If I Never Knew You Part 1

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Series Summary: Set 14 years after the events of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, Lucifer is roaming the earth again after being released from his cage.  Angels and Demons are ushering in the apocalypse. And the reader and Dean haven’t spoken in several years. What happened to push them apart, and what happens when they meet again at Bobby Singer’s place when all the world is about to end? 

Part Summary: Dean drives up to Singers Automotive and notices a strange vehicle parked there and smoke billowing from the woods behind the house. When he decides to investigate, he runs into some he didn’t expect to ever see again. 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer

Content: Angst

Word Count: 1013

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YG: *delays comeback again* 

Me: That’s it. I’m boycotting yg. The only way for him to stop treating us like this is if we stop supporting his artists. He knows that we will support them no matter what and that’s why he hasn’t bothered to change. But not anymore. Goodbye yg.

YG: *announces comeback* 

Friend: Are you gonna buy the physical and digital, stream on melon, watch the video at least 10x a day, and vote on music shows like always? 


Best Laid Plans (Finale)

Summary: History professor Dean Winchester had his life all planned out – until a brilliant, beautiful doctor walked into his office.

Part Fifteen: Finale, Finally
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2085
Warnings: Continued effects of injuries sustained in a car accident. Feels. 

Polyvore Collection


A/N: This is the last part! I cannot believe this series is done.Thank you to everyone who has loved this series as much as I have! 

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(gif credit to the creator)

Prompt “How long have you been standing there?”
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 458
Warnings: drinking
A/N: Here’s my entry for week seventeen of  @one-shots-supernatural hiatus writing challenge! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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Shattered - Dean x Reader

A/N: So, the anon who requested Shattered requested a part two with a bit of a twist. So, here it is! Hope you all enjoy! 

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Warnings: A bit of season 11 spoilers

Word Count: Roughly 1400

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None of Your Business - Part 6

You are a newly graduated MBA student trying to get a highly sought-after job at Wesson Technology.  You have spent your life proving that your more than your Omega status.  Will billionaire tech genius Alpha Sam Wesson take a chance on you?

Characters: Alpha! Sam Wesson, Alpha! Dean Smith, Omega! Reader, Omega! Ruby, Beta! Jo Harvelle, Beta! Charlie Bradbury, Mandy (OC) Sam’s daughter

A/N: Okay guys, I know I just released part 5 yesterday, but this part just POURED out of me last night, and I’m so excited for you to read it, I’m gonna just go ahead and post it.  So you’ll have to wait for Part 7 :)

  In the words of my son Holden:   DUH  DUH  DUH   PLOT TWIST!

Part 1

It took four policeman to break up the fight between Sam and Dean.  When Alphas fought over an Omega, it always got ugly.  Dean was out for blood, and Sam was protecting what was his, so neither gave an inch.

Both of them had been arrested.  Most of the Wesson team had been detained for questioning.  An officer took my statement, and finally after what seemed like hours I was allowed to see Sam.

Sam turned when he heard the door open. He looked terrible.  He had a black eye, and his jaw was swollen and turning purple. I gasped when I saw him.   He held out his hand and pulled me into the seat next to him.

“Oh Sam.” I whispered brokenly. I laid my head on his shoulder, and felt his arms tighten around me. I breathed in his scent, and it calmed me. He kissed the top of my head.

“How did he know?” He asked.

“Ruby.” I said bitterly.

He sighed. The door opened again, and an officer came in followed by a man in a three piece suit that screamed lawyer. “Mr. Wesson? Several witnesses said that Dean Smith threw the first punch and you were just defending yourself and your Omega.  Is that correct?” The officer said.

“Yes.” Sam replied.

“Do you wish to press assault charges against Smith?” the lawyer asked.

Before Sam responded, he looked at me.  “Please don’t.”  I said.  “This isn’t how I wanted him to find out.  Is there any chance I can talk to him?” I looked at the officer beseechingly.

“I think that can be arranged.”  He said, and both him and the lawyer walked out.

“I swear to God Y/N, if he lays as much as a finger on you I will kill him.”  Sam said in a low voice, his arm tightening on my shoulder.

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Mommy’s Hormomes

Characters/Pairing: Daddy!Dean x Pregnant!Reader, Otis (OC)

 Word count: 1135

Warnings: Hormones, mood swings, fluff.

A/N 1: This one’s for Murdoc’s Writting Challenge (yes, I signed up for a lot of challenges!) @murdochinthetardis

Prompt: 16) Soulmate AU- ‘ Your tattoo is like a mood ring, it changes colors depending on what your soulmate is feeling.So, what happends when your soulmate is pregnant? I used this mood chart!!

2: I’ve there’s so much Daddy!Fever running up and down my dash that I decided to be part of it :D

3: I never did the Y/H/C (your hair color), Y/E/C (your eye color) thing, cause I don’t like it, but… first and last, I think. 

