Deal or Not Deal

Deal With It || Bianca & Colby

Wednesday, October 26th @ 11:47 AM

Colby was up bright and early as always. Out of habit, he hit the gym first. Got in a three hour workout before he headed to their old home, and showered. Throwing on jeans and a t-shirt afterwards, he made his way to Bianca’s apartment. Oh, he thought this over a thousand times, AT LEAST. He arrived and quickly made his way through the building. Thankfully someone was leaving so he didn’t have to buzz in. Making his way up the stairs. He remember which room was hers so he opened the door and walked right in. He shut the door behind him with his foot while dropping a bag at his feet. His other hand tossed and dropped a bunch of different books and magazines on her table. “These are all about babies.. and pregnant women. I read a page or two already in a few of them. But brought them for both of us. So we can know.” He looked up and saw her on the couch.


garfield the deals warlock is taking bits and pieces of magnus (his sideburn hair, his blood, etc) for one of three possible reasons: (spoilers sort of) 

  1. hes just. a weird guy
  2. he’s building another magnus with those bits and pieces - and this is an alternate magnus who may or may not be like the red robe magnus
  3. he’s building a magnus poppet - one of the oldest magics uses bits and pieces of people to control them,… 
(please) let my star rise on your night

An unknown court lady has died tonight.

She left the world quietly, without commotion or reluctance. Head heavy on a flat pillow, back weary against the hard floor, her eyelids fluttered shut like the kiss of butterfly wings.

She does not die in his arms. He is not even in the palace when she leaves him.

(He does not know whether to grieve the fact he was not there in her last moments, or be glad he did not have to feel her once lively body slowly grow cold.)

Three days away, a messenger meets him in the outskirts of the city, bearing a grim face and even grimmer news.

“Lady Hae is no longer with us.”

He rides his horse faster than he’s ever had, and he is reminded briefly of their first meeting, their first contact.

(HEY! People are more important than car…than horses!!)

But he is three days too late, and he is left with only a motionless Lady long since gone and the suffocating despair (tumour, weight, there are no words to define such an emotion) lying heavy and mercilessly across his chest.

(It is the first night of her absence, and he cannot sleep. Still, he sees her face in the night, and wonders if she’s smiling amongst the stars.)

A woman loved dearly by her lover has died tonight.

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having derma pisses me off so much not just for the fact that im tearing open my own flesh with my own fingernails but because i always feel like i don’t have it bad enough?? like i know i have derma but i see all these pictures of people’s derma scars and scabs and i keep thinking about how i don’t have it THAT bad or anything and i just ahghahghahgh

alright i’m going to make this post & this post only, i’m going to save the rambling on how anonymous hate is wrong & no one deserves it but i want to make it an evident point that it needs to stop RIGHT NOW. seeing as i’m not the only one receiving it, then seeing it with another member is absolutely wrong & we won’t stand for it. honestly it will get tracked & you will be removed from the group if it continues, point blank. it’s rude & very unnecessary, so whoever is sending it, this is your final warning because it’s going to be tracked next time if we see or hear about it again. :)