The charcuterie counter at Dean & Deluca in Soho is a magical salted and marbled wonderland. How do you chose between Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? You don’t. With this in mind, I selected the Salame Napolatana, the Sopressata Piccante, a mini Finochiona, and a baguette for good measure.

My home was filled with cured pork joy only minutes later. The thinly sliced Salame and Sopressata had a delicious spicy heat and the Finochiona is like pepperoni’s sexy cousin.

My plan is to try lots of different joints for this tumblr, but I may need to find my way back to D&D soon.

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Bughead #5. one night stand and falling pregnant au

(okay, before you guys scream at me, this might be one i’ll do a follow up for)




It’s a morning like any other; she and Veronica rise early for their weekend roommate run, even if Veronica spends the entire time complaining that she doesn’t “do” public parks—half jokingly, but Betty knows there’s a part of her best friend that confidently, deliberately remains snobby—and then take turns showering. 

Betty pads into the kitchen while Veronica takes the first pass at the bathroom. After setting up the coffee maker and it whirs to life, Betty presses the lever of the toaster down with one hand and turns on the radio with the other. 

The local NPR station is running a story about plastics fibers found in salt water and what all countries have to do about ocean pollution, and she thinks to herself that she’s always disliked plastics.

They’re necessary, of course. Inevitable, really. But after a lifetime of trying to open impossible plastic packages, or the time she melted a plastic spatula on the stove because she was having a panic attack and probably nearly burned her apartment down—which, surprisingly, didn’t help with the anxiety—and now this with the ocean pollution, she thinks they could do well to rid themselves of it wherever not necessary. 

However, it turns out that necessary will be sooner than she thinks.

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