4: (Last one I swear)What’s the best way to spend the first day of your period, when your uterus is spasming like crazy and it’s cold and rainy outside.? Yes!! writtig a Daddy!Dean One-Shot!!!!

[Feedback is like chocolate right now, please give it to me]

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“Oh boy… What did I do now?” Dean mumbled as he took the box of rigatoni, specifically underlined twice on his shopping list, from the shelf and placed it on the cart.

“What is it, dad?” Otis, who was the one holding the list asked, worried look in his little face at his father’s tone.

“Surely nothing, Buddy. I think is better if we hurry anyways.” Dean ruffled the head of (Y/H/C) hair of his 4 year-old and motion with for the boy to tell him the next item on the list.

“Olives.” Otis said loud and clear with a big toothy smile, leading the way down the aisle doing a little bunny hops.

Dean followed, worried lifting the sleeve of his flannel, where your name appeared almost 2 decades ago when he hit puberty, around the time everyone got their tattoo.

The italics letters, representing your personality perfectly, glowed in the darkest shade of black and he knew this was no good. “Fuck!” He whispered and stroked a finger over it, as if the action would give you relieve somehow.

“Daaad!” Otis called as he already turned around the corner towards the preserved food.

“Coming…” Dean blew some air under his breath and shook his head before joining his son.

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joliecassonade  asked:

I wasn't into Dean before but Spotify just recommended his song Hands on You and it's so amazing 😍😍😍 I'm in love with his voice lol. Do you or anyone else have other recommendations? Love your blog btw!

Thank you and I love Dean! My favorite songs of his are:

  1. Foreign
  2. What 2 do
  3. I’m not Sorry
  4. I love it
  5. Pour Up
Stupid Questions

REQUESTED BY @meggan-supernatural : I just thought of this randomly for som reason😂, but can you do something where Cas pops out of no where to ask the reader a question…. But plot twist, the reader is taking a shower so he pops into the bathroom and reader screams and everything so those boys come running to check on her? I know it’s weird

He is an angel of the Lord, yet, it looks like you know more things than him. It has been now a week since Castiel started to appear out of the blue to ask another of his questions. You do not mind answering them, even sometimes they make you laugh.
You understand him, it is the first time he is friends with humains and he wants to know more. For example, he wanted to know why you were going on a run. You had to explain that you wanted to stay fit and that it is a way for you to get your head clear.
“I do not understand why some do like running and others don’t” he had asked.
You simply laughed to his face, harder to his next statement.
“I think I am going to try it”.
With that, he dissapeared. That question was the most logic question.
Today, he has not appeared yet. It is ten in the afternoon and he still hasn’t appeared to ask a question.
But at this moment you do not think about this. Enjoying the hot water fall down from your hair onto your cold skin. It has been a long icy day hunting this ghost. Finding the bones was a pain, but you and your older brothers, Sam and Dean did it.
“Can I ask a question?”
“Holly! What the!”
You stumble back, pressing your body as far as possible onto the wall, almost hoping you could go in it. You place your hands in front of your body hiding what you can. You get out of the shower as fast as you can and grab your towel.
“What the hell!” You yelled once again in an angrier tone.
Like it was nothing, Castiel gets out of the shower, soaking wet.
“(Y/N)?” You hear Sam and Dean call out worridly.
You take a deep breath putting the towel tighter around your form. The angel’s eyes do not help to the ‘not feeling comfertable’ feeling you have right now.
“What do you want?” You spat.
“(Y/N) Winchester” Dean said in a tone even scarier “open the door”.
You sigh and open the door, feeling now embarassed by your nudity.
Dean opens his mouth again to ask what the hell is happening, but soon closes it when he sees Castiel.
“Cas?” Sam asked confused “what are you doing in here?”
“I wanted to ask a question to (Y/N)” he answered.
“She was in the shower, Cas!” Dean exploded “don’t you know what they call privacy!”
“You did once”.
“Well, it goes for her too. You don’t pop into someones shower like that!”
“This adds a question including my other question (Y/N)” he said glancing at you.
“I just want to get dressrd first” you said, head hanging low.
“Yeah” Dean grabs Castiel by his coat “come on budy”.
He drags him out, Sam following clossely giving you a small apologic smile before closing the door.
You breathe  out, releived that you are finally alone.

The second you get out the bathroom, Castiel gets up ready to ask his question. Which, you are a little curious.
“Cas, you can’t just appear in the bathroom like that, especially when I’m in the shower, okay? I’m naked in there and I don’t want to share this with you, its personal”.
“Exactly” Dean agreed and gets a confirmation from Sam.
“We knock on the door when we want to talk” Sam added.
“Humans are complicated” Castiel said.
“What’s your initial question?” You asked.
“What does chocolat taste like?”
You burst into a laughter, not shared with your brothers though. They just stare at him shocked.
“You poped in the shower of my little sister who was naked only for this?” Dean exclamed.