• Sam: Hey Jack, how's it going with the angel manual?
  • Jack: I'm not reading that anymore. It was supposed to be educational but it's just you two bitching about angels
  • Sam: Oh no, that's not true at all. Try Castiel's entry. I know, I know. Sixteen pages is a lot but we have known him a long time and-
  • Jack: There isn't sixteen pages. Some have been ripped out and this page has been super-glued in...'Castiel: Castiel is the most heinous useless piece of shit I have EVER met. He makes out like he's all innocent and doesn't know what he's doing. Giving you those Bambi-ass eyes and the kicked puppy look to MAKE you forgive him. As though he doesn't know what he's done?! If he doesn't HE SHOULD! And like, that guy wasn't even that hot. As if he didn't know he was flirting?! Right in front of my BEER! Recommended course of action when he does this, don't talk to him or explain what he did. In front of my BEER?! Anyway fuck it. Stats. Appearance: Dresses like he hasn't been able to see in years. Intelligence: Missing in action. Weaknesses: Whore'.

“Say that again ?”

“It’s not my fault if some werewolves tried to kill me in my wedding dress ! I had to change it, I couldn’t come with a bloody dress ! Well, not in front of my parents at least.”

Being Good

Summary: Reader knows exactly what Dean needs tonight…

Square Filled:  Dom/Sub

Pairing: sub!Dean x dom!reader

Word Count: 900ish

Rating: explicit (smut (dom/sub dynamics, handjobs), language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo

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Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean discovers what being truly content feels like.

Warnings: None, major fluffies.

For @ilostmyshoe-79‘s Sweet Emotions Challenge! I had the prompt “content”. I had a blast writing this! Hope you all enjoy.

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Dean never thought he’d get to live a happy life.

After watching Sam, his mother, Cas, and his father (hell, even himself) die countless times, he was sure life had a personal vendetta against him. After all, his father always said a hunter’s life wasn’t pretty nor good (”and the sooner you understand that the better.”)

And, Dean had believed that for the the longest time, ignoring his desire to fight for a happy life.

That is, until he met you. As cheesy as it sounds, you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, even though you were covered head to toe in monster guts at the time.

You had taught him many things about living life. He learned how to smile, despite the hardships he was facing at the time. He learned how to cry when things became too much. He learned how to love somebody with all of his being.

But, most importantly, he learned how to be genuinely happy for the first time.

Dean had thought the happiest day of his life was when he got the courage to get on one knee and ask for you to be his eternally. 

But, the day your little girl was born was by far the best, happiest day. Dean doesn’t often cry, but when he held his baby girl in his arms for the first time, he sobbed for the first time in months. 

Soft, gentle rays of light flow through the bedroom window. The quiet chirping of birds fill his ears as he begins to awaken. He gently blinks the sleep away from his exquisite green eyes as his vision begins to focus on the cream wall of his bedroom. 

The annoyingly bright red lights of his alarm clock say that it is 6:00 AM, meaning he should probably get up and make the morning coffee.

But, something catches his eye before he can pad into the kitchen. Softly snoring with your mouth slightly open, you lay resting in a peaceful sleep. Dean admires how the soft morning light glows on your beautiful face, highlighting every curve edge.

Resting himself on his arm, he leans over you to brush some hair out of your face, causing you to shift slightly before stilling.

You’re just so damn perfect, he thinks as he continues to watch you rest. He slightly chuckles when he imagines your reaction if he told you that (”I’m far from that, Deano. Try again.”) But, through his eyes, you’re a perfect hunter, a perfect partner and wife, and a perfect mother.

He can’t resist placing his hand on your chest gently, feeling your heart beating gently. You’re so perfect that he fears this is just a cruel allusion; a fake being who isn’t real. But, as your heart steadily beats along his fingers, he’s reassured you’re absolutely real and his own.

Dean could stay here for hours, he decides, and he would without a doubt if he could. But, he hears your little girl softly coo, signaling her wake.

