“And I swear to god, Crowley, if Y/N comes back different or hurt, I will track your ass down,” Dean added. Crowley sighed, rolled his eyes, and looked to Dean tiredly.

“It’s not Y/N you should be worrying about. Y/N has been a royal pain in hell’s rear since the day you two screwed up a simple hunt and got her sent there!” he said, voice rising with every word. 

Dean couldn’t help but smirk a bit.

“Sounds like Y/N.”

“I should start asking for damage deposits,” Crowley muttered. “Your sweet little pal is safe and sound at your secret lair. Do your best to keep her out of my kingdom, squirrel. There’s only one throne and I’m not willing to share.”

Crowley disappeared in an instant and Dean wasted no time in getting back in his car, lead foot on the gas as he headed back to you.


accidentally misspelling “Dean” as “Dan” when I’m writing fic is like the MOST uncomfortable thing

Dean is so not a Dan

Dean is anti-Dan

Dean is completely antithetical to everything a Dan is and a Dan stands for 

it sucks having to take a precious moment to reassess my life and my place on this earth just because I missed the letter “e” when I got into a typing groove

anonymous asked:

what kinds of foods do the angels like?

Gabe is a sucker for everything sweet. It doesn’t matter if it’s candy, sugary food or, to Sam’s pure horror, just plain sugarcubes, he loves it all. He adores food in general though, and will eat (almost) anything you put in front of him. Or, what you don’t put in front of him. He’ll find it, either way. (he’s the reason there are kiddielocks on all cupboards)

Cas doesn’t really have a favourite taste; his favourite foods are the ones that are linked to happy, safe moments. Like, he adores honey because that’s what Sam gave him when he was sick and it worked wonders for his sore throat. The first human food Dean gave him while he was still itty-bitty was a tiny bite of Dean’s burger. PB&J sandwiches and hot chocolate have him remembering a cozy night in which Dean stayed up with him after a nightmare. And so on ♥


“Are you gonna keep giving me the silent treatment, or are we gonna talk about what happened?” Dean asked from the doorway where he stood, his arms crossed over his chest.

“What is there to talk about?” you replied, your voice heavy and tired.

Dean shrugged, taking a few steps into your room. “Maybe the fact that you’ve been avoiding me for the past three days.”

“Dean, you know why I’ve been ignoring you,” you sighed, setting down the book you were reading and massaging your temples. “I’m not doing it for fun. Contrary to what you might believe, this isn’t enjoyable for me either. But if you still don’t get why I’m mad then maybe I need to rethink this whole relationship.”



Cas: The Lord had chosen you, Y/N, because of how much you have helped me, and the other angels. You have shown great purity, responsibility, compassion, faith. He is trusting you to carry the next incarnation of his son Jesus Christ. Dean: What so… She’s like, Virgin Mary now? Sam: Um… Wow… You: WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Forget Me Not

Title: Forget Me Not

Author: Love Me Some Winchester

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Warnings: Mention of suicides & murders.

Author’s Note: Y/L/N stands for your last name.

This one-shot is my contribution to the Girl In Every Port Project (GIEPP), an amazing idea put together by Becky (winchestersinthedrift) and Mimi (deansdirtylittlesecretsblog). My prompt for this July round was “Wilderness Survival Guide”. I did plenty of research for this one, so all comments are more than welcome :)

If Cinderella was here tonight

She wouldn’t walk out the door leaving you behind

Diana Vicker’s upbeat song resonated in the small bedroom, the strident sound bouncing off the walls to your ears, thus waking you up. You groaned against your pillow; it didn’t matter how cheery you picked your ringtones, being called this early in the morning still proved to be extremely irritating.

Because for you I would lose both, both of my shoes
Day or night, see the light
It’s all I wanna do


You clumsily picked up your cell phone from your night table and focused your drowsy eyes on the name shining on the screen before answering the call.

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