly and perfect. HE HUGGED ME and when I said he was amazing, HE SAID I WAS TOO! So yeah… I just wanted to share with you one of the best moments in my life. I don’t think he realise how much it actually means to his fans when he stops to chat and take a selfie with them, it literally made my year/life. Thanks Sebastian! 💛

@ph-armacy @mattymattymerduck @officialcaptain-marvel @bovaria @ursulaismymiddlename - just wanted to tag you guys because I thought you might appreciate his perfect smile ☺️