Slowly getting out of bed to avoid waking you, he leaves the warm sheets and reaches over the crib to pick up his daughter.

She looks more like you, Dean thinks. She has your shining locks of hair and the exact same smile. But her eyes are bright green, just like his.

As he rocks her gently, her small hands clamp around his calloused finger and tears immediately fill his eyes.

He shares glances with both your sleeping form and his cooing daughter before he comes to the conclusion that he finally found what true happiness is.

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Do you remember how insanely charged with UST Dean/CAS scenes were in Season 4 ?

Have you noticed that the sexual tension began to decrease gradually until it dropped considerably ?

Have you ever wondered if, maybe,  just maybe, the unresolved sexual tension has simply been , at some point in time , Resolved ?  😉

  • Dean - bro I can't believe I never noticed bro but your eyes are the colour of the deepest of oceans, but they're not really one colour really, more like the sky just before a thunderstorm mixed with blue the colour of uncut sapphires. Bro.
  • Cas - I love how your freckles are like galaxies that transcend space and time and they make beautiful constellations such beauty has rarely existed since the dawn of time. Brother.
  • Charlie -
  • Charlie - well shit I'm the straightest person at this table

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Something that really strikes me about 8.20 is how Dean is portrayed in Charlie's dream. Dean wakes up in a hospital. Charlie imagines herself a fighter. But how does she see Dean? A military doctor. A soldier, to be sure, and judging by the medals her dream decorates him with, an accomplished, brave soldier and protector. But above all he's a DOCTOR. Someone who heals, who helps people.

Isn’t that lovely? I love that Charlie knows Dean. And it makes sense, given the way they met and their interactions afterward. In fact, I think most people who meet Dean because he’s trying to save them from monsters would see him in the exact same way. It’s only John, and later the angels, who saw Dean as a soldier and a playing piece on a chess board. Unfortunately, John’s opinion formed Dean’s own opinion of himself, and it’s really a shame, because that’s just not who Dean is. 

When Charlie met Dean, he (and Sam) were trying to save the country from Leviathons, and Charlie was so inspired, she volunteered to put her own life at risk too. And then Dean helped her through the conversation with the guard and later, when she met him again, there he was, trying to save more people from being hurt at the LARPing event.  And when she meets up with him again at the bunker, he’s trying to help Sam recuperate, keep him safe from the trials, and so he brings Charlie along on his hunt. And on that hunt, she sees him figuring out the monster, interacts with him in a sort of student/mentor kind of way. And her subconscious mind obviously knows he’s there to save her so it’s not surprising at all that her mind would dream up a job for Dean that fits him so perfectly. 

Because, basically, all Charlie knows about Dean is that he’s dedicated his life to saving people. And that he takes care of the people he loves (the people in his unit, just like a military doctor), which now includes her. And honestly, I think that’s what most people who really know Dean would say about him. Because that’s who Dean is.  

Rather Be

Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – Dean takes care of a sick reader.

Word Count – 1,517

Warnings – Sick Reader

A/N – A request from a sweet Nonnie: “I can feel the start of the flu hitting me…as terrible as I feel, the one thing that’s making it okay, is imagining Dean taking care of me and being all sweet and cuddly and loving and yeah. :) Any chance you’d be willing to write a story about that? Where Dean takes care of the reader when they’re sick?”

I hope you felt better very soon after you sent your request in.  :)

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Your name: submit What is this?

You’d lied to them; you still felt a little bad about it, but you knew you’d do the same thing if you had it to do over again.

When Dean told you about the hunt Sam had found, you were already starting to feel under the weather. Your head was starting to hurt, and as much as you were hoping it was just allergies or something simple – something that you just needed a couple of aspirin and a nice long nap to get over – you knew that this was something more.  You were cold – freezing actually – and hadn’t been able to warm up.  You felt feverish, but pushed it away.  After all, if you didn’t admit you were getting sick, it would go away, right?

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