Deal or Not Deal

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in your anti kylo ren post you said we ""steal"" finn's personality and give it to kylo as though stealing the personality of a liar and a coward would actually be worth our time :)

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(au anon) okAY YALLLLL how about the wedding au right,, so how about Isak having no date and hes so pissed off cuz hes literally a uni student who caNNOT get a date and hes gonna freak becz Jonas is def gonna be on his ass and even mAGnus is bringing a date smh so isak is pissed off,,, outside of his dorm room like fuckin hate everything until hot next door dorm guy is like 'dude u ok i heard u punchin a wall a second ago??' and Isak is like okay ask him out okay u got this,, //

(au anon) // but Isak being socially awkward as he is around hot ppl just blurts out ‘ill give u 20 dollars if u pretend to be my boyfriend for the weekend,,’ and even is like shook because he dEFINITELY noticed Isak before and kinda was rlly jealous of those drunk hookups Isak brought back to his room,,, and even is like '30 dollars and ill hold yr hand w loving looks’ and isak just goes its a dEAL,,, but lil does he knows the loving looks r real,,, alright so //

(au anon) // so the wedding right?? its kinda fucked up cuz isak is like hella got a hoT GUYYY walking w mE amazinG and everyone is like 'wow u sure found a handsome one isak!!!’ and isak is like hhahaahh yeaaa we just clicked haha,,, but in the end even just makes up their whole lovestory which leaves isak bluffed bcz its like 'i saw him in our only shared class for the first time u kno,, w his ridiculous snapback nd hoodie,, nd i just knew u knew u kno,, i just knew immediately,,’ //

(au anon) 'and then one time at a party i was just like,, hey fuck it,, like literally (no omg sorry lmao),,’ and isak is like dis boii has no freetime or just a rlly good imagination wtf,,, but thEN later on when the party is fullblown going and they r drunk even is like 'u kno like,,, that last part of the story was a flashforward,,’ and isak is like 'xcuse me u fekn nerd’ and long story short they had their first kiss in the middle of a crowd but they had to play it off like it wasnt,,,

(au anon) also isak got his 30 dollars back and a boyfriend what a hot deal

the only thing that’s gonna get me through ‘til next week’s ep is seeing you guys gif hot af hardy to your hearts’ content. the shirtsleeves the glasses the JUMPER. thank u in advance, gif-makers :D

The more I think about it, the more I want a season of Dirk Gently (or even just a single episode) where the mystery squad meet themselves from an alternate universe, just so we can see

  • CIA!Dirk (a.k.a Agent Icarus) trying to teach canon!Dirk how to fire a sniper rifle before
  • Bonding over milkshakes and swapping stories about the most inconvenient times to get an intuition (they both agree that “when you’re trying to make a good first impression” is very high on the list, though canon!Dirk maintains that “in this one specific cafe just before your assis-friend contracts a painful disease and you get kidnapped by the government” is a clear winner)

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aesthetic_ghoul on instagram reposted your art and credited you, but it doesn't seem like they gave permission. I told them that in your bio it says you need permission, so just wanted to tell you

thank you so much for telling me!While i do prefer ppl asking for my permission at this point im satisfied enough with just credit!But again thank u very much for telling me i appreciate it